Lucasfilm Tests DSLR Camera for Future Projects

George Lucas is gearing up to film his World War II project Red Tails, and a new technology he is considering is using smaller digital cameras for filming.

This could also possibly be used to film the long awaited Star Wars TV Series.

/Film says:

Somehow, I’m not surprised that Lucasfilms is the first major Hollywood production company (that we’ve heard of) to look into consumer-level DSLR digital cameras that can shoot HD video. For better or worse, George Lucas has always been a pioneer in digital filmmaking. Learning how to use these small DSLRs (at least, compared to large professional-grade HD cameras) could help them immensely with future projects.

I remember back in the day when my home computer plugged into my TV screen. Now my cell phone has ten times the capabilities than those computers.

Everything gets smaller and more efficient. And now it is possible that those massive boom stand supported film cameras will be replaced entirely with small hand held digital single-lens reflex cameras will be used to film the next generation of TV and Movies.

Check out the results of the test kicking around Skywalker Ranch.

It’s only a matter of time before people with cybernetic implants in their eyes will give new definition to “camera man” and we will film exactly what they see.

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3 thoughts on “Lucasfilm Tests DSLR Camera for Future Projects

  1. Is that the camera? (The one the guys holding?)
    Looks about the size of my camera when I have it on the tripod. Picture quality looks amazing, I love the focus.

  2. Smame on them if they only use a “single-lens” to shoot everything from now on (luckily that probably isn’t the case with the DSLRs that they are referring to).

    That being said, some of these newer DSLRs that shoot 24 frames per second are damn awesome!

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