Bruno Gets Up Close and Personal with Eminem

I didn’t catch the MTV Movie Awards, as they tend to just be one long commercial for upcoming movies and a popularity party for the ones that came out last year. No real merit, just a lot of back patting.

But one event that I caught a poor third party cam-at-the-tv youtube clip was a publicity stunt for the upcoming Bruno.

Apparently it was completely planned to have Bruno accidentally find himself in an awkward position with the very vocal homophobic Marshall Mathers, known to his peeps as Eminem. The Slim Shady was clearly not party to the prank and Cohen got exactly what he wanted out of him.

It seems that mere minutes after this video went Viral online at YouTube, it was yanked by Viacom. For those who didn’t see it, Cohen is in full character dressed as Bruno and playing the part. He is being flown in on wires across the roof of the venue wearing white wings and leather gladiator kilt when he “accidentally” hits an air duct and finds himself inverted and tangled in his harness. He is then lowered into the “unsuspecting” crowd and conveniently lands on Eminem, who looks none too happy to have Cohen head first in his crotch and straddling his shoulders. Em’s posse doesn’t react right away and he seems to be angry but playing along until they get up and “rough up” Cohen who doesn’t break character for one moment.

It was clearly staged by Cohen to promote the Bruno character and film, what isn’t clear is if Eminem and his entourage were in on the prank as well. If they were in on it, they do a fine job looking sufficiently offended.

While it lasts there is a new link

A pretty funny staged prank, and it did exactly what Cohen wanted. It showed just the type of outwardly flamboyant homosexual behaviour we can expect from the upcoming film Bruno, and a prime example of the target subject the film hopes to exploit for laughs.

Eminem’s posse managed to keep themselves from making themselves look bad, but a very deliberate exodus from their assigned seats followed immediately afterward. I wonder if there will be some legal reprocussions, however Cohen is far from shy in the face of legal action.

I don’t blame them. It still made me laugh.

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66 thoughts on “Bruno Gets Up Close and Personal with Eminem

  1. A writer from MTV said the whole thing was planned. They even rehearsed it earlier that day. The funny thing is they wanted to land on Paris Hilton but she wouldn’t let them, so Eminem was the 2nd pick.

  2. HAHA,,,
    Sniff the glove M&M,,,
    Sure its extreme but knowing how much of a homophobe M&M is, the joke is him being offended. That’s Bruno’s stchik. He’s goes right to the offensive,,, run away like a girl M&M.

    If he would have shrugged it off it wouldn’t have been funny…

  3. Am I the only one who thinks that was unfunny?I mean having someones crotch near the face is wrong and uncalled for doesn’t matter joke or not eminem had the right to be pissed out of his damn mind for short that was NOT FUNNY

  4. im thinking it was all staged now. eminem’s group didnt even try to get bruno off of eminem right away & nobody even through in a sucker punch while he was hanging in the air? staged

  5. Just to clear it up, since it seems there aren’t that many rap fans here (not surprising).

    Eminem isn’t homophobic, yes he says faggot and calls people gay, but if everyone who did that was homophobic then society has a large homophobia problem and every teenager between 12-19 is a homophobe.

    There are to distinct sides to Eminem, there is Marshall Mathers and there is Slim Shady. Each of his tracks cues on one of these personas, the over the top go for controversy is the Shady side, the somber reflective side is the Marshall side. If anyone here has listened to his newest album, the very first track, the intro brings Shady right back after Marshall “put the gun to my brain, scream die shady and pop it” on the track When I’m Gone.

    you can even look at all his lyrics and see this simple lines like:

    Now I’m catchin’ the flack from these activists when they raggin’/
    Actin’ like I’m the 1st rapper to smack a bitch and say faggot/

    He also worked with Elton John on his new album so yeah.

  6. I do not know if it was staged or not. I do know from the past:

    1- Eminem once threatened to “rough up” Moby…and almost did. That was several years ago. Some of Mather’s videos were so racy or demeaning towards the ultra PC Can We All Get Along crowd at MTV, that they refused to play them at one time or another (“They tried to shut me down on MTV”-‘Without Me’) I’m not the biggest Eminem fan, but I would go out on a limb and say that at least half of his material is satire, not taking himself too seriously.

    2- Sasha Baron Cohen (also as Bruno) crashed the set of Medium earlier this year, making an ass out of himself while disrupting filming of that series. He’s funny, but he’s not that funny.

    3- MTV showing any sense of class?

    4- MTV showing that the ‘movie awards’ are for people for working brains between the ears, and that these awards really matter?


    Now, that all said…
    Why are we surprised?

    So, what history dictates, I’ll go 50/50 on this. It was staged but room for improv. It also went too far out of hand.

    Some folks think Mathers is a jerk; some think Cohen is a jerk. You got two two possible jerks doing dumb jerk like things, on a network that encourages such dumb jerk behavior.

    And it didn’t go as planned.
    We are the real jerks for devoting our time to the matter.

  7. There is no question that the fact that he fell on Eminem was staged. Yes, it was obviously planned that he be lowered onto Eminem. I don’t understand how people are questioning this? The real question is, was Eminem in on it? Was his tantrum all an act? I really hope not, as he needs to learn to take some mockery as much as he dishes it. However, it would make a lot of sense for him to be in on it…

  8. F*cking Twilight wins everything, they didnt even show Heath Ledger get his award, Samberg was funny and also the short cameo of kiefer Sutherland and Bruno.

  9. Man, are you guys that gullible?
    It was obviously staged, do you think MTV wants to piss off one of its biggest draws?
    Also, cameras were conveinently located to catch his angry “Departure”

  10. Well, if it was me, it would make me furious. But, I don’t make fun of homosexuals either. I think it’s hilarious that some rappers will talk about how they will shoot someone, or beat someone up, but when push comes to shove, they just get mad and walk away. That’s a good thing to do, but it’s just said that someone will talk about what they “would” do, but not do it when the time comes. But, all in all, I guess it’s cool. Jesus loves them too.

    1. “I think it’s hilarious that some rappers will talk about how they will shoot someone, or beat someone up, but when push comes to shove, they just get mad and walk away.”

      I agree.

  11. It was all staged. The camera was already zooming in on Eminem before Bruno went down. He was going slow enough that Eminem could have just walked away. It’s like if you see a big spider lowering itself down on a web over your head, you get out of the way. And even before he landed, I knew where he would land. First it was Mobby, then Triumph, now Bruno. It’s a win win for all parties involved.

  12. I was appalled to see this on TV. It was distasteful, disrespectful to Marshall Mathers and just plain NOT FUNNY! Staged or not, I don’t think this had any comedic value, nor did I think Howard Stern as “Fart Man” was funny years back.

    Cohen needs to rethink his mode of “comedy” to include anything remotely funny, All I saw was a grown man showing his @$$, causing problems and upsetting a lot of people. I expect there will be litigation in the near future, followed by another amazing hit song by Eminem.

    1. You’re right that Cohen should rethink his idea of funny- but I also think Mathers takes himself WAY too seriously and also needs some re-adjusting.

      Aside: If people get that upset seeing a dude in underwear they really need to grow up. He was in a public forum doing a comedy act- not in a dark alley with a trench coat.

  13. I caught it live and thaought it was very very funny. Cohen is a true performance artist and somewhat insane at that. Eminem will have to live that down for a long time and will probably try and get even somehow. NO way eminem was in on that. No way! If HELL had an award show it would be broadcast on MTV. This award show is Crazy stuff but boy are they fun. I enjoyed every minute of it.


  14. Definitely staged. They lowered Cohen down slow enough that Em would not just be sitting there to catch Cohens ass in his face and then just be all calm until the cameras catch his reaction. His boys were all smiling while they pushed Cohen around.

  15. LOL loved it, my guess is maybe Eminem knew he would be a part of a gag with Bruno but didn’t know to what extent, like having Bruno’s ass in his face.
    I actually enjoyed the hosting done by Andy Samberg during the awards, made them bearable.

  16. If eminem was homophobic i doubt he would have done a live version of his song stan with elton john singing the chorus. His lyrics are part of his persona slim shady.

    1. I guess SBC and his wife should probably sign the divorice papers then cause he is clearly a homosexual. I mean look at his new character. Oh wait you mean this is staged? To promote a movie? He’s…..acting? No one would ever change who they are to sell a product? Would they? Next your going to tell me that chris gaines was actually… THAT WAS GARTH BROOKS? NO? they should probably look into arresting eminem anyways I mean he has killed his wife in like 4 songs…. oh wait they’re married.

      Come on eminem may not be a gay advocate but just because he says something on a rap album does not mean that’s what he 100% thinks or agrees with. Be is selling to a specific demographic. And he makes albums the way they want them to be heard.

    2. it really amazes me that you cant seperate the artist from the art…..and when anyone, like the person above me makes a SOLID counterpoint, you cant evan concede the point….


  17. Borat=Pam Anderson


    it was staged– dont you think eminem if that situation was real would’ve just got up and moved out the way? and the camera pans quickly to eminem shortly before the incident– setting up what would happen next, amazed that eminem would go so far- and eminem is not homophobic, at least not any more than any secure married guy.

    1. Because Eminem’s very public opinion about gays and his very graphic lyrics defining the topic make it clear that he is very tolerant?

      Sorry, the event might not have been a surprise to him (if he was in on it he was convincing) but his opinion on the topic is very clear.

      Listen to his very insightful lyrics of his thoughtful song “Im not Gay”

    2. rodney, there is no such song. youre reaching.

      you are stuck in 2000 when eminem was a lightning rod for controversey.

      the guy performed at the grammys with Elton John, and to this day they talk regularly and are good friends, in fact elton helped marshall get through his tough addiction that kept him out of the spotlight the last few years.

      regardless of what you think about eminem and how literally you take his or ANY rappers lyrics, NOBODY deserves to get teabagged on national TV.sorry….if he wasnt in on it, MTV failed.

      they asked eminem to perform on their show, had him perform, and THEN decided to humiliate him AFTER they sold their advertising space with the promise of Eminems first TV performance in years…

      this guy is number one to the beatles number 2 as far as albums sold this decade.THAT is treat the modern day elvis this way shows that MTV will do anything for a lil publicity.

    3. ya your not in the loop man, em is not homophobiac, he is just a douchebag that hates to get laughed at yet loves making others the pun of his raps n jokes.

    4. So because Eminem Raps against homosexual’s automatically make it true? You obviously haven’t picked up that Eminem puts out extremely controversial material to get a rise out of people. I guess that means Eminem also rapes women and is a serial killer.

      Eminem is good friends with Elton John and says he is one of the major people that helped him through his drug problem.

    5. Rodney, seriously…

      post a link to the song youre referring to.because it does not exist.

      i have hundreds of unreleased eminem stuff, and just searched all over the net for this song, “im not gay” that i think you just made up….it does not exist. never made.

      to me it really seems as if you have truly judged this guy becuase hes a RAPPER, and because you made up ‘facts’ to support your un-rashionaled point of view…..

      i dont care what ANY american says on his albums as long as he hasnt truly and physically hurt anyone….which marshall hasnt….

      you truly live in a scewed universe if you think anyone deserves another mans privates shoved in his face without consent.(let alone because you believe every word you hear on record—–that is to say if youve actually listened to any eminem—see made up song point from earlier)

  18. Someeone,.. your right they could of dropped him
    onto anyone buut did Cohen say Eminem wen he was in the air or something like that? I just had the feeling he was gonna do something to Em,.. and yea totally Eminem looked pretty mad,..

  19. The video:

    Although I have no idea if Eminem was in on the joke or not, given the nature of the wire setup they had Bruno attached to, it is entirely possible they could have dropped him on anyone without any kind or prep or warning.

    Eminem looked genuinely PO-ed though. It also doesn’t exactly do any favours for his career.

    1. Does saying the word fa**ot a million times on his records do anything for his career? This would do the same as that would. I’m sure he was in on it. Obviously Viacom pulled it and are now posting their own videos for everyone to see. This is all publicity and Eminem is part of it. Cmon guys, he just released an album, now his name is in the news again for something slightly controversial.

  20. I saw the whole thing,.. and yea they didn’t react quicky Em was just like get him off me and even then it took em a few to get Cohen off,..idk that does make you wonder if it was planned,..n yea Cohen didn’ now break character for a sec. It was funny, n funny seeing other celebs react to this, they were like wtf,..I bet they were thinking the same thing:planned or really really happening =D

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