The Movie Blog Uncut Podcast: February 26th 2010

Greetings and welcome to the latest edition of The Movie Blog Uncut Audio Edition Podcast, the longest running movie related podcast on the net!

Today we start out with a special intro music guest, who is actually a friend of mine who has a new album called Raven, and Marcone is featured here as the intro and the whole song to finish off at the end. Its my favourite from the album

After that, we talk about

– Captain America Shortlist actors
– Power Chord Rock music in Fantasy and Period movies

Then we get on with:
– Mailbag questions

You can play the podcast directly by clicking here or right click and “Save target as…” to keep a copy that you can transfer to your favourite mp3 player.

Stay tuned next week as the Audio Edition returns for our special Oscar Roundup Coverage live throughout the event.

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6 thoughts on “The Movie Blog Uncut Podcast: February 26th 2010

  1. Dude you need another person to be with you in the podcast. That would make it alot more interesting.
    I do love the song in it, you should make that the intro for the podcasts from now on. But bring in your voice and start to fade out the music at around the 10 second mark. That would make it alot better. and don’t have it play at the end in the future.

    1. I normally do just fade the song out sooner at the beginning and dont play the full song at the end. But I loved the song and its a buddy of mine who wrote and performed it, so I pimped it.

      That might end up being the new theme song, but I kind of like using different music each time.

  2. Hope you feel better Rodney!

    Rock attracts the kind of crowd that will watch this movie.
    The trailer has rock in it.
    Trailers are made with an ADVERTISING purpose.

    Now if the SOUNDTRACK is done by Megadeath, then you have a point.

    Rodney, you should put BEAST MASTER as one of your forgotten Fridays xD

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