Two New Observe and Report Posters Online

A new pair of posters have come out for Seth Rogen’s Observe and Report.

Perhaps it is his raunchy comedy but the first one makes me expect him to stick out his tongue in a crude gesture. But that’s just my dirty mind.

I haven’t been let down at all by Rogen comedies and while this looks like Paul Blart meets Apatow, I can live with that.

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10 thoughts on “Two New Observe and Report Posters Online

  1. Im not 100 percent sure but I think this one actually went into production before Paul Blart. or at least was announced. Paul Blart may be the copying culprit today.

  2. I wasn’t too excited about this flick until the last trailer I saw, LoL, looks like a good action/comedy. Early buzz out of SXSW is positive too.

  3. Seth Rogen is the king of comedy (My opinion of course) but Paul Rudd is funny too. I love all his films, this shouldn’t be a let down

    1. Ha, I didn’t watch the trailer. The poster of Rogen looks like Ray Liotta (the eyes especially). Didn’t realize Ray Liotta was actually in the movie.

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