Star Wars 3D and New Trilogy is a Lie

I nearly had a stroke as my inner geek (which looks a lot like my outer geek) heard that Lucasfilm was planning on remastering the Star Wars films in 3D, and that a new Trilogy was planned.

After I regained consciousness and changed my shorts I realized this had to be too good to be true. Well it seems that it was total bullshit and far more cruel than my April Fools gag because as soon as people saw the date, they knew it was a trick.

But as calmer minds prevailed, it turns out the whole thing is just unfounded.

AICN shares:

The nice folks at MarketSaw ran a hardcore rumor today, claiming a source has told them that Lucas is planning a new Star Wars Trilogy to be shot in 3-D… And that he wasn’t directing, but there was rumor of Steven Spielberg and Francis Ford Coppola finally getting to make their Star Wars movies.

Yeah, so if that didn’t smell already check the wording of the article…

“Well it is coming from a source that SHOULD KNOW. This source is absolutely connected. So odds are it is seriously being talked about at Lucasfilm. Right now. Will it happen? AVATAR will have to hit and hit big and then all the stars have to align properly – all I can do is pass on the info.”

The article continues to speculate that while this unknown source suggests that more Star Wars movies will hinge on the success of Avatar made them think this was just a fabricated scam hoping to quietly draw attention to Avatar.

Sneaky bastards!

The article also continues to outline some communications with a Lucasfilm rep that outright denies any new films or transfers to 3D.

If there ever was more Star Wars, I hope that they skip over the novels entirely. There are great stories to be had there, but I would prefer they skip far enough into the future that we get a whole new, fresh Star Wars. Do the comic storyline, Star Wars Legacy.

One where Lucas isn’t directing.

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24 thoughts on “Star Wars 3D and New Trilogy is a Lie

  1. the next set is quite political and seems to better target the direct fanbase and not so much the general public. Thet could probably pull it off but they wouldhave to time it right

  2. A triology about the Jedi Knight who’m converted to the dark side and having the name of DARTH REVAN would be so ultimatly cool.

    Absolutly, hands down(according to me) the coolest and most intressting character ever created. I want to know everything about him!

    Everything from him rejecting the dark side to him creating the holocron’s that Darth Bane would use later.

  3. No Thrawn movies, please. The history of the ancient Sith would be the stuff of great movies. I’m reading the Darth Bane series now and it’s amazing and very different from the older films, most reminiscent of Ep 3. I continue to treasure the hope that more movies will be made and I will never give up that hope. It’s only movies, not video games or books, that really give the mythos life and excitement. I wouldn’t even mind if GL directs them himself.

  4. We I would have thought anyone with a single operational brain cell could have seen that any hint at a new trilogy was total B.S.

    I however am surprised to find that the whole 3D thing is bologna as well…that one seemed quite plausible as well as doable.

    Now Mr. Lucas, let’s discuss releasing some Blu-Ray versions of star wars…hopefully you’ll get around to doing it within our lifetimes, and not wait a RIDICULOUS amount of time like you did with bringing the OT to dvd.

  5. I believe there is likely as much truth to this as is not…since when has GL ever been on the up and up about his plans for the future…I remember countless times in the 80’s & early 90’s when George said no more Star Wars…but then he made 3 more. And at the time between 84 and 92 or so, he didn’t think he was doing anymore.

    At the end of the day there is just too much money on the line not to make more films…his bank account has seen it’s best years when revolving around the release of the films. The merchandising, and all the income tied to a film is off the charts for his many companies and licensing agreements…

    Sooner or later, and I’d say in less than 10 years or so, a new SW will go into production…it’s too big for his “Empire” to turn it’s back on.

    As for Spielberg & Coppola’s purported involvement we know how close the trio is, and we know GL wanted Steve to direct Return of the Jedi, but his guild ties nullified the deal. And Coppola, well hell he did Dracula, and it was damn good if you ask me…I think it as is likely as it is not and it would be no surprise at all.

    Here’s the other thing we often forget, Lucas has spent the better part of 40 years immersed in this fantasy world he created…there has too be so much more he would like to tell, as along the way he had various ideas he could not include in the work that has been done….I think he may actually at his age be wanting to do a much more adult dramatic version, just to show, he can still deliver on that level…he has to be eating at him, that so many have picked on his films, and the biggest gripe boils down to one thing, they ate too oriented to a juvenile audience…

    I know a lot of you think this may just be wishful thinking, but everyone has regrets, and Lucas is still young enough to explore his vast universe one more time and show us something very different.

  6. The article also says that Lucasfilm also denied the casting of Ewen Mcgregor was Obi Wan 30 days before they announced it and the Lucasfilm is famouse for denying rumors that have come true.

  7. Like James said, I too love all 6 Star Wars movies, however I am old enough to have seen all 6 in the theater when they originally were released.

    People who complain that the prequels are horrible because they weren’t the original trilogy need to take a step back and realize that the reason they think the original trilogy is so great is because they saw it as a child and grew up loving it.

    Mark Hamill is just as bad an actor as Hayden Christensen, you just see it as quaint in the original trilogy, rather than annoying.

    George Lucas owns the licenses to all the Star Wars properties, and created the SW universe, so as long as his vision is persued I don’t really care if he gets Brett Rattner to direct, if it meant more live action Star Wars motion pictures, I am there.

  8. Hey Rodney,

    You are absolutely right about taking the Star Wars Legacy storyline into the big screen. It would be darker and more adult oriented than the other trilogies since Cade Skywalker is a very complex character with a simple, yet almost impossible goal…to be left alone, by the Sith, the Jedi and his own conscience(i’m behind on the comics, so I don’t know if he has changed his mind).

  9. This would have been a fantastic series if made, and although the rumors seem unfounded, I could see it happening. If there’s a movie that should be made and seen in 3D, Star Wars is it. Hopefully it will help us forget the last trilogy.

  10. I would pay to see more star wars films. But at the same time I’m starting not to care anymore.

    I grew up with the originals and will love them till I die. But I’m finally convinced that nothing will ever be as magical. I’m ok with that. But deep down I hope something someday comes close.

  11. They really should make some new Star Wars flicks. Leave Lucas out of the directing chair and tell him he can only make suggestions on a script someone else has wrote.

    Diving deeper into that universe would not be a bad thing. Neither would stepping away from the main characters of the original movies. Bringing something new and exciting to the table. Even making movies based on some of the novels would be a breath of fresh air. Like the Story of Kir Kanos and Carnor Jax. Thats an interesting story.

    If I were Lucas. I would open up the universe for anyone willing to take a crack at it. As long as he gets to read the script and make sure it holds up to the Star Wars name. Why not.

  12. Okay, i love the originals.

    But I also love the new ones.

    Im not a die hard fan AT ALL. Im not that into it (I am however, a MARVEL fanboy)

    I mean, the new ones were… really good. (in my opinion) the action was great and so was the story, I loved those movies. I mean, I get that some people may not like them but… I really dont understand why theyre hated so much. Im always to afraid to ask as well lol

    I mean… every scene with CGI Yoda was…amazing. The Pod-race…phenomenal. And the lightsaber fight scenes were so cool.
    I would be lying if I told you guys I didnt like all 6 SW movies.

    I welcome 10 more Star Wars movies, I love Star Wars.

    Im only 18 years old so whatever experience you guys had when you saw the originals when they FIRST came out, is obsolete to me.
    I actually saw Episode I, II and III before the originals.

    1. The post Original Saga movies are reviled by purists. But that is NOT to say that they do not have merit; In fact, I also believe, that if the prequels were released before the OS (Original Saga), they would be fairly known as classics.

      Although I DO think that GL should just get out of the GD way and let the universe exist…Sincerely, if 30 million ppl want Thrawn get them Thrawn!!!or a truly badass villain…

      General CG Greivous, or even The Immortal Christopher Lee, or Emo Spiderman…oops I mean Hayden Christensen…

      I was talking to someone this week about,
      The failure of Terminator Salvation, and I explained that the failure had neither to do with direction or writing, but in concept and hat was that Terminator was ALWAYS about BADASSERRY, and the series would’ve been a failure without it…hmmm Terminator 3 anyone?

      1. Well, maybe Salvation was a BOX OFFICE failure because it wasn’t “bad-ass” enough, but it was a failure as a film itself because the writing and direction was utter crap. Also, the reasoning behind the “good” Terminator film’s success had much more to it than sheer “bad-assery”.

        What is “bad ass” anyway? It seems to be used constantly now by people who see something they like, but can’t or won’t describe specifically what it’s merits are (Alex Billington). They just say “that was bad-ass”.

      2. Umm…

        Badass – adjective
        Example: Terminator (1984) The T-800 reaches through a punk’s chest cavity and pulls out his heart.

        Example #2 In Aliens, after complaining most of the movie, Pvt Hudson goes down valiantly after shooting many Alien warriors.

        In retrospect maybe badass is synonomous with Bill Paxton.

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