Iron Man 2 TV Spot – Widow Speaks

A new TV spot for Iron Man 2 is online, and its the first chance we get to hear Widow speak. Oh, and other stuff happens in the clip too.

The first observation most fanboys have is that Widow doesn’t have a Russian accent. I really hope that they do show her as having one that she is covering up (she is a spy) but damn does she just look so hot with the red curls and those lips.

Also, War Machine/Rhodey looks pretty chummy with Stark still, so I don’t know at what point in the film they will be at odds… if at all. Maybe he only fights the other bots?


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41 thoughts on “Iron Man 2 TV Spot – Widow Speaks

  1. No accent is better than a really bad fake one (Hilary duff in War Inc. anyone?). I’m loooooving the widow right now. In the words of stark in the cleverly cut trailer, “I want one.” or something to that effect.

    I have to say, I really hope they do a Storm origins movie, and recast. Maybe keep the awesome hair from X3. I live Storm. Such a great background story and overall character.

    1. I said from the beginning that wasn’t going to happen because the director is smart and that would be WAY too many “baddies” in one film and he’s specifically talked about NOT EVER EVER EVER EVER doing that.

  2. Accent, no accent, in this case i hv no problems at all. Remember, Black Widow is a spy, an operative who used to infiltrate the fabric of america espionage, so i believe she is trained to speak american style & accent to blend in. In her comic early days, yes she is sporting thick russian accent, But as her story progress as in recent time, it become dissapear. Unless of course, when she speaks russian.
    BTW, Scarlett sure is hot.

  3. As for Widow’s lack of accent, it does bug me just a little. Not a whole lot (I could care less, really) but that’s because she could have lost an accent over time or being on a “mission” she might have to hide an accent.

    So why does it bug me a little?
    Well… Mickey’s character (Whiplash) is also Russian. We get a slight accent there, don’t we? Just a thought, nothing more.

      1. Halle Berry (Storm) in the X-Men films was Americanized in my view. Her character was so far off in terms of writing/acting it was almost criminal to watch.

        I still despise Halle to this day for ruining what should have been one of the strongest characters of the three films. It was painful for me to watch that character at all during the films.

      2. That was the actor choice, not a deliberate attempt to remove african influence from the character.

        She has ALWAYS been regarded as a bad casting choice for that role.

        The point is that he implies that Marvel has been deliberately washing ethnicity away from its characters lately making them more American, which was not the intent with Berry’s Storm. (Despite the fact that she was an African orphan who came to Xavier’s school and grew to be more American)

      3. I don’t necessarily buy into that but if you have inside info into how Marvel/director/studios allowed Halle Berry to portray Storm then I guess I am forced to believe you.

        As for bad casting comment…. why didn’t Marvel recast her after the first film if they had no input into her character and knew she was miscast?

        I just think there is more to it than you say.

      4. And you have some inside info into how Marvel/director/studios chose her to make some sort of anti-african statement? No, you dont.

        Furthermore, they cast her because at the time, Berry was hitting her stride in popularity, between X1 and 2 she won an Oscar, and she had a contract guaranteeing her the role for a minimum of 3 films (they all did).

        There has been plenty of documented drama about Berry wanting a bigger role or she would walk and sue them. Fox tried to minimize her role so they could justify her contract, but Berry fought them on it.

    1. How did this argument go from Americanization of a character to Anti-African?

      Sheesh, lighten up a bit Rodney. You read alot into what I said. Ok, I get the whole contract thing now and that is the “More to it than you say” I was looking for.

      Just dont put words in my mouth.

  4. Sometimes sexy women in superhero films ruin the whole thing. I’d rather have a serious and faithful-to-the-source-material superhero film anytime.
    I’m not saying Scarlett Johansson is a bad actress . I’m hot for her too. But I’d take a great superhero film like the first Iron Man and The Dark Knight/Batman Begins/Superman(1978) any day.

    1. Fortunately that “sexy woman” IS faithful to the source material. Iron Man and Widow as well as Thor, Captain America and others planned for those films, are all part of the origin story that brings us the Avengers.

      Nothing wrong at all about having a sexy woman in the story. Especially when they ARE part of the story.

  5. Not a fan of Scarlett so I will refrain from making further negative comments about her. I am going to see Iron Man regardless if she is good or bad in the role. At least I know that RDJ will deliver in spades.

    So bring it on.

  6. I think the russian accent adds more depth to the character. From what I gather the dialogue (her lines) is not all that to start with so It would definitely help if she kept the accent. Not a deal breaker by any means. Still expect this to be a great film.

  7. As big of a fanboy that I am, Scarlett not sporting the russian accent doesn’t bother me much. Yes I would like it if she did have it, but I’m not that obsessive that it will kill the movie for me. I love the suit case iron man suit, it is so cool. Can’t wait for this flick.

  8. I agree with the concern. I do hope she is hiding her accent. But it looks like she’s in full fighting garb, and all secrets are out. So why would she hide it then?
    Also, when Tony goes through the window, that’s a prototype suit. Maybe Rhodey gets chummy with him at first until he lets him have the suit, then brings it to Hammer so he can modify it. Obviously the government wants, the suit, and any attempt to officially requisition it is denied. So they have an agent (Rhodey) go in for them unofficially. Then Tony finds out, gets pissed, and tries to take it back, putting them at odds.

      1. Lady Gaga is NOT hot at all. If it wasn’t for her outrageous fashions and drag queen makeup, no one would look at her at all. Shes an awkward mess of a girl (who looked a little better before she joined the rib counting club)

      2. “@Lady Gaga is NOT hot at all. If it wasn’t for her outrageous fashions and drag queen makeup, no one would look at her at all. Shes an awkward mess of a girl (who looked a little better before she joined the rib counting club)”

        I strongly disagree with u there. I’ve seen her in “normal” clothes and she’s still beautiful. Besides, its not her looks that make her beautiful, shes the most kindest and sweetest person I’ve ever talked to. And yes I have talked to her before.

      3. Dont get me wrong. I am a big fan of her music, and I think she has lots of talent. I have never challenged her personality or talent here. I just dont find her all that physically attractive.

        I actually like that she is being respected for her talent and not her looks. Her outrageous fashions are not to my liking, but its a bold statement and I applaud her bravery.

        But I wouldn’t mind occasionally seeing what the person underneath looks like, but I doubt I will ever be oogling a picture of her.

      1. I’m with you there. Scarlett simply strikes the right cord with me. She’s sultry and voluptuous, unlike Paltrow who is just pretty. Although, when it comes to acting ability I may have to side with Paltrow.

  9. wow disappointing about the Russian accent(an shes suited up so i don’t think shes trying to disguise her voice ATM.)
    Anyway that can be overlooked, what with all that AWESOMENESS iron man 2 has too offer so far.
    ~And Scarlett is just soooo beautiful an sexy

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