Why Matt Damon Is My New Hero

Ok, so I JUST started getting into “Entourage” a few months ago and it’s a pretty good show. But this week it had me rolling on the floor laughing.

Matt Damon was the guest star on the season finale the other day as himself (as most celebrities are on the show). Anyway, in the episode he was doing charity work for a kids foundation and he was being a hard ass trying to get Vince (the lead character of the show) to give a big donation for the kids (getting Lebron James and Bono to help apply extra pressure). Finally at the end of the episode Vince agrees to send a check for $150k. And the credits roll.

But AFTER the credits, this comes up… and I laughed my ass off even more. Damon rules:

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21 thoughts on “Why Matt Damon Is My New Hero

  1. That was fucking hilarious. Matt Damon is the man.

    My favorite line from him was in The Departed.

    “Fuck you. Fucking queers. Firemen gettin pussy for the first time in the history of fire or pussy. Hey go save a kitten in a tree, ya fuckin homos!”

  2. That was alright, but you reall must watch the whole episode to make it worthwhile.

    Personally, I think the best part of the show was when Ari goes around blasting people with his paint gun, but that’s just me… A close second, as mentioned above, was the quote Drama gave “Sorry Vince. He Jason Bourned me”! Fucking priceless!

  3. Jeez John Entourage is such a movie guys tv show. Make sure you watch the First Season asap..Gary Busey playing himself and Val Kilmer as a drug dealing Sherpa are big highlights.

  4. No- I only watched after the credits because i knew he would make a funny cameo, and it was worth it, funniest shit EVER.
    Unfortunately it was in the living room with the volume very low… but no worries..i found it on youtube and watched it 49 times over and over

  5. I totally missed this after the episode – so glad you posted it. That is great. My favorite part had to be earlier in the episode when he called and asked for Vince and Drama said he wasn’t home, then he snaps and Drama just gives Vince the phone and says “sorry, he Jason Bourned me.” I was dying.


    The quality isn’t very great, but it has all of the scenes with Damon from the episode minus this last one from after the credits.

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