Barbarella Remake is Back On

Seems that Barbarella movie that got cancelled more than once is back to its “on again” status, but this time without Rodriguez/McGowan anywhere in sight.

Rope of Silicon shares:

The Hollywood Reporter brings word the film has now fallen into the hands of Robert Luketic, the unimpressive director of 21 and The Ugly Truth. Unknown scripter Joe Gazzam is penning the screenplay.

Such news is surprising to me considering Universal buried the project when Robert Rodriguez was set to direct the remake from a script written by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade with Rose McGowan set to star in the title role. Several rumors have been spread as to the reason that attempt fell apart from budget, a lack of faith in McGowan as the lead and filming location disputes.

So when Rodriguez lost the gig we all thought it was dead, but it was just dead to him.

Now its moving again, and I hesitate to use the word “forward”.

There was speculation that McGowan couldn’t fill the role of the sexpot lead that was clearly a paramount role for such a master thespian. I am sorry. Watch this trailer and tell me just why you might need anything other than eyecandy to carry this film??

This trailer makes it seem like this is nothing short of porn. I think if there is going to be a remake that it should be porn.

I’d watch that.

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22 thoughts on “Barbarella Remake is Back On

  1. Made by DeLaurentis+Rodriguez it could have been cool. – Rodriguez is good for edginess, DeLaurentis is good for stupid camp and epic fail. I think for best results it should be shot as a long bi pr0n movie and crudely edited down to fit 90 mins and an R rating, so there would be 2 versions, with the uncut version having an extra hour or so of orgy and humping.

  2. When the original Barbarella came out it was a Spirit of the Age. What we now perceive as a campy soft-core porn was a decadent State of the Art film.

    …While I agree that Megan Fox would be ideal as a Sex Symbol, our modern equivalent of Jane Fonda…
    A Remake of This film seems like it would be pointless.

    Is there a modern equivalent to the original material Barbarella was based on?

    Barbarella worked as a movie Because of the time it was made. It would be Awesome if someone could recontextualize that into Today’s culture… but I doubt that will be the case.

  3. A lack of faith in Rose McGowan? I guess they hadn’t seen Planet Terror. She would be fine in that role. Maybe they’ll guess Jessica Alba in the role. I mean let’s face it, I won’t be going to see this because of her amazing thespian acting skills. I would give an arm and a leg to see Jessica Alba naked (Lol). Maybe I’m be bias since I love Jessica Alba. Seriously, the only requirement for the film is for the woman to look sexy.

    1. Well I’m just trying to say that everyone got mad at John for thinking GI Joe would suck without having seen more than the trailer. Most of these comments seem to indicate that people think the movie is a porno based on the trailer.

      I’m just saying a person can’t get mad at someone for judging GI Joe from the trailer and then turn around and judge Barbarella from the trailer. That was the connection I was making.

      My apologies to those who have seen the movie…and yes, the trailer is hilarious.

    2. Big difference is that watching a trailer, you can suspect a movie would be an action film or a comedy.

      This makes it look like it could be an ad for porn.

      Again… NO comparison to GI Joe or John’s expectations for the film.

    3. No disrespect intended, but how is there no comparison between people mocking Barbarella before they see it and people mocking GI Joe before they see it, both solely based on the trailer?

      And again, I’m not disagreeing that it’s a hilarious trailer.

    4. Because you seem to want to make this about John’s opinion on GI Joe and somehow parallel that to the news that they are remaking a film.

      There is no comparison at all. This is its own story with its own considerations and has NO connection at all to GI Joe.

      This movie hasn’t been remade yet. GI Joe has already been made.

    5. I’m not talking about the remake I’m talking about the simple act of judging a movie solely on its trailer.

      I’m wondering why it’s ok to make fun of an old cheesy movie based on the trailer but it’s not ok to make fun of a new cheesy movie based on the trailer – without getting totally torn apart.

      But whatever, this isn’t that important, I was just trying to defend John by pointing out what I perceived as some minor hypocrisy on the part of the readers.

    6. Who said it was not ok to form an opinion based on a trailer?

      You cannot judge the movie in its entirety since you haven’t seen the film. But there is never an issue about deciding on your level of anticipation or first impressions.

      That’s what a trailer is for.

  4. Lol @ Rodney’s comment; All this is is an erotic film, really softcore porn.
    I don’t see why they want to remake it…

    But then again, Megan Fox seems to be MADE for this role
    Please PLEASE God cast her in this role!!!
    A man can dream….

  5. Do you agree with Spot On’s summary of Robert Luketic? After witnessing the silly, idiotic 21– which would have been eons better if they stuck more closely to the true story itself- I might just side with that…if didn’t laugh so hard during Legally Blonde(until the last third of the film when it lost its edge and funny bone at the same time).

    As for the update, oh, geez, why, why in God’s good name why am I thinking Megan Fox is going to be all over this…

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