Shutter Island Gets Moved To 2010

Well holy crap I didn’t see this one coming! It’s not totally unusual for studios to change release dates. It is a bit unusual to changed dates by MONTHS when only two months away from it’s scheduled release date. Shutter Island just did that.

The new Leonardo DiCaprio film directed by Martin Scrosese has been hitting the marketing hard and had an October release date all set and ready… but today it’s been revealed that Paramount has moved the film to February 2010 taking the film out of Oscar contention for this year (something a lot of people seemed to think would be an early favorite).

No official reason has been given for the change.

So does this bum you out… or do you not really care either way? I’m personally disappointed… but I don’t expect a Harry Potter type reaction from fans either. (Source: In Contention)

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31 thoughts on “Shutter Island Gets Moved To 2010

  1. Bugger. I was going to meet up with a friend from New Zealand just to see this. On the plus side, maybe I’ll have more chance to see it with them then.

    I’m also annoyed because this seemed like the film that would get Leo his “About Damn Time” oscar.

    My last hope is that this does not become another repeat of Gangs of New York.

  2. Damn, well that sucks. I was really looking forward to this one and Ninja Assassin to finish my movie year up.

    Oh well, guess just one more reason to look forward to next year.

  3. DO NOT read the book before seeing Shutter Island. I read the book a while back after hearing that the movie was in the works. Although a good book, to me, it will ruin the movie, by reading it beforehand.

  4. I’m really bummed, I adore Scorsese and this was THE movie of the year, for me. October looked like an amazing month for film, solely because of two movies: “Shutter Island” and “Where the Wild Things Are”, now the rest of the year looks a whole lot less bright, to me. I mean, I’ll live, but….. HOGWASH!!!!

  5. very disappointed by this as well. word is its Feb 19th, but it may just be a mere conjecture. second film to be pushed back recently – Universal pushed back Wolfman. a little bummed about that one too, although my expectation for that film is nowhere nearly as high.

  6. Are we 100% sure about this? This is an unusual move on the studio considering that such top name talent is involved, especially the likes of Scorcese.

    Here’s my thought: the studio pulled the October date, and will release the film in a small handful of theaters just before the end of the year so it can qualify for Oscars and the meaningless Globes. Then release it wide in February.

    This is only a possibility. It is also me crossing my fingers.
    But is it…a real bad move? Think of it for a minute. You have the graveyard of garbage in the early months, and a thriller might not mean anything…but if it has ‘Scorcese’ and ‘DiCaprio’ on it, it sticks out, and you know darned well what you are going to see.

    (This also could be the thinking; maybe the studio didn’t have “anything” in those early months- and why not start the year with a good note?)

  7. This is bullshit. And yes john, this does bum me out. At least we still the basterds (which I’m seeing this weekend) and the road, which I’ve looked forward to since last year when it was originally supposed to be out.

    1. The last 2 films that Scorsese directed and DiCaprio stared in(The Aviator and the Departed) were both nominated for Best Picture, Departed won. its funny you should say it looks like Mirrors, I was thinking that it looked like the Shawshank Redemption meets the Descent (I know John would go ape shit crazy for that :P)

  8. I’m both said and happy, sad because the movie looks great, happy because now District 9 will have less competition at the Oscars this year, (especially now that Best Picture is 10 noms.)

      1. But the thing is 1st of all, SHUTTER ISLAND ISN’T COMING OUT THIS YEAR, and second, yes, I do think District 9 will be better than Shutter Island, because I’ve seen it, and so far it’s my favorite film of the year, better than Star Trek, and better than Up. I will agree that if you took the premises of Shutter Island and District 9, I would say that Shutter Island SOUNDS better but its got a tough act to follow. FOURTH, I said “now that Shutter Island has been pushed back, District 9 has less competition”, I was saying that if Shutter Island was coming out this year it would have a better shot at getting nominated by Academy voters than District 9 would have. Fifth! go see District 9 and tell me it doesn’t deserve to even be considered getting nominated.

  9. Disappointed a little. Does it really matter in the long run? Nope, I’ll be just as excited to see it later as I would be sooner. This movie looks pretty damn creepy.

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