DC Entertainment to unveil THE PLAN in January 2010

A big part of the geek rage out there has come from DC dropping the ball and not giving Marvel a run for their money. We all know they are capable, and it seems that DC Entertainment is holding off their announcement til 2010.

But this is the internet age, and some people can’t keep their mouth shut (thanks for that btw) so we get hints about what this big secret announcement is going to be.

Screen Rant quotes producer Dan Lin, who has some inside information about the big plan.

However, with the formation of DC Entertainment, the original game plan has apparently been altered and DCE/WB will now be following the Marvel blueprint. According to Lin, “it seems like they’re (Warner Bros.) building to Justice League instead of going with the team movie first and doing individual movies after that.”

I think that DCEntertainment has a MAJOR advantage over Marvel that gives them so much potential. All their properties are under one banner.

Marvel Films was created after they had already farmed out some of their major franchises to other studios. DC was bought by Warner Brothers, and while their films had to compete for WB money like every other film on the backlot, they now have their own production dedicated to bringing their comic properties to life. Marvel can’t have a Spidey cameo in X-Men, or even name drop because those properties are currently licensed out. WB has no such limitations!

ANY hero can be made into a great film if they take it serious enough. Giving Green Lantern to Jack Black (I am not kidding – that was going to happen at one point) is not taking your franchises seriously.

I have doubts about Hawkman because he just doesn’t seem to “fit” with the rest of the Justice Leagers that they appear to be building towards. But what if they make a great film around the character? Then suddenly we want to see him in JLA!!

So they cut their teeth on a few more of the core JLA characters in their own films, then make an ensemble cast Justice League movie. In that film they can bring on a few more minor supporting cast, and after JLA they can spinoff into other titles too.

That’s how Marvel is doing it, and its working out ok for them – and their A-List properties are in other houses right now.

I look forward to hearing the official release schedule which I won’t count Hawkman out of. But I am also not caring one bit about Lobo, and that appears to have some buzz too.

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43 thoughts on “DC Entertainment to unveil THE PLAN in January 2010

  1. There’s always,ALWAYS room for different versions of these characters just like in the print form. JLA can work, but there probally waiting to get intel from the Marvel side before they take a leap.

    And enough already with the sacred “Nolan Batman”
    the only main thing he did was strip away the cheese and make a well directed crime-drama with Bats.SIMPLE.
    Yes dark knight was a great film and was exciting and Heath nailed it. 1 more and they should shut the lights off.

    back to JLA : all they need is Bats suited up and thats it. Teamwork people, Teamwork.

    Curious to see the Flash.

    And where the fuck is Aquaman? that has the most potential in my book. Green Lantern solo film seems a bit much (Ryan Renolds is Ben Affleck bad as a superhero). WE’LL SEE

  2. Write Comment here. Before you do, review these rules:

    I think a Superman Free JLA (dare I hope for a JSA) movie could be possible. Superman departs Earth for yet another hardly explained reason….for fun lets say to fight Brainiac in space, or is in the future being trained by the Legion. His absence is affecting the world and so various street level vigilantes and would be heroes come out of the wood work to fill the gap, and join forces under the aegis of a superpowered martian who manipulates them to work together. Superman returns at the end of the film and joins in for moral support at the hint of a larger threat, and the end credit sequence rolls while Batman watches snippets and recaps of the events on a monitor in the Batcave….biding his time.

    Not that difficult.

  3. Maybe James Cameron should write and direct the Kingdom Come flick. He’ll utilize his Fusion Cameras and record “perfomance capture” sequences like he did with “Avatar” with a budget of 600 million . lol

  4. I would love to see WB move forward on a Kingdom Come adaptation. That would allow them to move forward with all the individual projects and build toward a JLA further down the road and still offer something to counter Marvels Avengers. It also solves the Batman and Superman problem because it takes place so far ahead in the DC timeline.

  5. I forgot one prominent name : David S. Goyer. The guy who collaborated with Chris Nolan on Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. That guy is a genius. His Green Arrow treatment (aka SuperMax) should be awesome.

    1. I may be wrong here but i thought the Supermax that David Goyer was doing didn’t involve Green Arrow.

      What i do know is that David Goyer said he had no part of Dark Knight and thet he felt it was an honor for his name to be attached to it because he worked on the story for Batman Begins.

      1. definitely was wrong i must have got the wrong idea because i read this…
        After watching The Dark Knight, Goyer stated “I can’t believe my name is on a movie this good”

        But David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan collaborated on the story of the film.

        so i stand corrected

  6. I’d like to see comic book writers on DC comics taking a crack at writing the screenplay for these DC characters. Hope Warner Bros. keeps an open mind and ask the likes of Geoff Johns, Mark Millar, Mark Waid and Frank Miller to pen these superhero flicks.

  7. Create the individual movies first and then culminate into a team movie is the right way for the DC Universe characters. I’d say they should make a “Kingdom Come”, “Crisis on Infinite Earths” , “Blackest Night”, “Zero Hour” team flick. Green Lantern has the greatest potential , if done right.

      1. Kingdom Come will never be a live action feature film. It would be ridiculously expensive and not “mass appeal” enough.

        I think we will see an Animated or CGI version on DVD in the next few years though.

  8. We need quality superhero films right now, good stories, great scripts… the JLA movie can kiss my ass if they just want to come up with movies with no other purpose than to fit into “The JLA Movie”. fast forwarding Batman to fit it JLA?? with all due respect, i still wanna see Batman movies without the reboot thing and go where Nolan is headed.

  9. Remember how pissed off Nolan was about JL a couple of years ago because of Army Hammer? Yeah- this shit wont happen.

    Maybe it will but at least in 10 years.

    Batman wont be Christian Bale but it wont matter, the rest of the cast will be the same as heir origins movies (not…)

  10. I don’t see why we can’t have two “Batmen” in the movie world. Keep the Nolan Batman going down the dark Frank Miller like world and have someone else take Batman (someone like Kevin Smith who knows the comic world) down a Justice Leauge road. More entertainment for us all!!! JLA Batman will need Robin by his side!!

      1. I agree. No matter what viewers would constantly compare the new Batman with Nolans Batman. More then likely it wouldn’t hold up and ultimately become a failure.

        I honestly don’t see why Nolans Batman wouldn’t work in the JLA. The movies are what have the dark and real life tone to them. The character necessarily doesn’t. As long as they keep the tone of the character the same. It would work just fine. Batman was never really into the whole grouping thing. Usually he is very defiant and does his own thing even when working with the JLA.

        Adding a supernatural element to Nolans world might cheapen it a bit. But I don’t think it would hurt it all that much. As long as they keep it out of the actual Batman movies. I actually think it would be kind of nice to remind us that Batman still belongs to a world where there is a Superman.

      2. But Nolan’s Batman doesn’t belong in the same world as Superman. There are no superpowers or supernatural elements in the films. Adding that in now is cheap.

    1. I am a fan of Kevin Smith for coming from nothing and making a name for himself. I am a fan of Kevin Smith’s fouled mouth characters. But I wouldn’t want Kevin Smith to go anywhere near a comic book movie. He hasn’t done anything to suggest that he would be any good at action movies he doesn’t even have faith himself.

      I imagine “Cop Out” or “A Couple of Dicks” will have some action that will take second place to the comedy, maybe with a few more movies like this he can go into a straight action movie. But as of right now he needs to stay away.

      Rodney, I imagine a Justice League movie will be a few years off. 2015 or later if they want to start franchises for all the characters first. There is no reason why a third Batman film couldn’t be out in 2012. After 3 films I wouldn’t mind if they retired this version of Batman. Bale wouldn’t even have a contract and I don’t think Nolan would want to be involved, so why even try to connect the current Batman to a Justice League movie?

  11. How is Superman going to figure into all of this? I thought the deal they had on his rights expires in 2011 or 2012 or something? I just don’t really want to see an epic build-up for a Justice League movie if Superman isn’t going to be involved. I can’t imagine most people will.

    If i’m incorrect about the rights thing, please let me know. The last thing i read about it, it seemed like that was the deal. But maybe something’s different now.

    1. I think that WB/DC will work out the rights situation myself. But lets say Supes is in a JLA flick? The film isn’t about Supey anymore. It’s about Supey working with a team of heroes. For that matter, let’s see a bad guy/LoD take out Supey at least for 90% of the picture. Have GL, Black Canary, Green Arrow, Flash, WW or whoever find themselves outmatched, underhanded and going up against incredible odds.

      I personally think the JLA proposal is a trainwreck waiting to happen.

    1. “Batman 3” doesn’t have to be right on the heels of TDK. Maybe fast-forward a few years. Do we really need to see him establishing himself as a vigilante, dodging police and creating super-villains? Move it ahead a little. Show who he’s become – darker, experienced, with a few of his rogue’s gallery on the loose or in Arkham. These franchises don’t necessarily have to show every step of these hero’s lives. it’s hard enough cramming decades of history and material into a few films. Then his path can cross with the Justice League as it would normally. and to Rodney – waiting to see which solo films are a hit to determine who’s in the JLA – wouldn’t that disrupt their PLAN and change the vision of the story they have in mind? They should come up with a great story and stick to it – too many changes and short-sighted adjustments, isn’t that why they’re in the spot they’re in now(not to jump on the hate DC bandwagon, cause I prefer them over Marvel, personally) but i mean the spot of having almost nothing to show for years of “development”. And I respectfully disagree – “ANY hero can be made into a great film if they take it serious enough.” 2 words – AMBUSH BUG!

      1. I meant that right now Batman would have nothing to offer the Justice League. he has no powers. He doesn’t even seam to have a super intellect. They might as well recruit Lucas Fox if they want advanced technology. So I guess what I want to know is will they work this Batman into the justice league or another incarnation.

      2. but if you advance the character ahead a few years for Batman 3, you can put that character into JL by the time it comes out. and he’ll fit in just like he does now on the pages. they’ve got to try something like that. The Avengers is a collection of new, raw rookie talents and the movie would be a natural progression of them being gathered to tackle a new threat. But the JL is seasoned vets coming together, so you’d have to get past all the origin stories and move them all to a point where there lives could intersect.

      3. I really don’t see Christian Bale doing a Justice League movie. I say keep the franchises separate, even if they aren’t (completely) separate in the comics.

        Count me as someone who doesn’t think a JLA movie will work. It’ll be too busy — too much stuff going on. I think they’d be much better off going with different character movies, with maybe the JLA taking place in the background. (Sort of like Iron Man and Hulk both having SHIELD going on in the background). That way, there really could be different characters intermingling and maybe even some interesting team-ups, but you wouldn’t have to force a whole bunch of super heroes together in a movie.

      4. They can’t.

        However…I would not rule out a Batman related character that will have nothing to do with the Nolan films, such as The Huntress or Nightwing. Yes, I know Nightwing is fmr Robin Grayson. But you have to pee on the purists for that. Just don’t mention The Bat or give him an honorable mention. Nothing more, nothing less.

    2. I hope to God that they do the smart thing and keep the current Batman out of the Justice League scheme. He doesn’t fit, and there’s plenty of other characters who could fill that spot.

      1. Despite your opinion that they would keep him out, consider that Batman is their biggest money maker. I dont see any way they can leave out a character that is not only a co-founder of the Justice League, but also the biggest financial draw from the Studio’s point of view.

      2. Because Bats has always been out of place in the comic books where he is a staple of the JLA.

        I just dont understand how you figure he wont fit in. All the heroes have their niche, and their thing they contribute. Thats the point of the JLA.

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