Supermax Script picked up by Columbia Pictures


Seems the spec script Supermax is headed for a supernatural twist and was acquired by Sony to be produced by Columbia pictures as a Horror Action flick!

Bloody Disgusting shares:

“Supermax” takes place in a Maximum Security Prison for the Super-Natural as a skilled guard must join forces with a lethal inmate after a riot ensues in order to fight his way through various monsters and mad-men in order to survive.

This is good news for two reasons.

1. It sounds like a good idea and something I will look forward to hearing more about.

2. It isn’t going to be Green Arrow.

You heard me. This script sounds exactly like the Supermax treatment that was proposed for the DC Comics adaptation of Green Arrow. In that proposed adaptation, Oliver Queen – the Robin Hood like Green Arrow would be wrongfully accused and put in jail with the very superpowered criminals he helped put there. Once inside he has to devise a plan to escape and clear his name.

I had stated in earlier posts about this script that this was a BAD idea to apply to the Green Arrow character. I didn’t have anything against the script and figured it would be better suited for a different hero, but this works just fine too.

I for one am still looking forward to seeing a Green Arrow eventually come to the big screen and that much happier it wont be Supermax.

And even more happy that the idea won’t be wasted just because its not going to be used for Arrow.

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22 thoughts on “Supermax Script picked up by Columbia Pictures

  1. I love competition. It feels good when you come out on top and leave your competitor to dust.

    I am secretly hoping this non green arrow version supermax movie does very well and gets good reviews while the green arrow version completely die.

      1. If it merely has the same name (which could change) how is it a ripoff Slushie? It apparently isn’t the same plot or even close to it. For awhile it seems many of us (including myself) first thought that it was related-just a strong re-write at best.

    1. This is what I was thinking. Its called Supermax and has the exact same plot as the rumoured Green Arrow script?

      The Green Arrow script was on spec too… Slushie, you mentioned you had a copy of that script. Was it written by the same guys?

  2. Sounds good-but I wonder if any DC characters will be in there. For example, ‘Manbat’ has no place in the Nolan Batman franchise, or Bag O’ Bones (a lesser known Batman foe) but could a character like those be in place here? How about the Icicle? Blockbuster?

    I can assume that the shifting prison walls/rooms (not unlike House Of Mystery) still remain?

    Will DC still have some involvement- the name and general concept is taken from a title?

    Questions. Questions.

    1. I don’t anticipate that any DC involvement at all in this film will happen. Its not connected to DC or Warner Brothers at all.

      The script was bought by Sony to be an Action Horror, and the protagonist was changed to a “talented guard” who becomes trapped in with the rest of the Horrors and must escape.

    1. Yeah, sounded like an intriguing twist on the superhero genre (which is getting incredibly stale, to me at least). I’m intrigued to hunt down the original script now though.

      Plus, he has to fight a bunch of monsters??? What’s that all about? Sounds like an idea that has the potential to be good, but will more than likely be handled horribly.

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