New Where the Wild Things are Trailer Online

A new trailer for Where the Wild Things Are is making its way around the net.

I like this trailer MUCH better than the previous one. The music seems to be growing on me (I didn’t think it fit the first time around) and the visuals are absolutely breathtaking.

I am really looking forward to this.


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13 thoughts on “New Where the Wild Things are Trailer Online

  1. I remember picking this book up every day and WISHING i could read, but being content on just looking at the pictures over and over and over and imagining what the story would be. Still, even though I couldn’t read back then, this was and still is my favorite child book of all time. Can’t wait for the movie.

    1. But this is an adaptation of a classic children’s book. I thought you were so opposed to unoriginal ideas? This is your fourth comment today, and the first three were all “Hollywood is running out of ideas” then you applaud and cheer when you see something unoriginal that you LIKE.

      Double standard much?

  2. my favorite child story as a kid.
    The one thing that is in this though that
    makes it more then a kids story are the
    emotions they are conveying from the rest
    of the cast…this movie is gonna be a hit and will be something future generations will love as i did for this book and the many other great stories by great children authors out there.

  3. Personally i like the first trailer better. maybe cuz they didn’t show much of the creatures, they just tease u, so when u go to the cinema to see it u can finally see what each creature look like.

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