X-Files 3?

I’m one of those guys that really didn’t mind the first X-Files movie and was pretty excited about a second one. However… like many of you I thought the second one was total garbage. Almost as bad as the series finale. Such a wasted opportunity.

Anyway, there is word going around that despite the critical and box office failure of the second X-Files film, a third installment could be on the way. As a matter of fact, franchise star Gillian Anderson says that’s exactly what’s happening. From our friends over at Screen Rant:

Gillian Anderson at a Sarajevo film festival that basically allude to the fact that she would be willing to return for a third X-Files movie and (that in fact) there is one currently in the planning stages, with 2012 mentioned as a possible production or release date (details are unclear).

Ok… I have two thoughts on this:

1) Dear heavens NOOOOOO!!!! You’ve already ruined the franchise. Leave me alone with whatever pleasant memories I have of the show and the first movie left. You’ve lost it… let it go.

But the second thought I have is…

2) YES! Please use this opportunity to expunge the bad taste of the last movie and the last couple of seasons of the show. Redeem the X-Files name! Get back to what made the show so good and give us what we want! Do it! Dooo it!!!!!!!!

I’m not sure which side of my brain is winning on this one. Do you find yourself siding more with my thought #1 or thought #2?

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23 thoughts on “X-Files 3?

  1. I am in the great minority in that I liked the second movie. I didn’t love it, but I really liked it. There was a quieteness to it, it was more of a character study than a thriller. I do understand why people hated it, but I just didn’t. And I am a huge fan since the beginning, own all the dvd’s, etc, so I think I have some perspective. I do agree with John re the mixed feelings of a 3rd movie, but I lean heavily towards number 2. I would love to see a 3rd movie that blows away peoples expectations just for point of pride. Maybe get Vince Gilligan involved, he’s done an excellent job with Breaking Bad, or my favorite writer for the x-files, Darin Morgan.

  2. I’ve noticed the latest movie, although not very good, has resparked a lot of renewed interest in the original series and the first film (both of which, in my opinion, are excellent, and I don’t see what there is to hate about the first film at all).

    A lot of people I know are suddenly fondly remembering the X-files, and thats okay with me.

  3. I for one really enjoyed the second movie. I felt it was like a very good, extended episode. Not every movie has to be the second freaking coming… and I for one found lack of Big Effects rather refreshing.

    (And for all those who think X-Files is, was or should be all about aliens, please go watch some of the old episodes. It was always more than that. My favorite episode was about killer bugs that were released from chopping down ancient-growth trees. Darkness Falls FTW!).

  4. I think I go with number 2. X-Files was such a great tv experience, and if done right (like the first movie) it could be so awesome! Yes, they big-time stumbled with the last movie,but I would really like for them to redeem themselves. Just don’t make it so boring!

  5. While I’m glad to see I’m not alone with some folks in liking the last picture, in my view, that picture succeeded in the “redemption” of Mulder, raised issues of faith, forgiveness…and instead of Gov’t red tape, it is now a hospital’s red tape.

    However, I also see where the film failed. The film was not as grand in scale as the previous picture; it seemed more like an expanded ‘X-Files” episode AND the delay between the second film and the TV series/previous film was far apart.

    I didn’t think the previous film stunk.
    I didn’t think the previous film was outstanding.
    I thought it was…alright, nothing that knocked me out, y’know?

    So here’s what I say.

    Cable TV movie over two nights. SyFy, Fox, FX somewhere. HBO.
    No theatrical. NADA.
    I hate to say that. I don’t…want to write that.

    But that is the writing on the wall. The fan base is loyal, but it’s not as huge as it once was, the show ran its course.

  6. Totally could see a 3rd installment, but please STICK TO WHAT WORKS!!! If the alien contraversy is what made the movie and the show a hit stay with it, embelish on it, but MAKE IT WORK!!! Don’t get lazy in writing the script.

  7. I think there is potential for another good movie. Maybe even a franchise revival, but they need to go back and undo a few elements of the last film.

    X Files 2 was two different character stories. It was Mulder without Scully, off making a political/religious statement, which really made the film feel awkward. It needs to be Mulder & Scully.

  8. X-Files 2 was kind of like Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country was for me. There were some decent moments but if it weren’t for the history I had with the series I would have thought it to be total garbage.

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the first X-Files movie either… but there’s always hope.

  9. I loved the X-Files tv show up until Duchovny left and they added Robert Patrick. While I thought Patrick did a good job, and I grew to like his character, the story line just wasn’t there anymore and I quit watching. I still do not know how the series ended. At one point, they set it up where the smoking man could have been Mulder’s father, but they never went anywhere with it. Chris Carter started contradicting things to a point where I didn’t care anymore. I was initially looking forward to the second film until I saw the first trailer. I eventually saw it on DVD and it wasn’t even an X-Files movie to me.

  10. I’d go see a third X-Files installment. And for the last time folks, it was a “stand-alone” old-fashioned thriller, no big huge budgets, no monster xposions, it was reviewed well in Roger Ebert’s column for goshsakes. The sad fact that the current cinema-going public NEEDS the bells and the whistles is an indictment. Go back and do your homework on “melodrama’s”, or thrillers….pre-100 million or higher budgets–please!

  11. Maybe I’m mistaken, but I’m pretty sure that at some point in the show (or possibly the first movie), they said when the full-scale alien invasion was supposed to happen. And for some reason the year 2012 sticks in my mind. I remember when they said it that I thought it would be cool if they made a movie that year about said invasion. And hard-core X-Philes have any idea what I’m talking about, or is my imagination in overdrive?

    1. Yes. It was stated in the series that the alien invasion would happen on 2012. Which I’m guessing is also some tie in with the whole Mayan apocalypse. Which is a whole other issue all in its own. I’m just not looking forward to the gratuitous amounts of 2012 apocalypse movies are going to come out in the coming years.

  12. I don’t mind a third movie, but it should deal with some of the shows mythology. The second one was a waste of time and felt like one of those later season episodes where the previous week they had done this huge mythology-thing but this week they give us a werewolf-story

  13. If they do make a third, I really hope they return to a subject matter that is beyond the norm… and I’m not talking about a possible psychic helping on a murder mystery. Aliens or something supernatural, please?

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