James Cameron talks Terminator – Sold for a Dollar

James Cameron was in an interview with the Toronto Sun and got chatting about how he felt about Terminator Salvation and Sam Worthington.

He actually liked the film and raves about Worthington – which makes sense since he is the star of his current film Avatar that hits theaters today. But he didn’t see Terminator in the traditional means. He caught it in a hotel on-demand service in parts over a couple days.

He goes into a little analysis about the film (which I didn’t like much at all) and how he did like it despite it being true to the genre, but how it lacked a “stamp of authenticity” without Arnold.

But when asked about how he would feel about returning to the franchise he confesses that he has moved on creatively so it won’t happen, but does confess that he has regrets for giving up the rights for a buck.


“I wish I hadn’t sold the rights for one dollar… If I had a little time machine and I could only send back something the length of a tweet, it’d be — ‘Don’t sell.’”

Apparently, he sold the rights to the Terminator franchise for the opportunity to direct the first film.

If he had maintained rights, he would have raked in a share of the last 4 films as well as the TV series. So even if he didn’t have creative involvement anymore at least there would be a paycheque.

The good news is that with Terminator up for sale he might be able to offer them at least double what they paid for it to buy it back!

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5 thoughts on “James Cameron talks Terminator – Sold for a Dollar

  1. I understand his feelings but I think it was a good sale. Terminator was the film that put him on top. Without terminator we might never have gotten Avatar… which I just saw today. Absolutely amazing piece of work. Wow. Episode 1 should have been like that.

  2. I’m wondering if he will buy it back? With all his technology advances it would be interesting to see him *get re-interested creatively* and really knock Terminator out of the park again!

    1. As cool as that would be, Cameron had stated that the story ended in the second film.

      On a side note, I would like to see the war before Conner, aka: before they started using time travel.

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