The Runaways Trailer Online

Kristen Stewart may be starring in one of the biggest movie franchises, but its not the only thing she is doing.

Stewart will be joining Dakota Fanning (who I am recently told isn’t eight anymore) in a rock biopic of the turbulent story of The Runnaways based on lead singer Cherie Currie’s book ‘Neon Angel’

And now we get a trailer.

Yup… Stewart cleans up well…thats not the right word. She messes up well. And I am still having issues with Dakota Fanning not being eight and rocking that look.

I am a sucker for music biopics, so I am in. I hope Stewart is better in this.

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8 thoughts on “The Runaways Trailer Online

  1. The trailer is was okay…I thought Fanning stood out more than Kristin, but perhaps I’m bias because I’m pretty much over the bland acting of Ms. Stewart. I’m waiting for her to pull out a surprise performance and at least she blends in better than other movies.

    I’m loving teenage Dakota, she’s maturing as an actress and thank goodness she appears to be picking movie roles wisely.

  2. “And I am still having issues with Dakota Fanning not being eight and rocking that look.”

    LOL, so am I Rodney, so am I. We’ve practically watched her grow up on screen and now seeing her grown up and dressed like that, it’s just weird. Totally reminds me how I felt about the Olsen twins all grown up, and seeing them dressing like hookers for the first time. Oh well, it’ll pass.

    Trailer looks alright, but it’s just a teaser. Prob get to see a real trailer soon.

    It just bothers me that it’s called The Runaways. One of the best Marvel comic series, that they are also turning into a movie, is as well called Runaways. I guess since they’re so completely different from one another, that them both having almost the same name wont confuse people much. That is if they decide to keep the Runaways title for the Marvel film, which I hope they do.

    Plus Marvel’s Runaways aint coming out til probably 2012, so maybe I’m just over thinking things.

    1. I think you are over thinking just a little bit. :)
      Of course, it is a bit of a legitimate concern considering Avatar: The Last Airbender had to drop the Avatar as not to be confused with James Cameron’s flick…that bugged me, but what do you do? Especially whent the movies are running six months apart.

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