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Genre: Cop Comedy
Directed by: Kevin Smith
Staring: Bruce Willis, Tracy Morgan, Sean Cullen, Kevin Pollak, Adam Brody, Sean William Scott, Michelle Trachtenberg
Released: February 26, 2010


A comedy about a veteran NYPD cop whose rare baseball card is stolen. Since it’s his only hope to pay for his daughter’s upcoming wedding, he recruits his partner to track down the thief, a memorabilia-obsessed gangster.


Its always good to see Bruce Willis playing a cop. Its hard not to think he is John McClane in this, but he does have some personality differences that keep reminding you its not him. And Tracy Morgan is always Tracy Morgan, which is silly good fun. I am not sick of him yet, but I know the day will come. Probably after 30 Rock is canceled and every time I see him it will remind me of his Jordan character.

There are some good nods to the genre that they are clearly trying to homage here (they even spell that out for you in the first scene) and a couple good chuckles.


I mentioned that there were a couple good chuckles. But there were no laughs. Maybe it was because all the best lines are in the Trailer. The Interogation Scene where Morgan is randomly quoting movies is literally in the openning sequence. I think there are still credits rolling.

For a comedy, no matter how well it does anything else, if you leave laughing, it has succeeded. The theater I was in? Crickets.


A little disappointed that all I could say in this was that I enjoyed seeing certain actors on screen and couldnt really endorse what they did there. Michelle Trachtenberg is endearing and so beautiful, that you at least know why this devoted dad is trying so hard to not let her down. But that’s about it.

Other than that, it was a collection of scenes with random gags all designed to make you laugh. Sadly none of them really do. I mean it was mostly likable, just not funny. Unfortunately it was shooting for funny.

I give Cop Out a 4 out of 10

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34 thoughts on “Review: Cop Out

  1. I really enjoy Kevin Smith’s movies and he’s hilarious to follow on Twitter, but nothing about the trailers have really made me want to see this movie. The reviews don’t help and usually a deciding factor in whether I spend my money to see it in the theater or on DVD. This is a DVD rental…I love Bruce Willis and Sean Michael Scott is amusing, but Tracy Morgan…I don’t find funny, never have and I’ve been sick of him since his SNL days. Even on 30 Rock I mostly tune him out because he grates on my nerves. Anyone notice during the Cop Out trailer that all he does his loudly speak/yell every line? So, annoying.

  2. I disagree completely with Rodney.

    There were a couple jokes that didn’t work, but overall it was a pretty damn funny movie. It made me laugh loudly multiple times, and I loved the Beverly Hills Cop mixed with Lethal Weapon vibe I got from the flick.

    Sean Williams Scott was hilarious in the scenes he was in, as expected. What surprised me was how well Tracy and Willis worked together. The whole movie is obviously an homage to all the 80’s action flicks that the writers and Kevin Smith grew up with, and if you have that mind set watching it, the movie delivers.

    The story is enough to give the plot a structure to hang the jokes on, but not much else.

    Jason Lee and Kevin Pollack are hardly in the movie and really had a throw away roles that they didn’t really need to do.

    Smith filmed a movie that looks like a movie, and without some of the dialog you would have no clue it was his movie. It is visual directorial growth for him, but the material isn’t his best.

    It isn’t the greatest comedy ever, but it is genuinely funny. I would give it a 6 out of 10.

  3. 80% paycut really?

    (sounds like my new payplan)

    seriously though: is that because it’s not an view askew production?

    and also is it cause he never directed a flick that wasn’t his?

    sooo like that’s all he’s worth on the market today (due to not doing anything not his)

    that kinda sucks cause he’s open about loving the paychecks that come with.

    either way I’m a fan so I’ll go see and support him.(and I dont have a problem sayin’ his movies suck if they do)

    they are what they are.

  4. Dam Rod, you liked Turn the Beat Around better than this!? That’s crazy. There obviously was not any eyecandy(hot bitches) to earn CopOut an extra point from you, huh?

    1. That TV Movie at least had some light entertainment. This was just not laugh out loud funny, which is the measuring stick every comedy is based on.

      Oh, and the girls in Turn the Beat Around were NOT all that hot. The DJ girl was very hot, but she’s minor in the film. It didnt get points for eyecandy.

    1. Just nothing in it made me laugh. There were a few smile moments for something clever, but there were no laughs.

      No matter how much I liked everyone involved in this, I still didn’t laugh.

  5. The previews made it look like ‘4 out of 10’ material. Thanks for confirming what I was pretty sure about to begin with. I just went from not wanting to see this in the theater to not wanting to rent it on dvd. :)

      1. thats bullshit IMO.
        if your gonna direct a movie and have input in the comedy,then its your film…i mean if it was any one else it would be considered there film. The thing is Kevin smith fans wont want to remember the shitty films he has done.

  6. Wow, I guess they picked as many amusing parts as they could for the trailers. I really was hoping it would be funny, I guess I’ll pass and wait for home video.

      1. You can choose to go to a film or not to for any reason. But I might be completely off my rocker and this might be the funniest thing in the world to you.

        That’s all he is saying. Its great to hear other opinions, but you can’t have your own opinion until you actually see it yourself.

        If someone asks you about Cop Out, the best you can honestly say is that you HEARD it wasn’t funny.

        That might be enough not to go for you, and that’s fine. But remember that when someone asks your opinion of it.

      2. I thought it was funny and a fun movie to go see. I built it up a little too much but still worth the watch. Think it may have been better if i was in a “Kevin Smith” type of mindset but def worth the watch. And if you dont want to spend the $12 go on an off day when the theatres only charge like $5. SWS def steals the scenes he is in…

      3. I was just saying because that’s an excuse i hear people do all the time, it’s like they are sheep. I work in a video rental place so i get to hear this every single time. I tell them i haven’t seen a movie personally but so far i hear one or two comments that’s it’s bad, then they immediately put it back. They way i see it, people have all their own opinions and that’s the beauty of it, what someone else might hate, you might like. I’ve seen plenty movies most people hated that i found myself enjoying quite a lot. I’m just sick of seeing people base their movie going experience based of what reviewers say (not highlighting you Rodney).

      4. I don’t have a problem with someone waiting to see a movie based on reviews. Like someone else said, why spend the cash if you aren’t all that excited in the first place, and then the review doesn’t exactly spark your interest either? That’s not being stubborn, that’s good economics; save the money for something you’re excited for or that gets great reviews instead of wasting it one something you’re unsure about.

  7. I thought it would be bad. Then I saw the trailer with the kid stealing the car. I thought that was hilarious. Then I checked Rotten Tomatoes, and realized once again it was bad. I’ll probably still see it though. Thanks for the review.

      1. That scene was funny, and I hope the DVD has an extended scene of him riffing on movie quotes in the interrogation room.

        In a Kevin Smith interview he talks about that scene and how they improved bits on that for a while. I would love to see all that footage.

        Sadly that was one of the funniest scenes in the movie, and while extremely amusing, when I saw the gag in the trailer it didnt have the same impact seeing it in the film.

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