Shrek Forever After Trailer Online

Paramount has released a new trailer for Shrek Forever After for Dreamworks and I have to say its looking a lot better than Shrek 3 ever did, so I have a shred of hope.

Either way, they are hedging their bets and calling this the last chapter. So this is it for the big green for Dreamworks (and by big green I meant money.. not the Ogre) and now they will have to rely on Madagascar sequels to pay the bills.

Or come up with something new worth watching.

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17 thoughts on “Shrek Forever After Trailer Online

  1. Well, that was enough to tell me I’ll be skipping this one. Shrek the Third was such a pile and honestly this doesn’t look any better. I’m done with these movies.

  2. I know everyone liked kung-fu panda but I wasn’t one of them.

    gave it more than one shot and didn’t laugh once..Jack Black was a total waste and didn’t really see any stand-out animation or story for that matter. why it got nominated is beyond me.

    second hand stuff IMO.

    the Dragon one didn’t seem so promising till I saw the second trailer and I got the sense of a good movie (boy and his dragon/puff the magic dragon stuff) and the animation looked fun.

    Kung-fu blew chunks IMO

  3. “Or come up with something new worth watching.”

    Thankfully for them and for us, How to Train Your Dragon is looking VERY promising. Kung Fu Panda 2 is also set for next year. ;)

  4. On a slightly related note, we all know that these movies take shots at Disney (have since the first one), and I wonder, if the opening part of this trailer, where Rumple goes “You have to give a day to get a day” is a dig on Disney’s current park promotions where you get a free park ticket by giving a day of community service

  5. I’m interested. I kind of liked Shrek 3, yeah, it wasn’t as good as Shrek or Shrek 2, but I thought that they did the best that they could with it. My only concern about Shrek 4 is, besides the fact that usually fourth movies are the biggest jokes ever (Batman and Robin, Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, or The Next Karate Kid, anyone?) is the fact that they are pretty much milking 3D again. I mean, they’re going to use it for Toy Story 3 this year, and How to Train Your Pet Dragon, as well as Shrek Forever After. But it looks like with this preview that they are getting back to the charm that Shrek and Shrek 2 had. And that’s a good thing.

  6. While Shrek 3 was shit, the Christmas Special was hilarious and that was made after, so I always held out hope that this could be good, despite hating the overall plot.

    1. Rumpelstiltskin is being voiced by Walt Dohrn. Who didn’t create SpongBob, but he did write and direct some Spongebob episodes.

      He also did some of the writing on Shrek The Third and provided a hand full of extra character voices in the film.

  7. Something new would be nice.

    and somebody tell Mike Myers that he’s good in dramatic roles
    but if he returns to funny Love Guru stuff isn’t the answer, he and Dana Carvey should team up with something freash cause he needs the D-mans help at this point.


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