Harry Potter Cast visits Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter

What looks like the cast of Harry Potter strolling around a film set is actually one of the main streets of Universal Orlando’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter resort.

Very soon, you too can go to the theme park that is a painstakingly accurate representation of some of the more popular locations in the Harry Potter franchise.

The geek in me is looking in the background, but the boy in me is noticing just how pretty Emma Watson has become.

Oh hey look… the rest of the cast too. Longbottom not looking so awkward, Hagrid not looking so… Hagrid, and the twins really starting to look like you can tell them apart!

I look forward to when they finish this park. It wont be an immediate concern, but I will be visiting this attraction.

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4 thoughts on “Harry Potter Cast visits Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter

  1. I just went to the Harry Potter park and it was AMAZING! Butterbear is now my favorite drink….everything was done to perfection well done.

    Its wonderful to see how far the cast has come, Ema Watson is such a beautiful girl.

  2. They basically added to the already there wizards village area they had before and made it “Harry Potter” and remodeled a few rides to match the theme.

    still looks fun and yes, Emma is a stunning young woman

  3. Yeah I’ll be going as well. I actually tried to apply for a job there as well. Never got a job but oh well. I really want to try the Butterbeer.

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