Jason Statham Joins “The Killer Elite”

There aren’t many around these days. Legitimate action stars. Back in the 80’s there were a whole bunch of them thrilling us on screen… these days there are MAYBE 2 or 3. Jason Statham is one of them.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not confusing “action star” with “great actor” here. Jason is not a great actor… but he’s perfect for action films and I love seeing him in them (He’s also got a pretty solid sense of comedic timing too which makes him quite funny in the right director’s hands).

Looks like Statham’s signed up for his newest action flick “The Killer Elite” based on the novel “The Feathermen.” Our friends over at RopeOfSilicon give us this:

Fiennes’ story is based real events, and follows a group of former British special forces members who are being hunted by assassins. Statham will play a former Navy Seal who is forced out of retirement to save his closest friend.

Sounds pretty fun, even if not all that original, to me

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9 thoughts on “Jason Statham Joins “The Killer Elite”

  1. Crank 2 was dynamite and Statham is a very capable actor when allowed to act. Those Transporter flicks are just garbage but its the reason he gets the opportunities he does most times I bet.

    1. Crank 2 was dynamite???? Oh good god. Wow. Really? Really? Did you fall asleep duign the previews and wake up during the humping scene? and then pass out?
      Define to us what makes that movie dynamite? what collection of visual stimuli created the sensation that you were watching a dynamite cinematic experince? Please elaborate.

  2. I still have not seen Crank 2 but from the tralor it looks great. I agree that he is the perfect action star and i think that if he continues doing action films he shouldn’t have a problem, but if he tries to do Dramas he’s not going to be as successful.

  3. So lemme get this right, the British actor does not play the British special forces solder but instead plays the American special forces solder? So who are playing the SAS guys, Matt Damon and Vin Diesel?

  4. Just as long as Statham isn’t behind the wheel for the thousandth time (although I did like Death Race) …and Statham is capable of acting. He’s not ‘great’, but he’s good.

    I don’t know about “maybe three”, John, but rest assured, I can’t think of more than five. Jet Li and Tony Jaa are two of them.

    There have been ops for some rising “action stars”, but three things come into play.

    * “Regular” actors/better actors being cast in such action oriented roles. Nothing wrong with that, but that means sometimes we get a tradeoff. For example, we get a wonderful actor like Matt Damon as Jason Bourne. He’s great. In action scenes, we get shaky cam and whip pans and he’s inhumanly fast.

    * Crappy films. Not even so bad they are good or getting a director like Andrew Davis or John Woo. ie someone who can direct action films blindfolded. With story and character to boot.

    * A current crop of bad action stars (non legit like John Cena) making it tougher for those who are by default.

  5. Did you not see Crank 2? Oh wait- you said last year. I agree. Crank 2 is clear and present danger that we face in movies today. We must put all our immediate resources to insuring that never happens again.

    Not a great actor but great action star. Awesome in Snatch and Italian Job, not so great in Uwe Boll movies and any movie where he has to actually ‘act’ Revolver sucked ass too.

  6. As long as Statham never works for Uwe Bowl again, I can live with watching his movies. Dear God, that “King” movie must’ve been the worst thing I watched all of last year!

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