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So finally got around to getting my thoughts on G.I. Joe together and put on video. There are a few little spoilers in the review… but nothing bad… and let’s be honest… you’re not going to see G.I. Joe for the big plot twists anyway.

Here’s my review.

Because Youtube has a 10 minute limit, I had to cut my thoughts a bit short. Here’s a couple of points I didn’t have time to make in the video:

1) The flash back scenes in the film (especially the ones with Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes) were all pointless and stupid.

2) The way they ended the film with Baroness was a MAJOR cop out. I hated what they did with her at the end.

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101 thoughts on “G.I. Joe Review

  1. Guys:
    $200 million after 11 days out. Already passed the $175 million budget. That’s before DVD, merchandise, etc. and it’s still in theatres. Who liked it is now irrelevant: critics, fanboys, people who have a web site that think they are critics aside. There will be G.I. Joe 2.

  2. I don’t care what anyone else says! I liked this movie!

    4/5: Okay so it seemed a little rushed, but I love the way that the characters were modernized. The submarine battle at the end was awesome!

    I’d like to see Wild Bill and Roadblock in the sequel. Have Billy Ray Cyrus play Wild Bill.

    In fact, I enjoyed this movie a little more than District 9.

  3. The only point I agree with you on your review is Marlan Wayans, he is a terrible actor and should never have been cast in GI-Joe!

    Other than that, I actually enjoyed the film. I thought the tech stuff came off as believable for most part in the sense that it didnt look corny. I was a little disappointed in the Baroness role, didnt like where they took her character at all.

    I would not call this film a colossal failure. True, it will only appeal to a certain crowd as certain movies usually do but I think it hit with the crowd it was aiming for.

  4. I did not read or watch any reviews of the film before going to see it as I did not want to color my impression of the film. I will say that I was expecting the worst but for the most part enjoyed the movie. It is what it is, and some will like it and others will hate it. The biggest issues for me were the lips on Snake Eyes, the storyline (which was weak), some of the CGI stuff, and the way they just disregarded the cannon. I mean Snake Eyes taking a vow of silence. And do not even get me started on the whole Rip Cord/Scarlett relationship.

    By the way did any one else who saw the movie feel like they were doing an homage to Darth Maul with the scence when the Joes are released from jail in Paris and they meet Hawk and Snake Eyes by the plane and Snake Eyes is in the tunic/robe and the wind is blowing?

  5. The trailers did not do the film justice. We saw a few reviews and decided to take the chance and we were suprised and pleased. What a Summer film is supposed to be and what Transformers 2 WANTED to be. Yea, the Baroness ending was a bit strange, but it set’s up the sequel. ( I just hope the her outfits stay the same). If you wait for the DVD you will be pissed at yourself for not seeing on the big screen. “Knowing is half the Battle!”

  6. do Sgt. Slaughter or former Chicago Bear William “The Fridge” Perry make cameo appearances inthe movie, the only 2 real humans to become GI Joes. if yes, thats the only way I’ll watch the movie in theaters.

  7. anyone else curious as to why there hasnt been a piece on how this site totally sunk this movie but it has done much better than both this site and the studio expected?

    1. This site didn’t sink the movie. And John already did a peice on how he didn’t think it would be good but was really excited to go see it.

      If others felt the same way, I could see how the boxoffice would reflect that.

  8. Well, the best thing I can say about G.I.Joe is that it didn’t make me angry like Transformers, but with bad acting, ridiculous plot twists, and lackluster VFX (really, this movie cost 175 mil?), I won’t be seeing this movie again anytime soon.

  9. I love when people try to defend this movie or any other movie by saying things like, “Its GI Joe its dosent have to be shakespear, or academy award winning”. Well for every complaint I hear about the Star Wars prequels why dont you remember, its Star Wars its not shakespear. Im mean what kinda excuss is that? Im not looking for acadamy award winning film out of GI Joe but dame it I dont want to see a dull action movie based on a cartoon that had better stories 20 years ago then today.

    1. LOL, well said and I totally agree with you.

      It’s much cheaper and easier on ones brain to go watch the MUCH better G.I Joe: Resolute mini series on YouTube.

  10. I thought the movie was “eh”, my 8y/o liked it. For Sommer’s movies I liked it a little better than Mummy 2, but not as much as VanHelsing.
    btw John what’s that R2-D2 looking thing with a red light on the bottom of the screen?

  11. watched the movie Sunday morning without really reading any reviews or comments about the film because i wanted to form my own opinions, even though i herd it was getting bad press and i gotta say that it was really good!!! i mean yeah its no “lord of the rings” but what were you guys expecting!? its G.I Joe for F’S sake i never watched the cartoon or read the comics for the realism or academy award winning story lines i watched because it was full of action stuff getting blown up and evil villains!!! why is everyone a movie critic these days, just watch it for what it is, a action/sci-fi movie that will keep you entertained for 1hr20mins. if i wanted to watch a movie for its acting then i would’ve watched “Julie & Julia” which I’d rather wait when its out on DVD!!!

  12. I just got back from seeing it and John’s review is spot on. I really liked Zartan and the Baroness (surprisingly) Everyone else was just terrible. Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow was cool until the damn end WTF with the Spoiler….. Shadow being frozen in the water i mean seriously WTF! I think they should have went with the REAL cobra mask at the end I was waiting for it to happen and that was a major let down for the fans I think. I like the node to the Cobra jet at the end though.

    The climax did suck but I see where they were going Joe and Cobra always had those HUGE fights I think if this was a aerial battle it would have been awesome and more kean to the show itself but damn it sucked watching that part the most. It wasnt as bad as I thought either but man another screwed up franchise from my childhood.

    P.S. I really hope the Waynes never get to be in a movie ever again. Really dude your NOT FUNNY and it felt that they built more parts in the script just to have him make stupid ass one liners that sucked. Thanks for ruining D&D and GIJOE Mr. Wayne.

    P.S.S At least the CGI didnt look The Rock bad in Scorpion King lol Still some of those plane shots looked like basic CGI 3D stuff that I could do in an hour.

  13. You nailed it on the freaking head John. Like I said before, it’s not even close to the suckfest I thought I was in for. It’s not a good movie, but it kind of is. I don’t know. The plot was, yes, laughably bad, I’m surprised your one of the first to mention that. I was LOVING the film until the climax. That cheesy, illogical, pointless, stupid underwater action scene took any “Love” i had for this movie almost away.
    The dialogue was laughable. It dragged because there’s not a lot of action until the end. Zarton? really? you guys thought he was good? Well, alright, but I disagree. I’ll admit it, this thing was fun in the action sequences. That accelerator suit scene (aka the halo suit scene) actually was a Transformers rip off like you said, or it seems that way. But i gotta admit i loved that scene. Yeah it was cheeesy and cartoonish but it was balls out fun. For the most part i was impressed with the action. the flashbacks were stupid and pointless though.
    Look, I get the romance between Ana and Duke. they had history. But the other romance took away from the film and was a bit distracting, not that there’s anything wrong with romance in films, just don’t put it where it doesn’t belong. Baroness’s ending sucked. I saw that “softening up” moment coming from a MILE away. The dialogue was cheesy yes. I know it’s a movie based off a cartoon but come on give me SOME good dialogue. I mean the dialogue was AWFUL. With the exception of a few lines.

    Many things wrong with it, the plot sucked and all that. As a grade involving plot and logic it gets like a 2. But we want to see action and explosions so that’s all I cared about here. though all that stuff had to be addressed. The final reveal with the villain and his back story was so lame. It felt very cartoonish at times. I know, I know…

    General Hawk was wasted. I’m sorry, he just was.

    Despite all those negatives, and there’s a lot, G.I. Joe for me was balls out fun for the most part. The climax killed a lot for me though. I HATED the beginning. i thought I was in for a bad movie. I HATED the end & climax. It was disappointing to see they ended it that way but I mean with that plot you really can’t end it another way. I mean they blew it at the end. It didn’t suck like i thought and I’m gonna say it: It’s the big surprise of the summer. Like John said, I was pleasantly surprised and think you should see it. For the action only. Don’t expect anything mind blowing though. I just enjoyed it i guess. Really shocked.

  14. Cobra Commander/the doctor was great in this film because Joseph Gordon Levitt was the only actor who actually played his part to the hilt and accepted what type of film they were making.
    He KNEW he was in a Live Action Cartoon playing a “cartoon” villain and played it as such.

    Most of the other actors in this film looked like they accepted their paychecks wearing dark sunglasses and a trenchcoat…other than Marlon Wayans who gives you Marlon Wayans no matter what film you put him in.

    One problem for me that put the breaks on the pace of the film is the flashbacks/romance parts of the film.

    They seemed to be an attempt to add some realistic seriousness to the film which didn’t work for me and slowed the film down a good bit.

    There is NO mixing of film genres/types in this kind of movie. Either you take it serious or go balls to the wall cartoon.

  15. Maybe it is my age(38) but am i the ONLY one around to see that GI Joe was basically the Roger Moore Bond flick MOONRAKER done underwater?!

    They stole the very basic plot right out of that film along with material from 1/2 a dozen 70’s and 80’s Bond films.

    The really funny thing is the whole reason they rebooted Bond with Casino Royale is because everyone pretty much thought Die Another Day was too ridiculous and outrageous a film.

    Die Another Day doesn’t look outrageous anymore!
    GI Joe “out-Bond’s” ever Bond movie ever made as far as scale and epic-ness goes.

    Lastly…sigh…once again I give John crap and once again his review is pretty much dead on!

  16. GI Joe was a very fun action movie that never bored me. The biggest weakness of the film are some of the bad special effects. The end underwater sea battle was very unconvincing and felt a bit disappointing. I felt the earlier action scenes were a lot better than the end action scenes.
    I also didn’t like that they used so many cheesy flashbacks. It felt like some crappy soap opera at times.

  17. I had no desire to see this film, but I saw it anyway. I must say I enjoyed this film more than TF2, which I did not expect at all. The action scenes were fun and I loved Joseph Gordon Levitt ham it up as the Cobra Commander. The movie entertained me and it was a guilty pleasure to me. In the defense of Marlon Wayans, I thought he was excellent in Requiem for a Dream.

  18. Ok, now for the SPOILERS….

    Not only was Eccleston 100% ham as Destro, does anyone else agree the bit at the end where he gets his metal head looked unbelievably bad? If there is a sequel then I can’t imagine him prancing around in that for a full two hours.

    Also, how the hell is it the rise of Cobra? They get captured for fucks sake.

    1. Think about how it truly ended (pay attention to the whistling). Who is to say they will stay locked up for long with interference from their long term agent, already in place and in a position of power?

  19. Massawyrm at AICN really nailed how I felt about the film. It really is the cartoon brought to live action with all the fun and all the goofiness in tact. May the Lord strike me down but I had a lot of fun watching it. John’s pretty much right about it; it’s not a quality film but it’s not a waste.

    It’s an action movie where the action is genuinely thrilling and every penny of the budget is on the screen. I really was a little kid again. I loved the massive sets and those pistols that fire tornadoes or something…..and I’m pro-acclerator suits. They really do work in the film I felt.

    It wasn’t so much the performances that were terrible; it was the dialogue. I thought Joseph Gordon Levitt’s eyebrows gave a good performance though. Also if you think about it, the film really is almost a beat for beat remake of X-Men 1. So much is pilfered from it (not least the ending).

    But G.I.Joe has what so many films this summer have lacked; a pulse. There is energy and life and a sense of fun and scale here that was just completely missing from Wolverine, Transformers 2 or Terminator: Salvation.

  20. I have INSANELY mixed feelings on this thing. On one hand I liked it, on the other I didn’t. Though I will say I was wrong on my prediction that it would suck because it didn’t, but it’s just not not that awesome

    1. Wow, Brendan Fraiser was Gung Ho, REALLY?
      Did he wear the green hat, blue vest, with a marines tattoo on his cest and sport a bikers mustache? LOL!

      Talk about your bad casting, but of course this movie is full of bad casting, wrong pairing of actor to character pretty much all threw out, except for Ry Park as Snake Eyes.

      Who ever did the casting for this movie needs to get punched in the face.

    2. And Kevin J O’Connor, another Sommers regular (he was the scrawny weasel sidekick to the Mummy and Igor in ‘Van Helsing’) played Doctor Mindbender.

      I almost chocked on my slushie. They actually put that character in the film.

    1. The woman who played Scarlett was the worst female acting performance since the Russian lady from the first Mission Impossible film. Dennis Quaid, the most successful member of the cast, was dreadful. Instead of looking tough, he looked like he needed to drop a deuce the whole film.

  21. “Peter Howell of the Toronto Star may be the single major North American critic who managed to get an advanced look at G.I. Joe (although he doesn’t reveal how he did so). His review is as scathing as Paramount publicists had suspected reviews from critics would be. Indeed, he writes, “No wonder Paramount Pictures refused to show the film to serious critics, limiting advance screenings to drooling fanboys who would agreeably drive up the Rotten Tomatoes score in exchange for access and a bucket of popcorn.” He writes that the one toy missing from the movie is one “that could magically restore the two hours lost by anyone “unlucky or foolish enough to waste money on this wretched excuse for entertainment.” As for the studio execs who allegedly splurged $175 million on the movie, Howell writes: “If G.I. Joe crashes and burns the way it deserves to, there could be a few studio execs looking for their own army of Joes to protect them from angry shareholders.”

  22. *The Good*
    I thought the acting was not exceptional but got by on a 6/10, the storyline overall flowed 7/10, the effects were expectable and not completely unbelievable 8/10.

    I like how they touched on most of the characters, with the flash backs…

    The ninja fight scenes were the Sh!t…

    And it could have been allot cheesier i.e. Transformers 1&2(the comedy was kept to a minimum, Thanks big guy/girl/it in the sky…lol)

    Over all I’ll see the second as long as they stick to the same formula and tweak a few things…

    I thought the bareness w/o the accent was a bad move as was her conclusion in the film…

    The gentleman that played Duke, horrible…

    Marlon Wayans(although a horrible actor 9/10 times) did the best job of his career 5/10…

    Cobra commander story didn’t flow and came out of nowhere (it suck’d a$$)…

    And Dartain was not developed at all (one of my fav’s of the comic)…

    Oh and the face mask on Snake Eye’s, was the weirdest thing ever looked like he was suffocating w/ a bag on his head (lol)…Shout out to Chris on that call…

    Insight on my opinion, I hated Transformer 1 & 2, X-Men 1, 3 & Wolverine, Ironman…And Loved Batman Begins, Dark Knight and liked the Incredible Hulk, and Spiderman 2…

  23. I that the film was ok. I didn’t think that Marlon Waynans was that bad, but I thought storm shadow was tiring a bit to hard. I wasn’t convinced that Stormshadow or Snake Eyes were this get martial arts masters. I also hated Snake Eye’s Head piece. Who thought of putting lips on his helmet. Also, the effect were bad. I thought the end water fight was a bunch of Toys fighting each other. Adn the baroness story was pretty bad. That said I did kind of enjoy myself. I’m not sure if I will the second time around.

  24. I totally agree with you John but I think you forgot something: the writing.

    I won’t spoil anything but just looking at the scene that’s already been release on the internet where Rachel Nichols, Channing, and Marlon are working out and Ripcord tries to hit on the Scarlett is painful. The dialog between Ripcord and Scarlett where she tries to explain how she doesn’t “get” certain emotions or whatever because they can’t be scientifically proven or quantified made me bang my head against the back of the seat.

    I read somewhere that Marlon Wayans was cast because of his work in Requiem for a Dream, which would make sense if this was 2001 since the movie came out in 2000 but the way he “played” the character made it feel like he was cast because of White Chicks. Also, there was more emoting from my seat during the movie than from Channing Tatum.

    Sienna Miller was surprisingly very good and while Rachel Nicols didn’t get a great character/writing to work with, she did an adequate job. I was pleasantly surprised with the direction, it seemed them actually wanted us to see what was happening during action scenes. You could actually follow what was happening and not develop an acute case of vertigo. Overall, not bad.

    I think for the most part criticism can be boiled down to Channing Tatum and Marlon Wayans are horrible, the basic writing was very weak, and while the director did an ok job, he’s a guy who needs a strong script to work with as he can’t overcome an average (or worse) script.
    Sienna Miller, Ray Park, Storm Shadow, Dennis Quaid, et. all, generally pretty solid but could’ve been that much better with a stronger script.

  25. Saw the 9:30 tonight with a packed crowed. I have to say I really enjoyed it. It was great escapist fun. I grew up in the 80’s and I loved the cartoon. I think there are things that can be fixed with a sequel but overall I think they setup a possible franchise quite well. I’m seeing it again Saturday afternoon :)

  26. At the beginning of the video you said you’d get back to the meaning of “biased” later, since you ran out of time, what were you going to say about it?

  27. The kid who played Storm Shadow is the kid from Tropic Thunder!!!!

    I think it is better than Transformers 2, and not nearly as disappointing as Wolverine.

    Definitely, the best part was Snake Eyes.

    Ray Park is always the best part of the movies he’s in.

  28. remember being a kid and waking up every morning to watch Joe before going to school. Now twenty two years later, I was sitting in the midnight showing wanting so bad for the movie to kick ass. (That is giving it all the chances in the world after the trailers.) What I got was a big theatrical movie with direct to video dialogue. There were so much of this movie that was wrong. The doctor was a horrible character. The suits (which looked better on the big screen) still could not take the place of the classic joe look of buttoned up shirts. The dialogue (Is that double bubble….but it’s my last piece…) I looked over at my wife and cringed like someone had ran their fingers down a chalkboard. All nationality cast (while I like the actors) didn’t do much for me….real AMERICAN hero cough cough. And it is a sad day in the world when you say that Marlon Wayans didn’t do bad with what he was given.

    Snake Eyes did good….even when he was psychic and gets out from under the car just before it is hit by the train. (what the #$%#@)…. Why does he have a mouth? (WHAT THE #@&#) Storm Shadow kicked ass (needed to do a little less talking) Baroness (the highlight of the film when she wasn’t trying to not kill Duke for the hundreth time) Rachel Nichols (bad lines) did well as Scarlet. Dennis Quaid played Dennis Quaid and the fake polar bear (WHAT THE #$@$#)

    This movie had the potential of being good. Stephen Sommers, while not my favorite director, had potential and anal raped it to death.

    If you are going to see this go for Snake Eyes And Storm Shadow (and the kids who play them which was potentially the best fight in the movie. that’s right….the best fight in a G.I. Joe movie was a brawl between kids. The paris chase scene was cool…. the attack on the Pit was cool… But that is where I draw the line.

    This movie needs to be redone….darker….die hard fan appealing….and good writing. Now you know….And knowing is half the battle.

  29. I saw GI Joe today and i was just thinking how bad it was going to be when a get to the theater. But you know what its not that bad ya its chessy and the acting is horrible but if you grow up watching GJ Joes in the 80’s u probly will enjoy it. It was like a real life cartoon, The toys and cartoon were more about the crazy vehicles and weapons and the movie has a lot of that. I (THINK) people wont like because its to faithful to the toys and cartoon and its not realistic. I had the toys i watched the cartoon (im 25) and wathcing the movie made feel like a kid agiann i hope they do a part two becuz i want to see what happens with Cobra Commander and Destro. This movie is not going to win any awards but if you are like me you will walk away thinking that its not that bad of a movie ive seen worse this year (Wolverine)

    1. I couldn’t wait to see this movie and i had all the action figures and still have some in their original packages. this film was clumsy and rushed all most thrown together. even snake eyes scenes weren’t as could as they could have been. The fighting for him seemed slow and akward. the effects were poor at best. if they would have used a Bourne style and gone with actual live action mixed with some CGI it would have been a lot more exciting. this was mostly digital environment and it felt that way. I am really disappointed but, i hope that there is another that will fix this mess and continue the story more effectively.

  30. I agree with John some of the action stuff was cool. However, all the actors were terrible (except Snake Eyes) which begs the question…Why give a character that wears a mask and doesn’t talk latex lips? Guess they got tips from the same guy that designed Deadpool in X-men Origins. The Accelarator suits were useless. Baroness was sexy but too cute to be a villian. Cobra Commander went from emo guy, to Doctor Ninja, to bad 80s sci-fi villian. i will give him some credit for at least effort to sound like classic Cobra Commander. Last point… my god I hated the costumes even Snake Eyes and Storm Shadows outfits looked terrible.

    1. While Ray Park (and Scott Adkins, who played last stage Deadpool/Weapon XI) may not be known for great thespian skills (that’s not a knock on either actor) they are called upon to do what they do best: stunts, martial arts moves and things like that. So when they are called upon to do specifically those things, they excel.

      More importantly, many actors can do their best work BY keeping silent. If everyone else speaks rotten dialog, they are spared a fate worse than death. It’s also a sad comment that most seem to be liking the characters who are near faceless and say little to nothing at all….isn’t it?

      Maybe Stephen Sommers should direct Halo next. At least we could have the same result with ye ol Master Chief

  31. I didn’t know much about the GI Joe TV show from the 80’s going into this film, but I have to say this was a pretty fun movie. Its basically a big fun, dumb, cartoony film that’s totally cheesy with horrible acting, but still a fun ride.

  32. good review John i may see it in the movies :D and wont wait for the DVD.

    By the way as I said, maybe u didnt like Transformers 2 because of the language, in german its ok havent seen it in english though. I just came back from the movies watchin Public Enemies and my 3RD time Transformers 2 :D hey I’m a VFX geek :D

  33. Have had no interest in seeing this since Day 1… and I love action. But no way do I ever want to see it. Ever. Just like Tranformers 2. WILL NOT SEE IT… Loved your review though! The videos are great :)

  34. Hey, John, you have brought up Transformers a lot in your discussions of GI Joe which i get 110% but since many people out there are already making the comparisons,
    how do you compare GI Joe to Transformers 2?

    Also, i am curious, you said the acting in GI Joe is really wooden, and I fully believe you.

    Is it Attack of the Clones/Revenge of the Sith wooden?

    I only bring this up because to me it is one of the biggest examples of good actors getting no direction and turning in wooden, bored performances.

    Christian Heydenson and Ewan McGregor are great actors but their exchanges in the opening sequence of Attack of the Clones are some of the most phoned-in, wooden, and bored ones that I have ever seen.

    That is what comes to mind when you talk of even Dennis Quaid giving a bad performance.

    1. I dunno, Jason. When we get an actor’s name completely wrong (Christian Heydenson=Hayden Christensen) then we know from the Star Wars prequels, Jumper and Alive, then it cannot be all entirely on bad directors.

      When Dennis Quaid is “wooden”, I dunno. Maybe I do have see it to believe it. Maybe in a few months when GI Joe hits the video shelves…

    2. I dunno, Darren. When we get a movie title completely wrong (Alive=Awake) then it cannot be all entirely on bad acting.

      And Hayden Christensen was fuckin AMAZING as Bob Dylan in Factory Girl. I love how you leave out his best and only truly great film. If you wanna know what Dylan was like, watch that movie. He was spot on. I know somebody who knew Dylan very well and she said he was exACTly like that.

  35. Hey John, the actor who played Zartan is Arnold Vosloo, who is a very good actor when given good material.

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  36. John, I used to like scanning your written reviews for the parts that might have interested me.

    But you know what, I’m not going to spend ten minutes of my valuable time listening to you talk when I could read the same written review in 1 minute.

    Please go back to written reviews.

  37. If there’s a sequel to this film, I’d like to see a grittier, nastier and more realistic storyline (Cobra Commander being like Bin Laden perhaps?) and doing away all the cheesiness and having a more “Batman Begins” type reboot , what do u think John?

    1. If you want to see a more grounded take on GIJoe, there are a series o animated short available on youtube called “GIJoe: Resolute” that are really fantastic.

    1. If I go to the matinee I would only pay 4 dollrs. I’s smuggle in some lemon drops or licorice and I’m good to go…if…

      Yeah, IF. If because I know an int’l friend who is out 10 dollars, another out 6.50….I doubt Joe is even worth 4 dollars, let alone one lemon drop.

    2. I only have to pay $6 for a matinee, but I too don’t even feel like this movie is worth that. I’m perfectly happy with renting it threw my ultra cheep NetFlix account when it does come out on DVD in just a few short months from now.

      I totally grew up with G.I. Joe. Didn’t stop playing with them til I was 14 years old. Seen all the cartoons, the animated movies, yes there’s really more then 1, had a crap load of the figures and vehicles, even had one of the huge bases and I still have that base stored away somewhere, because I just couldn’t give it up. I still have the first G.I. Joe animated movie on VHS and it’s one of my favorite animated movies of all time.

      But I still don’t care to pay more then my NetFlix account to see this movie, it’s just blatantly sad that they could not do a worth while G.I. Joe live action movie. But yet they could make a really good short series for Adult Swim?

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