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Remember how you secretly love all those live action adaptations of old comic strip characters and cartoons like Scooby Doo, Garfield and Alivn and the Chipmunks? Well now they have done you a favour and introduced a live action Marmaduke so you have a massive bullet to dodge when someone asks you what you thought of The Chipmunks. Instead of trying to lie while that gentle smile of nostalgia that the movie inspired hits you, you can just throw Marmaduke out there and make a sour face like I did watching this trailer!

I had hopes because I do find a little charm in Garfield, Scooby and Chipmunks, but seriously this looks SO bad that I don’t even think my kids are eager to see this.

Oh Owen, who did you lose that bet to??

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5 thoughts on “Marmaduke Trailer Online

  1. It’s official Owen Wilson’s carrer has peaked.

    to go from Bottle Rocket to Cable Guy then to (awesomeness)Royal Tanenbaums and the rest of Wes’ films to Starsky and Hutch(fun)to Wedding Crashers(fun) to Marley and me(pretty damn good) to Night of the museum(terrible flicks) to Marmaduke?

    C’mon man, WTF?

    Guess he’ll be popping up in his brothers commercials now

  2. At least Garfield, Scooby and the Chumpmunks were redone as CGI characters existing in a 2D world. This is more like the Underdog film from a few years ago, where we are given the “real life” dog or cat with a CG mouth w/ celeb voices. It’s an old gag, it gets weird and it is tiresome.

    But will the younger set care?

    Owen Wilson had better luck with the other dog.

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