Yellow Submarine Supporting Cast and Plot Revealed

And yes, because nothing is sacred and Beatlemania is making a resurgence in other mediums there is a remake of the Beatles film Yellow Submarine in the works.

It will be done by Robert Zemeckis, so that means Motion Capture animation. So at least that tradition will remain true. How close it might be to the original remains to be seen, but a general casting call has gone out that might give us some hints about the supporting cast.

MovieWeb shares:

Yellow Submarine (additional roles)

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Motion Capture
Studio: Disney

STORY LINE: Follows a singing group of 4 British young men that are asked to help a land that has been overtaken by mean spirited creatures. They are recruited by an escapee to come and bring joy and music back to the land…

This film will be done in the Motion Capture technique that has been used in features such as BEOWULF, THE POLAR EXPRESS, A CHRISTMAS CAROL and MONSTER HOUSE.

[JEREMY HILLARY BOOB, PH.D.] A strange, short, brown-furred man with a blue clown face. An intellectual loner that speaks in puns, riddles, and rhymes. Lives in the Sea of Nothing…CO-STAR AGE: 30-60. STANDARD R.P. ENGLISH ACCENT
[CHIEF BLUE MEANIE] Head of the “Blue Meanies.” A rotund blue menace with erect dog ears, sick yellow teeth, and a bi-polar lashing tongue. Angry, bitter, vengeful. Hates music, Pepperlanders, and The Beatles…CO-STAR AGE: 40-60 YRS OLD – STANDARD R.P. ENGLISH ACCENT

[MAX] Chief Blue Meanie’s fearful assistant / henchman. Executes the Chief’s orders to attack Pepperland. Often the victim of Chief’s jokes, fits, and verbal abuses. Wears a large “M” on his chest…CO-STAR 25 – 60 YRS OLD – STANDARD R.P. ENGLISH ACCENT

[FRED (AKA, “OLD FRED” & “YOUNG FRED”)] Captain of the Yellow Submarine. At the request of Lord Mayor, seeks out The Beatles to save Pepperland. Often breaks into fits of excited exasperation…CO-STAR 50-70 YRS OLD – STANDARD R.P. ENGLISH ACCENT

[LORD MAYOR] Mayor of Pepperland. An ancient man with deep creases in his face and a long history with the land and its population. Ancient, Old and Tired voice
.tends to sound like it creaks out of him. Tires easily. Plays the cello…CO-STAR VOICE SHOULD SOUND 80-100 YRS OLD – STANDARD R.P. ENGLISH ACCENT

I am indifferent to the rage by Beatles fans who think this film should not be remade. I would love to have something like this re-introduced to a new generation. I tried showing my kids the original Yellow Submarine and they were bored within minutes. Its a new game out there.

Anything can be remade if its done well. I saw the Karate Kid remake trailer and though I was purely against the idea… it actually looks pretty decent. Not going to win any Oscars or anything, but its not terrible.

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