Bill Nighy thinks No Pirates 4 in 2011

As excitement gears up for a fourth Pirates of the Caribean film news of Johnny Depp’s deminished enthusiasm for the franchise (after his buddy Dick Cook got fired from Disney) cast a small shadow over the news.

Well Bill Nighy is forecasting darker skies for On Stranger Tides.

Worst Previews says:

“I understand that there was an announcement that there was going to be a fourth, and now I’ve been told since that that was not a reliable announcement,” Nighy told Sci-Fi Wire.

He added that there will likely be a fourth film, but maybe not in 2011. “I’m pretty sure that there will be [a fourth],” Nighy said. “I would be amazed if there weren’t, given the success of the first three.”

I wonder if he considered that his character may not be at all required for the next film and thats why he isn’t hearing about it.

As with the novel on which Pirates 4 will borrow its plot, combined with the teaser at the end of 3, there is no reason for Davy Jones to make an appearance. So while I agree with his assumptions that this film will happen, his statement that the film is not a reliable announcement might just come from being so far out of the loop on the production.

Until Disney says the movie is delayed, I am going to assume its still in the works.

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4 thoughts on “Bill Nighy thinks No Pirates 4 in 2011

  1. I’m not sure though. He didn’t say “I haven’t heard anything to suggest that they’re on track for 2011” which would agree with your hypothesis that he’s out of the loop. Instead, he said “I’ve been told since that that’s not a reliable announcement”, which suggests that he does know something, no matter how far out of the loop he might be due to his non-involvement. This doesn’t necessarily mean that his knowledge is accurate, however.

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