Showgirls 2: A Story of Hope

When you think of the classic film Showgirls, a number of thoughts come to mind. A sequel isn’t one of them.

But it’s happening anyways!

JoBlo shares:

According to German publication/site Extratipp, writer/director Marc Vorlander has been developing a follow-up called SHOWGIRLS: STORY OF HOPE, one centered on the original’s minor character Hope played then -and now- by model/actress Rena Riffel.

Showgirls was one of those films that was much talked about and much mocked 15 minutes later.

It was shocking to see sweet Elizabeth Berkley break out of her Amazon nerd role from Saved by the Bell to high class stripper. Yay boobies! I was also greatly amused to see this on TV, and watched it long enough to see how they were going to cover the boobies just to see a cheap CG bra inserted in all topless scenes. Classy!

And a sequel revolving around the minor character “Hope” is an obvious conclusion for actress/model Rena Riffel. Right after Showgirls, she was a stripper in Striptease, a stripper on Married with Children, and a variety of other minor nameless roles identified as “fantasy girl” and “swimming pool girl”

I don’t know if they are attempting to bank on the borderline softcore porn of the original or if they are throwing away the guise that its not softcore porn.

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12 thoughts on “Showgirls 2: A Story of Hope

  1. It’s quite possible the story line could be going the route of “Rocky” by portraying this girl as reaching the end of her career as a stripper, (i.e. more real-life drama than on-screen tittays.) I don’t see this as a ridiculous sequel, but it will only be as good as the guy writing it.

  2. The first was rated NC-17, which they have been showing sometimes recently on the HBO channels (or one of the movie channels).

    Hopefully this one will be made the same way too – although probably not because they say it’s a box office killer. Honestly, though, what’s the difference if it’s rated R or NC-17 – parents who are worried about their kids seeing sex aren’t going to let their children go either way.

  3. Y’know what? I think this is legit.

    *Showtits was an MGM release. They need some change. Something quick and sleazy. (Okay, i really hope it’s not the case, but perhaps a smaller studio bought the rights to make some change, quick and sleazy)

    *Showtits is a cult film of sorts.

    *Showtits could have the same concepts, including but not limited to: aspiring dancers eating cheeseburgers, aspiring Showtitdancers kicking guys in the nads, strippers moving up to Vegas acts, sleazy agents, catfights, drama, spilled beads, backstabbing, and a whole bunch of T&A.
    Did I leave anything out? Oh, the glitter eyeliner! Now I (un)covered it all!

    *If there can be a DTV DVD sequel to dumb stuff…like MJS said above.

  4. It will probably go direct to DVD, really you can make a sequel to anything if you’re willing to do it on the cheap, and if done right it will most likely make a profit.

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