DC Entertainment to unveil THE PLAN in January 2010

A big part of the geek rage out there has come from DC dropping the ball and not giving Marvel a run for their money. We all know they are capable, and it seems that DC Entertainment is holding off their announcement til 2010.

But this is the internet age, and some people can’t keep their mouth shut (thanks for that btw) so we get hints about what this big secret announcement is going to be.

Screen Rant quotes producer Dan Lin, who has some inside information about the big plan.

However, with the formation of DC Entertainment, the original game plan has apparently been altered and DCE/WB will now be following the Marvel blueprint. According to Lin, “it seems like they’re (Warner Bros.) building to Justice League instead of going with the team movie first and doing individual movies after that.”

I think that DCEntertainment has a MAJOR advantage over Marvel that gives them so much potential. All their properties are under one banner.

Marvel Films was created after they had already farmed out some of their major franchises to other studios. DC was bought by Warner Brothers, and while their films had to compete for WB money like every other film on the backlot, they now have their own production dedicated to bringing their comic properties to life. Marvel can’t have a Spidey cameo in X-Men, or even name drop because those properties are currently licensed out. WB has no such limitations!

ANY hero can be made into a great film if they take it serious enough. Giving Green Lantern to Jack Black (I am not kidding – that was going to happen at one point) is not taking your franchises seriously.

I have doubts about Hawkman because he just doesn’t seem to “fit” with the rest of the Justice Leagers that they appear to be building towards. But what if they make a great film around the character? Then suddenly we want to see him in JLA!!

So they cut their teeth on a few more of the core JLA characters in their own films, then make an ensemble cast Justice League movie. In that film they can bring on a few more minor supporting cast, and after JLA they can spinoff into other titles too.

That’s how Marvel is doing it, and its working out ok for them – and their A-List properties are in other houses right now.

I look forward to hearing the official release schedule which I won’t count Hawkman out of. But I am also not caring one bit about Lobo, and that appears to have some buzz too.

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