Review: The Bounty Hunter

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Genre: Romantic Comedy
Directed by: Andy Tennant
Staring: Jennifer Anniston, Gerard Butler, Joel Garland


Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler), a down-on-his-luck bounty hunter, gets his dream job when he is assigned to track down his bail-jumping ex-wife, reporter Nicole Hurly (Jennifer Aniston). He thinks all that’s ahead is an easy payday, but when Nicole gives him the slip so she can chase a lead on a murder cover-up, Milo realizes that nothing ever goes simply with him and Nicole.


There are a good number of one-liners and situations that are chuckle worthy, and Gerard proves once again that he can play a hardass with a softy side. Jennifer Anniston appears to be immune to aging, and looks as pretty as she always is.

We also get to see Peter Greene, and ever since he was in The Mask as Dorian Tyrell, all I ever seem to see this guy in is roles as a gangster or crime boss. His role is pretty minor in this but just meaty enough not to call it a cameo.


I kept hoping Jennifer Anniston would prove to be more than the iconic character Friends has made her, but she plays the same character with a different job. It works for this film as she doesn’t have to be anything but a career minded woman who hates her ex-husband, but she is just Anniston playing Anniston. Gerard and her have a chemistry, but nothing that makes you think they should be together. Just that they enjoy torturing each other.

I am going to spoil something here, but it might not be a big spoiler. The plot is terribly predictable to the point that you wonder if they didn’t care that you saw that coming. I was hoping for War of the Roses, but instead I got the eye rolling “of course”. They do try to stand out as having the story resolve a little different than normal, but for the most part you see it coming a mile away.


Some brief chuckles, an ok story and a predictable ending. I don’t know that I would recommend this even if all the other movies were rented on the shelf, but save yourself the time and don’t go to the theater.

I give a 3 out of 10

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13 thoughts on “Review: The Bounty Hunter

  1. I love Jennifer Anniston (even if she does have LBO) she is cute and quirky but her movies all suck, the exception being Along Came Polly because Stiller well it was a Stiller movie. I can’t believe you reviewed this it gives the feax impression that i might be good (which it isn’t).

  2. Meg Ryan isn’t as high on the totem pole anymore BTW

    Jennifer Anniston IS Rachel in EVERY movie, but she still kinda charms her way thru everything.

    kinda like’n her mean face….hubba hubba

  3. It seems like after 300 (and let’s be honest, beforehand) Gerard Butler has been in a lot of bad movies. I figured this would be along the same line. Shame, he’s a great actor…

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