The Hunger Games coming to the Big Screen

It seems that after the successes of Harry Potter and then Twilight, that the young adult bookshelf might just be the new barrel to which we have yet to see the bottom. Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games book will bring to life the post apocalyptic story of children fighting for entertainment. The second book of the trilogy isn’t out until fall.

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The Hunger Games is the first in a trilogy about a near future world where a dictatorship called the Capitol has taken over the world in the wake of a series of disasters. They organize an annual televised event where a boy and girl from each of the twelve districts are forced to participate in a game of survival, killing each other until only one remains.

This really sounds like a bit of the Running Man combined with Lord of the Flies.

The book got some attention in the demographic when Stephanie Meyers (Twilight) took a break from swimming in her sea of money to give it a positive review. But bringing it to the big screen had nothing to do with her approving nods.

I wonder how a Fight Club for Teens would work out considering the violent concept and yet aiming it at the young adult crowd. Certainly a movie doesn’t have to be rated R to convey violence and mortal fear, but it will be a delicate balance.

I look forward to seeing how this plays out.

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484 thoughts on “The Hunger Games coming to the Big Screen

  1. Wow! These books r really good. My goddaughter introduced me to the trilogy, and I am glad she did. She and I r advid readers. Cannot wait to share the experience of seeing the movie with her. Good job Ms Collins.

  2. i love this book! the whole series is amazing! katniss and i are so much alike! we could be twins! these books are the best and they are my favorite. they totally beat the twilight series.

  3. I have read all the book all of them are amazing but ive been hearing the movie wont be out untill 2013 i hope not could it be true???????

    1. Except that Rue isn’t black. Not sure why some people think that. Maybe they should read the books again. It clearly says that Rue’s skin is dark from the sun like most of her district because their industry has them working outside.

  4. I am soooo exicited for the hunger games it is the best book i have ever read in my life. I love Katniss, Peeta and gale everything about the books is brillant. After i read the series the only thing i could possibly think about is if there gunna make a movie. I m sooooo glad they are. Once you read the book you feel like your in it living Katniss life. Suzane Collins did an aamazing job. Cant wait till movie coommmms

  5. i have seen the trailers on youtube and am so excited about it. I am sorry Lissa, but i disagree with you. There will hopefully be a movie of the hunger games. Not only is it just word that you konw of, but also schools are talking about it, and do you know how many people would come to that movie, more than any of us count. I love the Hunger Games!!!!!

    ps read the whole series, it rocks

    1. You haven’t seen the trailers to this film… you have seen fans hack together images to make fake trailers.

      There is no cast for this film yet, and there is no trailer for a film they haven’t started to make yet.

  6. I love this book i am only 12 years old , I not use to all these diffrent types of genre ,but after reading this book i’m dying to read this book

  7. Heey ! Anybodyy couldd play as katniss i mean .. Youu guyys all thinkk she or he or something shouldnt because there toooo disney ? WELL
    Thats Why They Invented ACTING ! LOL .

  8. i loved the Hunger Games i am halfway through the third book, Mockingjay. if anyone hasnt read the second or third book yet and you liked The Hunger Games, then youre going to love the next two. icant wait till it hits theaters AND i really dont think Hit Girl should play Katniss. Shes supposed to be a teenager not a 9 or 10 year old!! still cant wait tho!

  9. I really likes the books. i hope that they make katniss and peeta look as good as the book discribed them. I literally hav to force my mind so i wont think of it.
    I also used to like twilight but it is dead to me now because im obssesed with the hunger games.

  10. People,I want to let you know that at my public library, I was 7 in line for Catching Fire and 15 in line for Mocking Jay. The Hunger Games series is pretty popular around here so a movie would have good chances of staying alive for a while. My friend is reading the series for the second time! people I talk to who have read it said they thought it was really good and that they cried in Mocking Jay. My friend will FREAK when she hears the posibility of a movie.

  11. I think that the hunger games would be a totally awesome movie to watch. I really loved the books-they were amazing, and cant wait.
    I only hope that they choose nobody’s for the really important roles. The only thing worse that could drive a movie down is picking really famous characters, then they suck, then the whole series will be destroyed. Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia had it right and they are very successful movies.
    I also heard that Kristen Stewart is being considered? OMG! i hope not. for the love of all things good in this world! I don’t mean to sound like a total butt to talk badly about other people. but if she gets chosen for this role i will hit myself with frying pan..(a bit over exaggerated but.hey. thats the biz)

    so yeah…nobody’s for the roles :) some of the youtube videos I’ve seen have pretty good choices

  12. I read all 3 books to the trilogy with my class and I definatly think that a movie version of the hunger games will not turn out well. but i do have some hope for it. only time will tell

  13. I love this story!! A bit late on reading it though, just finished the 1st book this past weekend, but will catch up soon :-)

    The sad part about movies based on books is that they can never get any closer to how every details in the book are told. They can only try.

    Anwyay, I still am eager to see the movie. Good luck to the production team and its actors!!

  14. I cant believe how awsome the Hungar Games and Catching Fire was. I’ve yet to read Mockingjay the third and final book but i believe the movie is to be just as good and if not better.

  15. I never even heard of the hunger games. Then somebody recently came into my restaurant reading MockingJay out of curiousity and bordem I was like what are you reading? She replied I can’t put it down it’s the third book of a triology by s. collins. I bought the first book hunger games. And I couldn’t put it down I read all three of the books in a week. It would be awesome to see them as a movie. I’ve told all my friends that read about the books and they to have begun reading them and are just hooked. I do not remember the last time that I read a book where I had emotions out loud. This trilogy really did it for me.

  16. i just finished the Hunger Games book one and LOVED it!

    i am on chapter twelve of Catching Fire and can’t wait to see how it ends!


  17. I read the HG series when I was 12 and even then I LOVED IT and I still do. Mockingjy was a disappointment, but een ten I couldn’t put it down. I am MAJORLY, UNBELIEVABLY, UNNATURALLY excited about the movie. But absolutely everything has to be correct or it will be spoiled. I’m very glad that it is Suzanne Collins who is the screenplay writer.

  18. I am 29 years old, and the Hunger Games trilogy had me at book one. Ms. Collins makes everyone feel as thought they are right there with Katniss, Gale, Peeta, and the rest of the crew. I had told some friends that it would make for one helluva movie, and then today, I see that they are going to make it into a movie series. I hope they don’t mess up the movie like they did the Twilight series. It sucks when the movie is not like the book!!

  19. I don’t want them to do a movie :C
    The book is AWESOME and i’m afraid they will screweverything.
    i don’t want the hunger games to become like twilight and i am not saying twilight isn;t good, i do love twilight, but it got so comercial :C

    Sorry if my english isn’t good.

    1. i love the hunger games but am i the only one tht wanted peeta to get stabbed in the first book? and i hope they dont try to cover up all the violence at the cornucopia by doing snapshots. and i hope suzan collins writes a series about the preceding hunger games Ex: finnick’s games haymitch’s games and the first quarter quell and stuff like that! i would by it!!!

  20. I have read Mockingjay for the second time since buying it on the 25th and I strongly believe you have to read it more than once to understand and acknowledge all the details. I must say it is perhaps one of the sadest books I have read, yet the ending makes me somewhat happy. If you have not read the book you are missing out and must now immediatley read it.

    Suzanne Collins is an amazing writer. Those of you who have compared the novels to other books I must disagree with you, I do not believe any author could come up with such an amazing plot and ingenius idea such as that of clock in Catching Fire. Nor could they invent the hardships Katniss and Peeta and rebels face in Mockingjay. Collins really makes you care for the characters and makes you feel their emotions.

    As for the movie I agree with those that believe they sould use undiscovered actors as I feel anyone remotley famous (this includes Alex Petyrf, Zac Efron, Taylor Laughtner and Kristen Stewart) would damage the quality of the movie as it will be difficult not to imagine them as their previous characters. I use the example of the soon to be realeased movie adaptation of Tomorrow: when the war began. It seems impossible for me not to see the lead character as the girl that was Neighbours in Australia. Kristen Stewart and other notable actors could very well tarnish this portrayal of the book as I for one will always see them in that way. Kristen Stwart will always be Bella Swan and so will the other characters. Yet you may disagree, I do not mean to cause offence.

    Please read Mockingjay.

  21. I read Hunger Games and the second one (Catching Fire) And its really not all that gory. I was only supposed to read the first book but loved it so much, im getting the third tomorrow, I cant wait. I know people who would never touch a book who went on to continue the series!!! Suzanne Collins did an amazing job with the books. I can totally see this being a movie. The only thing I’m worrying about is the cast. I dont want it to be a crappy cast with inexperienced actors, or actors who are used in EVERY single teen movie (hense Twilight, Although i seen all the movies and read the books) But still people, we need a break from the typical everyday actors we see on screen in almost every movie. But either way, I know this will make an amazing movie.

  22. OMFG!!!!! l really can’t wait until the movie comes out! i’d die if it’s not PG 13!!!the book itself doesn’t have much material that teens haven’t experienced first hand– other than the otherworldly violence… ideas in the book seem common to some. I’m 13 and would die if it is rated R. I really wanted to see the handsome Gale on the big screen…

  23. Rodney,
    Thanks so much for putting up with us ; ) crazied fans! And everyone behind the scenes with you :D
    I am praying for a new bunch of crazy, fun, good ole actors. I hope that all the laughable parts and jist are caught by the eye of the camera! That is what makes it all good…the parts in the book that made you smile seen come to life.
    Everyone say “Hey Ho, Hey Ho give them the green light to GO!”

  24. Rodney,
    Thanks for baring with us : ) crazy fans. And everyone behind the scenes too.
    I am praying for the green light and a lovable crazy bunch of good ole fun new actors! I can’t wait for the book let alone the movie. I hope all the funny and little stuff is caught in the eye of the camera! \^,^/
    All the fan people say “Hey Ohh! Hey Ohh give it the green to go!”

  25. I really hope THe Hunger Games will be a movie and that the actors look good as she says and that the actors of Prim and Rue aren’t big people like kids. And that Kristen Stewart plays Katniss Everdeen

  26. hunger games is really a great book.. i’m looking forward for the upcoming movie, especially the ones that will play the role of katniss, peeta and gale..

  27. I am so excited! I had to read this for summer reading, but i really enjoyed this. There was one post about girl fans and twilight, i really think when this movie is made it wont be like that. This book is so much different. There’s no vampires and no wearwolves (thank god! sorry twilight) I dont want it to be R, if it were R i porbably wouldnt be allowed to see it. Like others said. The language isnt bad, there’s no sex, theres no drugs (other then alchohol) The only thing is Major vilonce, but it could still be pg 13. I’m so excited!! I dont read much and i read this in like 3 or 4 days. I am itching to get the next book!

  28. I loved this series.
    I think Haymitch should be played by the guy who was Jo Lee in the series True Blood. Totally pictured him in my mind when I read it.

  29. Love this series OH so much. I’m just digging around to find out if and when there will be a movie. I’ve read these posts the past hour, and nobody except the author seems very well informed. :P

    Quoting him, it will be PG13, why would they make it R? So there is blood and gore and stuff…so what? They don’t have to show it.

    Cant wait for mockingbird…12 days!

    Can’t wait for the movie…unknown date!

  30. I hated the Twilight saga. So i didn’t think Hunger Games would be any better. then i read it. it is now 100% my favorite book same with Catching Fire. I hope MockingJay is just as good. they better not screw up this movie. it has to be exactly like the book.

  31. The books are AMAZING, I red the first on ein tree days and the second in even one. I wonder who’s going to play Katniss and Peeta.

  32. I really love “The Hunger Games” series, and I’m terrified for this movie!!!! I want there to be a movie of it because it’s so wonderful, and I would do anything to be a part of it. However, so far most book-movie transitions made have turned out horrible, some are decent movies but they miss the whole concept of BOOK to movie. I really hope they don’t ruin this book for me.

  33. The Hunger Games isn’t very similar to Battle Royale. Reaaaallly not similar. Yeah, they both have that let’s-kill-each-other-till-the-last-survivor thing, but that’s about where it ends. You have to read it. You absolutely have to. (And Peeta ftw. He loved her first, dammit. XD)

  34. I also see Alex as Peeta, I love the series there sooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!! and I’m eager to see who they choose as the actors, but i’m also scared that the movie won’t be as awesome as the book

  35. the hunger games,i could’nt find myself stop reading!it was so emotional i just loved it.i got the best images in my head everytime the author explain something.I cant wait for the movie.


  36. i just hope they dont stuff up this book. too many perfectly good books have been ruined by making movies out of them. i just want to see the cast
    i read both books months ago and i really liked i cant wait for the third book to come out but i agree that they should keep twilight actors with twilight and leave the serious stuff to other people

  37. Many people are saying that Collins got the idea from Battle Royale.Well, maybe she did.But I have read in an interveiw that she got the idea from the greek myth about the Minotar and the Labrynth.(I really don’t know what it’s called, lol). Anyways the article says that every year children are sacrificed into the labrynth for the Mintotaur to eat.She thought about how cruel the Goverment was and how the parents must feel.’We aren’t taking you, but we are taking your chilren which is worse’ Collins states.She also got the idea for “The Hunger Games” from the Collisum (or however you spell it) in Acient Rome.As a child she was very fascinated with Greek Mythology and battle.Her father was serving in the war and they traveled alot, so she knows many things about war, survival, etc. Okay I know this is long, but I just wanted to clear some things up. I am a die-hard fan and idolize Suzzane Collins.

  38. What if we ignor casting and think voices and go the way of “Final Fantasy: Spirits Within” or perhaps that Angelina Jolie version of “Beowulf.” You wouldnt have to match a current actors face to anyone and you’d be able to build the characters exactly as discribed. Aside from that you can have all the violence you want without cheesey blood splaters from porely rigged “squibbs” and shots like Katniss shooting 5 or more targets in rapid succession wont be fumbled by crappy camera angles. (ie. pretournament training and the monkeys from “Catching Fire.”) I don’t know… what do you guys think? CG has come a long way… almost real.

    PS: I didn’t say animated! I don’t want this to be all cartoonie.

  39. I am also 16, and these books are my favorite along side with the Kelly Armstrong series and Mortal Instrument Series. I am not a fan of Twilight at all, but these books are plot-twisting and cannot be put down once you start it.

  40. I think it is gonna be at least pg13 because you cant have alcohol in a PG movie. And you can’t have kids brutally murdering eachother (like at the end with the dogs) without it being PG13, maybe even R. Which sucks, but I’m 12 and I’m still going to see it. :)

  41. This has to be the best book i’ve ever read. I hope the movie is at least rated pg-13. I also hope that they get a guy that actually matches the description of Peeta…not someone that’s all gross and skinny. Can’t wait until the movie comes out!!(:

  42. The hunger games is my favorite book ever!! nothing can compare. i really hope that Taylor Lautner is NOT playing gale. if he does i will be disapointed. But i do hope Hugh Laurie does play Haymitch. he would be perfect!

  43. I just hope they make a god honest book with characters we don’t know, recreate the book into a movie the way Suzanne Collins saw it, and i think it would survive just fine on a PG-13 rating. After all their pushing more and more into the lower ratings.

  44. Well we all know and love the book. and there are many debates but the way i see it if they go completley by the book theyll have to make it R cus of nudity, gore, and all that stuff i mean Stephan King thought it was violent! But yet even 10 year olds read it and they can handle it but with movies its worst, i just hope they go honestly enough to be above PG 13 and yet under R somehow, maybe invent a new rating somehow, i just want it to be good and honest and with characters we don’t know cus if will farrel gets in it hell be running around naked! and i really hope selena gomaz isnt katniss i pictured her half redneck, i just hope that Suzanne Collins recreates her book with the characters she pictured, the setting she pictured, and everything she created on that screen and kick Twilight’s butt!

  45. this would make great movie, but i don’t think it should be aimed at a young adult crowd just because the book was. it should at least be pg13. why? because there is a lot of depth to the book that much of a pg audience would not apreciate fully. the beauty of the book and the characters is supported by the settings’ brutal yet seemingly loving capitol. if made into a love story for tweens, it would lose its memorability. the violence needs to be there because it is much more startling and true to the idea.

    1. It would be ridiculous NOT to aim it at the young adult crowd it was written for.

      Have you seen these comments? That is their core audience. You make this rated R and 90% of these commenters cannot go see the movie.

      1. If parents are aware what is in this book (nudity, drinking, violence) they should also be willing to take their child to an R movie if the kid is totally into it…and don’t forget the message that Freedom from an oppressive Govt. will always be violent. Maybe we as Americans need to remember that most people that signed the D. of Independence were hunted down with their family’s and murdered for their part in that piece of paper. We may need to fight our own Govt. for our constitutional rights in the next hundred years (if not sooner).

      2. Most parents are NOT going to take their children to an R rated movie, and if you have read the book it has ONE drunk, no sex, and no sexual nudity.

        And the rest of your rant about “freedom from an oppressive government” being violent is irrelevant. Nothing to do with this book or the potential film.

        This story has violence, but you can have a TON of violence in a PG-13 film and still kick ass.

        This will NOT be rated R no matter how many kids hope it will be.

  46. I was so sceptical before reading these books, but holy crap was i blown out of the water! I mean a reality TV show in the future where kids battle each other to the death sounds a bit meh. BUT Suzanne Collins put together such a great story and such wonderful characters that the books are absolutely amazing reads that you cant put down! I am so excited this will be a movie – I just hope like heck they dont ruin it!

  47. ok, im 15, and I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!! Telling me 2 wait until the 3rd book comes out or wait until the movie comes out is like torture for me!!! these books are AMAZING and i love them wayyyyyy more than the Twilight saga. i always try to reccomend them when ever i get the chance. i am glad that emo boy did his book report on them and introduced it 2 my twin sis so she told me about them!!!! lol, well i used 2 hate 2 read until i started 8th grade in ’08, when i read the outsiders by my self (1st time was w/my class) I LOVED 2 READ. so, just thnx again, and i cnt wait and im glad that so manny ppl love these books 2

  48. I loved twilight, but when my friend got me to read The Hunger Games (Both books), I almost threw out my twilight books.
    I disagree with how they explained the book. They made it sound all scary and serious, but they forgot to mention the romance and deepness the book had.I really hope they capture that eliment when they do turn it into a movie. I’m 15 and I have a 10 year-old sister, so I completely canected with Katniss. It would be so great if they made it a movie but if the destroy it, like they did to twilight I’ll probably cry. If you haven’t read this book you are really missing out and should put it at the top of your reading list. Oh, and if they put Taylor Lautner in this movie I will PUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(What’s with his nose?!)

  49. this book will make a great movie and it is better than battle royale because these kids have time to train and instead of being given the supplies to fight and survive they have to fight for it at the start of the games which makes it more hardcore

  50. This is by far the best book i have ever read. I usually dont like reading but i finished this book in less than 2 weeks!

  51. Oh my goodness. THG is a fantastic series! I cannot wait for Mockingjay to come out in August! Look forward to the movie next year. Hopefully they do it justice! ;)

  52. I loved this book SOOO much!! i hope they make it a movie! :D i just hope they dont mess it up like twilight cuz that movie was a big disappointment. They need to get the cast PERFECT and include important parts…if they make this movie and it fails, i will cry. like i really, really think i will cry.

  53. I love the book its awsome.Everyone in my class thinks this teacher reads it 2 us evry day.the second book is more dramatic!

  54. after reading the hunger games in a day and catching fire the next day, I can’t stop thinking about it. This book seriously needs to be made into a movie at once! I really wanted to go to the library and pick up the third book, but was devastated when I found out it wasn’t out yet. I loved these books and home someday I can find it on the big screen. :)

  55. ok so the hunger games is the best book i have ever read and i just now heard not to long ago the movie was comming out and i looked it up right away and omg i can’t wait to see it i can’t belivev they would already start advertising it when it comes out in 2011 and now its going to drive me crazy for the rest of my life and i MUST read the 3rd book and are they going to do all the movies or just the first?

    1. Its not coming out in 2011. They have no script, there is no green light from the studio.

      They have the RIGHTS to make the movie, but they still havent announced they are making it.

  56. These books are the best books I’ve ever read. I have looked forward to the movie ever since I finished the first in two days. I’m only 15, and I am completely commited to these books.

  57. This book is AWESOME!! I’m so curious about the 3rd book and about the movie! The wait is kiling me! I dont want the movie to be rated R because I am young and and the book is AWESOME!!!

  58. have they started filming the movie yet? is the book going to be really scary i mean the book wasnt at all but sometimes the book is twice the scary then it is in the book also can you tell me whos going to play katniss and petta

  59. im 11 years old and i was so addicted to the book i read it in two days i just cant believe its going to be rated R. i think pg-13.

  60. hi my teacher is read the book to us and i want to know when will it be in the theater for i can tell my class and when can go there for a felid trip so can you plz emial the date when it’s out thank you

  61. hey
    i loved then hunger games! it was probably one of the best books ive ever read-but im sorry to say it doesnt beat harry potter lol.. anyway i am 13 and im worried that u know the movie will be rated like R or 15= and that would b crap. though i must say that i am not really a grteat fan of blood and gore in movies. Books are great, but i dunno…. i am really glad that hunger ga,es is being made into a movie coz i think a movie would be good with that storyline. But most people my age would probably be not allowed to see it. I guess if they wanted it to be more realistic they would make it R with all the details and blood and stuff. but i think it would b ok to make it like pg13 or something coz they czn just leave out the really gory details… just steer around them. anyway i want to know what their desision is about the movie. MAyb just stickto the book- it is amazing!!!!!but u never know what the movie will; be like either. i really want to be able to see it!!!!!

    1. This will NOT be rated R.

      This will be PG-13 at MOST. There isnt as much blood and gore in the books as people seem to recall, and they can illustrate the deaths and violent scenes without showing entrails splattered everywhere.

      PG 13… tops.

  62. hey i luv the book so much, it is the most genious thing ever. i think it would be a great movie, and i know who some characters should be, including katniss- me, peeta- max theiroit, rue, gale, kato and everyone! if there are auditions, please tell me, i must be there!

  63. It’s a great book. The movie won’t be as good as the book, they never are. When this movie hits theatres, it’s going to get mega-popular! They’re predicting it to be the next twilight. That means, that there’s going to be the team Peeta or…team Gale. All these people are going to be upsessing over this book, and it will get really annoying. Everyone will be fans, but most of them aren’t even fans!

  64. OMG! the hungers are the best book ever and i am 12. Though Catching Fire isn’t that good, i still really look forward to the third book called Moking Jay! ALso really really really really really hope there will be a movie for it and it better be fucking good.

  65. M*****F***** WHY??? WHY??? WHY?????????????????? DO THEY HAVE TOOOO i absolutely love these books ever since my friends put me on to them!!!!!!!!! if i could make an opinion that should be taken seriously… i plee that they use an unknown for peeta AND katniss.. if it is made i will see it and if it is a disaster i will complain to the director and i wont be very polite!!!!!!!

  66. To all those people worried about the movie ruining the book: don’t worry. It’s important to remember that a movie and a book are two entirely different things. One who reads a book sees the story in his own mind. One who watches a movie sees the story on the screen. A book is entertaining in that the reader can understand the story in whatever way he wants to, whatever way his personality interprets it. Although you can do this to a certain extent in movies, it is more clear-cut what is going on in movies. Therefore, a book and a movie can never be entirely the same. It’s like trying to compare something in the second dimension to something in the third dimension: they are on two different mediums. So enjoy the book for what it is and enjoy the movie for what it is. Of course you can and should compare the two but keep the irreconcilability in mind.

  67. WOW!!! i read the book thinking of a calm book but i ended up reading a action book my freinds might have tricked me but it is the best book ever ive been waiting for the 3rd book. B^)

  68. i loved the hunger games i stayed up all night reading numbers 1 and 2 catching fire i cant wait for the 3rd mocking jay !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i acually have read catching fire so many times i have the whole book memorized !

  69. great idea yet!
    when i read the book, i couldn’t help myself imagine it to be on the bigscreen
    i love the romance between peeta and katniss, the violence of the hunger games, and everything in it!

  70. Giving the “Hunger Games” a good review and helping it gain popularity was the only good thing Stephenie Meyer ever did for humanity.

    Not that I hate Twilight.

    I’m just sick of it.

  71. The Hunger Games was a really great book. I lovd it! i think the movie will be good as long as it sticks to the original plot line and follows as many details as posibl. It should be ratd PG-13, the only reason it would be R is if they showd Cato being ripped apart or wen Katniss has to hav the make-ovr! Otherwise, they will easly b able to make it PG-13. If its PG tho it will suk. no blood or drunk haymitch will mess it up completely!! comnt pls…

  72. i had to read this book for my english 1 class at the begining of the year, one i got started i couldnt stop reading it! i read it like 3 times! i just hope that they stay w/ the book instead of making up things and cutting things like they do in most movies. i read the second book to, it was really good.i hope they do a goood job in picking the cast and ue new people that acualy look like the people described in the book.

  73. I must admit I would have never read a book like this in a million years, its just not my style. The librarian at my school told me how this was a page turner, she wa no doubt, absolutely right. I found this book so interesting that a friend and I don’t actually work out in out gym class, but him and I argue over Peta and Gale, or what Rue could have done in front of the gamemakers or what Katniss could have been thinking. I have to admit, I am not the biggest fan of the twilight saga. The Hunger games exceeded my expectations so i will have to say…If the movie doesn’t meet or exceed them as well, I will be terribly disapointed

  74. i hope they dont fuck up the movie like they did to some other good books i just hope they actually show the killing and shit and has to beR or its gonna suck balls

  75. When I first heard about, I thought about Battle Royale. But the only thing about it that is like Battle Royale is the killing part. Other than that, COMPLETELY different. It was a wonderful book, I cant wait until Mockingjay comes outs. The movie better not mess up the book like other amazing books..

  76. it is a very good book at first i thought it wasnt going to be but i was dead wrong i cant wait to read the next book or watch the movie! i would recomend this book to anyone , you will really be suprised on how goo it is. :)

  77. i read this book and it was totaly awsome. i love how its a mix of love beetween katniss and peeta but the book is also very intense. I LOVED IT!

  78. I think that Megan Fox shouldn’t play Katniss, and they should have 16-18 year actors to be play the main characters!!!! THEY are 16 in the book, expect Gale, who is 18.

  79. I really don’t think The Hunger Games should be made into a movie. Every book made into a movie is awful. I don’t care how good the actors/actresses are, or how good the film company is, it’s probably going to be awful. It’s just not the same.

  80. Dear susan collins my name is mat morrison im 13yrs old. every one thinks the hunger games book one and to are the best book yet and from reading it them myself i coudn’t put the down.See i never liked reading i didn’t even think i could read a 450pg book and i finished the hunger games in three days and catchig fire in could you make a movie about the books.
    yours sincerly mat

  81. I love this book! And i just want to say that i found this book without the recommendation of stephenie meyer. I’m pretty proud of myself. The Hunger Games totally pwns twilight, btw

  82. I think that they should make this book into a movie so that the fans of the book can watch the romance between Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen will ever be boyfriend and girlfriend in the first book and also I think that this is the AWESOMEST book that I have ever read in my whole life.

  83. I’m thirteen and I love this friggin’ book. If it was a movie it’d be ammmmmazing. I’d go totallt crazy:D I’d love the makers forever!<3:D

  84. OMG i LOVD the book i couldnt put it down my new fave book but if they make it into a movie i will be soooo excited i honestly think its better than twilight and i was obsessed with it!

    BTW i hope peeta and katness end up toghter

  85. I am the biggest fan of the hunger games ull ever meet! im not a big reader but i got sucked into this one instantly! if they dont make this a movie i will be heart broken! this is a waste of an award winning movie! lionsgate had the productions to make this movie.. well what are u waiting for. this book beats twilight over a mile. cant wait for the 3rd book!

  86. The Hunger Games is waaaay better than the Twilight Saga (which was good) and I am looking forward to see who they cast….please not Kirsten Stewart. She screwed up the character of Bella in the Twilight movie (she was better in New Moon) I never like Bella much but she just made it worse.
    People against Kirsten Stewart as Katniss unite!

  87. all of you better get better at getting pacient. the third book is not comming out until agu. 2010.
    if the books are made into movies, i don’t care what anyone says i’m going to ball my eyes out when Rue dies.

  88. I’m 19 years old and studying English Literature in University. I cannot stress enough how good this book is! While reading the first two books I was holding my breath throughout the tension was so great and the excitement so real.
    I loved the books so much I recommended them to a fellow English Lit student my age and she became as obsessed as me!
    I really hope they do the books justice in the films, and make them as gory and as shocking as the books are, if they don’t, and they turn them into some soppy, blockbustery, PG farce then the films will be useless.
    The books are amazing, and there is HUGE potential for the films to be great.


  89. i have read this book and well im telling the truth when i say that this is probably the best book i have ever read in my entire life. i 1000% agreee that it should be a movie. i would be the first to be in line for a ticket. cant wait!!!

  90. i loved the book! but honestly, i don’t think the book should be made into a movie. many books that have been made into movies rarely turn out the way that we all picture them to be. i think the hunger games is such a good book that it shouldn’t hit the big screen. our view of the characters will be entirely changed and everything else that we’ve imagined. that’s the whole point of reading. to use our imaginations. i would like to keep it that way too.

  91. this book is definitly one of the best. On the contrary, im not sure about a movie. i mean it would/will be awesome if it comes out but I like to have the characters all planned out with my imagination, not a movie directors. I like seeing district 12 in my perspective, not anyone eles. Btw I read 1 & 2 and i will definitly read 3 when it comes out this august! it is a faboulous book.

    1. i agree with you. there is no way that i would ever want this amazing book to ever be a movie. it’s too good for that and imagination IS what gives books good reviews. i don’t want to imagine any actors playing those characters anyway, it would totally change the way I’VE seen them and imagined them.

      1. You do realize you are on The Movie Blog arguing that a good story shouldn’t be a movie?

        Every movie deserves a good story, so why shouldnt this be a movie?

    1. Yeah i think that she would actually be perfect, because she can pull off a serious face and is a good actor about the same age so yes i agree :D

  92. hi i just love these books their just amazing. im 13 years old and just finished reading the 2nd book waiting for the 3nd. im also so excited to hear about the movie comeing out ! i cant wait (:

  93. OMG,
    The first two books are absolutely amazing. I read the fisrt one yesterday, cover to cover, and came upon the second one by chance today.. which i have just finished, in one day.. cover to cover. I came up to my computer to see what the third one is called, only to find out that its not out until August! AHH!! Im not trying to rush thought, Suzanne take your time and make this one the most amazing!!!

    I think the movies will be quite impressive too. Looking forward to the future.

  94. ok so i have always been an obsessve fan of twilight and my friend started reading this book and at first i wasnt really interested but one day i decided to read it!! wow when i was done i honestly wanted to trash anything related to twilight dont get me wrong its still a great book but it doesnt even begin to compare to the hunger games or any of the sequels for that matter. i love the hunger games! when i found out it might become a movie i was soooo excited i cannot wait!

  95. i think it would be great to make it into a movie. I’ve read the book,actually both of them, and it was amazing. I really loved every part of it. So really I’m hoping that a movie would be pushed through.Ü

  96. So i read both of the books out of the trilogy, and these are hands down the best books i’ve ever read. i’m so excited for this movie, and i never expected it to be made! The characters in this book are so easy to relate to your own life. Im pumped! <333

  97. I’ve read lots of crazy-ass books, and nothing compares to THIS book, Suzanne Collins has written the best book that I’ve read so far, and i can’t wait for it to come out, even my girlfriend loved it.

  98. Oh My Gosh, The Hunger Game Books are Great..there addicting just like twilight! I love the books but, it’ll have you debating over GALE AND PEETA! Stephanie Meyer and Stephen King gave supporting comments to the book.

  99. I really really really really! liked the book and it should be made in to a movie and i dont think the rating should be r thats stupid I reckon pg-13
    is good r is a little over the top

  100. The Hunger Games rocks! I have just finished Catching Fire the other day, I really think a movie would be good but nowhere near as good as the books.

  101. I LOVED THIS BOOK!! i could not put it down till i
    finised reading it. i cant want for the 3 book to come out. i cant wait to see the movie, im just dying to get it! this book rocks!!!!!

  102. WTF? animated? You’re kidding me? Who the hell is producing this movie? Who is directing, oh lord…its going to fail…im might just cry too cause that will run EVERYTHING

  103. I love this book so much, i first read it on a fan-fic page, and then got the book. I literally peed in my pants from excitement…ok i didnt pee…that’s be gross. But its so amazing. And whoever said something about Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato playing Katniss should seriously fall in a hole, thats an insult to the book and author. We need someone with intensity and truth. Someone who can portray emotion well. Not Demi or Selena. Don’t get me wrong, I love them both but seriously? They are for comedy and drama, not action and intensity. Nuff said. =) I hope the movie is amazing

  104. I totally agree with getting nobodys to play the parts. If it is someone we already know, then i dont know, theres like no chance they could really look like who we were picturing in our heads. I picture peeta looking realllyy cute. And gale is tall and just like handsome and clean cut. I think nobodys is a great idea

  105. I read this book and I loved it so much! I like it better than Twilight. I usually don’t read, I was never good at it and I just didn’t like to do it. But I could not put this book down! I am on the second book now. And the thing is, for people who are thinking like, oh kids fighting for entertainment that sounds kinda weird, well its not because there is some romance in there too, which makes it all the more better! Read this book! (:
    ps; I can’t wait for this movie!

  106. This better not become animated or im going to be pissed. im sick of book movies being horrible. after eragon and the 6th harry potter they need a moivie that doesnt make u go home and think i wish i hadnt ever saw that. it would be good i think if they got nobodys to play the main parts too. look at how well star wars did when they used fresh talent.

  107. i got introuble in class because i got addictied to the books the hunger games and catching fire these books are great and i would love to see a movie of them

  108. Oh here is the what should go on:
    Katniss needs to be a somewhat thin athletic girl, pure, dark hair(duh), and can somewhat sing(she sings to Rue when she dies- THEY HAVE TO HAVE THAT IN THE MOVIE!)
    Gale- Handsome dark hair (in the book it was siad they kinda looked alike because they both had dark hair. They even pretended to be cousins in Catching Fire)Loud mouth, muscular-but young.
    Peeta- Shy, good looking, quite, silly, loving guy. Totally opposite of gale. I thinking Blond.
    Prime- Blond, opposite of Katniss, kind, danity, but can handle hard situations(medicaly)
    I have so many ideas bouncing around my head! I hope the Movie turns out great.

    1. If they animate it I will be P.O’ED.
      They are just trying to leave room for Twilight. Bull! Dont roll over Susan! Make them Flesh and Blood!

  109. This book had me staying up till 3 am cuz i coulnd’t put it down the action everything bout it was awesome!! im now on the 2nd one and almost finished it blew my mind!!!

      1. taylor i totally agree with you. (except that hudgens is hot {i’m a girl}) taylor lautner is soo over rated and would bring along all those no-brained giggly girls that love twilight. NO and hudgens is the worst disney actor i have ever seen. no offense to her. ps lucy gale is not ment to be “cute”

  110. Its NOT going to be animated i checked it out and i cant wait for the movie and stop the team peeta and team gale thing thats sooo stupid[i like gale though] they are both good guys who love her but i CANT WAIT!!

  111. i wonder who theyll gonna pick to play the role of Katniss..?? anyway, i hope they pick someone cute to play as Peeta, coz i really hate him in the book. sorry but i just hate cheesy parts. :D and he’s the one who had started it all.

  112. I don’t see why everybody thinks this should be a Rated R movie. I mean, I can picture the whole movie (by the book.) and I have come up with tons of ways to do make it PG-13 material and have it effectively present the same ideas… Speaking of the movie, does anyone know of the casting dates and if they’re coming to Georgia?? I think it would be fun to at least try-out for the movie…(i would say i sound pretty close to the description[excluding me looking like iI’m starving] if they go by that kind of thing. Please let me know if anybody has that information about the casting dates!! Thanks! =)

  113. Oh, my. This movie had better be amazing, or they’ll p*ss off a lot of fans. (: Including myself…

    I love Collins’ writing style, and I think she’s much more talented then other very popular writers (cough Stephenie Meyer cough). I hope they do it justice, with casting and whatnot. (:

  114. OMG! The ending to Catching Fire was shocking!!!
    I think it would be a good movie…but only if they did it right.It should be rated PG-13,I tink R is a little to much.OH! And i think Emily Browning should play Katniss.

  115. I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES! Do you konw what the movie will be rated? And when is it hitting the big screen?
    You rock Katniss! Whoo hoo!

  116. Ok So A couple months ago I started reading The Hunger Games and I could honestly say that I could not put the book down.. I love how Suzanne Collins puts a lot of suspense at the end of each of her books.. I also read the second one which was a really great addition to the first. I had already preordered the third so I can get back on track witht the series..
    I thought this book series was a strike of brilliance, and I am dfinately buying the game and Im going to see the movie.. although the movie will not be as detailed as the books..


  118. YEEES!!! Can’t wait till’ the movie comes out. I LOVE the book! I’m on Catching Fire right now, and so far, so awesome! But one thing I’m really worried about is the cast. I really hope they don’t choose sucky people. And did some one just say Kristen Stewart was playing KATNISS??!! I hope not!

  119. hunger games…….its somthing everyone wanted and needed i never read until i got this book i have read it 17 times i love it so much and if theres a movie i willl watch it a millon times

  120. when i read this book it reminded me of the movie
    CONDEMMED which starred Stone Cold Steve Austin.
    it basically has the same plot except its convicts in an island being watched by internet & cable viewers and the winner is free of death sentence
    on the book,if they cast, i hope its actors that arnt on the media alot
    i imagine peeta like william mosely from the chronicles of narnia
    but thats just my opinion=]

    1. Condemned is only similar in that they watch people fight to the death for entertainment.

      Other than that the two have very different worlds, reasons to fight, and methods. I don’t see them as similar really.

      1. actually…steve austins character is fightting for his life over something he never did, and he wants to go back to his girlrfiend who is watching too.

        hunger games just adds more cruelty and emotions, with alot more violence described, which i can pretty much bet would look really gross yet fascinating if they make the movie=]

        i probably bet they wont make it rated r though=[ they want small children to see it too….but honestly how do you portray the violence described in a way to be kid freindly? hide every death?

  121. I literaly just finished this book about 10 mins ago and it was amazing. I mean i am not to much of a reader. The twilight series was about the only book i have ever not been able to put down untill now. It was amazing with romance, adventure, and a futuristic world. This would be an amazing movie if they made one and i hope they do! :)

  122. no it cant be animated! That ruins everything! Come on! I want to see a real live girl shoot an arrow! I want to see some hunting and all the cool effects of the capital!
    They did in Minority report, 5th Element, Lord of the Rings- COME ON! REAL POEPLE ONLY!

  123. twilight isnt even in the same league at the hunger games.
    Katniss is a fantastic heroine, unlike Bella, and unfortuatly if they put the hunger games on the big screen they’ll probably ruin it. it would be just too hard to cast the right people and make the world of panem come alive without taking away from the book.

  124. im 12 and i got both books from the public library i couldnt put them down and i know im probably not old enough but i fatasize about how the second books Finnick looks so seductive <<(big word..LOL)


  125. agree. he’s pretty hot in my mind too ;) I also agree that i would haaaaaaate if kristen stewart played katniss. i’m kind of sick of twilight at the moment and this is like the best book i’ve ever read. katniss haaaaaaaaaas to chose peeta!!!!!
    btw-ever notice that peeta=pita and pita is bread????
    smart right?-

  126. Loved the book. So much better than the slow-paced twilight series. I have a plan to kill Stephanie Meyer and the smark-faced girl, Kristan Stewart. If she is katniss I willkill myself too. But back to topic and the thought hanging in my mind, the great and wonderful, Peeta Mallerk. I read the secound book, and it is awemazing. I totally guessed it but i still can’t figure out if she will go to the boy with the bread or the 18 year ould hunter? Bread boy!!!!!!! His story in the secound book made me cry. Them going into the games the 2nd time, making Haymich promiss him to keep Katniss alive because of his love for her? Soo sad. I love peeta and I hope he lives!!!!! he lives he lives he lives!!!

    1. hey twilight is a great series but i totally agree Kritan Stewart shouldnt play Katnis. It needs to be fresh faces for every charecter i think. But one of my friends i think would be the perfect katniss. She is tall, thin. long brown hair, idk i love her and know she would just be perfect as her role!

      1. It would be SO fun to play one of the characters in the movie, but idk who i could be… im 13, average height, blue eyes, mediam length brown hair kinda wavy, and im pale with freckles. Any idea’s????

    1. at my school they have already started the team Gale and team Peeta shit :( that crap just makes me think that people are gonna turn the hunger games into twilight and the hunger games are in a catagory of their own (freaking amazing) where as twilight is in the catagory of: was good now the fans have made it nervgrading.
      anyway love the books! read the first one 11 times and one time read both books in one day!!!!!!!!!!!
      love em!!!!!!!!!

      1. by the way i dont know where you guys are but i’m in australia ans here they have ratings like M15+ and MA that are between PG and R, i reckon the hunger games should be MA cos it has a fair bit of violence. ps its the time this was posted is actually 7.26pm (aussie time difference)

  127. By far the best book! In Catching Fire, i was sooo happy that Gale came back in the story on the last two pages! It has to be the right person playing him in the movie… or it will ruin it, for me at least. I Love Gale!

  128. This is probably one of my favourite books! And the second is just as good, which is usually not the case. I thought the writing was great, and i found myself constantly falling into the story! I can’t wait for the movie and i really hope they do it justice… casting is key! =]

  129. Both books, the Hunger Games and Catching Fire were amazing & very supenseful. I honestly couldnt put either of them down. It would totally ruin everything if it was animated in a movie! It’d have to be real people playing each of the characters, in real scenes, not fake or animated, cause that would suck and make it all kiddish.

  130. “The Hunger Games” and “Catching Fire” are both VERY well written books. Dare I say that this series of books tops the Twilight series? This may not be the general consensus amongst dedicated fans of the Twilight saga, but I believe that it is a better read. I could not put these books down while reading them.

    I am a bit older than those who have made comments above me. However, I am an aspiring young adult book writer, so I get my hands on as many books as I can in this genre to study the art of storytelling.

    With excellent writing and a stylish and unique storyline, these books surpassed my expectations. The reader will experience all kinds of emotion while reading this series. It is a story of family, love, fear, survival, and triumph. I would recommend these books to readers of all ages.

    1. I wanted to add to my comment above. The entire time I was reading these books, I was thinking of how great of a movie they would make. I have read thousands of books in my time and can’t honestly say that many of them have sparked the imagination of a movie for me, like these did. I think that if the right person gets a hold of this story and doesn’t shy away from the storyline itself, that this would be a great movie! With that being said, I’m sure others would agree that when you’ve read a book and that book is made into a movie, the book is always much better than the movie could ever be.

  131. To all of you fans and those who hate the books as well: many of you have mentioned the violence in the book and how it will be like “Lord of the Flies” or “Fight Club” when actually Collins has pretty much woven a story of history repeating itself. this story is a parallel to the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Picture scantily clad gladiators in an orgy of blood letting and beastly violent behavior. The fighters were slaves conquored from other lands, they were paraded around on chariots, and even saluted the emperor before they fought to the death. do i think it’s violent? yep. but its nothing that the human race has not done in the distant past. I’m looking forward to the movie though, and i’m hoping they get a decent director and writer.

  132. i read and loved this book. but i don’t think it will make it to the big screen without an R rating. think about it, stabbing a knife into a boys back at the cornucopia, then spitting up blood all over catnip? Cato snapping that one kids neck? rue getting stabbed with a spear. i dont think this will make it onto the big screen without an R rating…

    1. I loved this sieries like you guys my eyes were glued i think she needs to stay with Gale he rocks but yeah the movie is coming out in 2011 CANT WAIT!!! Suzzane is the BEST

  133. It is a great book! After reading the Twlight Series I had to get another fix, and a friend introduced me to Hunger Games. We talked about making the movie our selves but darn it! We were beat to the punch. Now this entire book can be made a movie, I just hope it does!
    P.s I want the role of katniss

  134. the book is aweome tho! my class is reading it together and i am just to the part where Katniss just got told that Peeta want’s to be trained indivually. section 9 anybodyss ????

  135. I think the hunger games should be made into a movie because when you read the book you can picture what katniss is doing and what going on all around her.If it was made in a movie then you could get a better understanding of the book it self.

    1. I agree… I just finished the book yesterday, my step mom gave it to me to read because she said it was good. I LOVED IT!!!!!!! And when its made into a movie i REALLY hope they can show Katniss’s feelings and can show how shes thinking. It’s now my favorite book:)

  136. I don’t think it’s would be a good idea to make a movie of the Hunger Games. When I read the book, it was already so hard for me to even think of those kids being killed and hurt. And I would dread to see all of that on screen.

  137. I loved the book!! I think they could easily rate it PG-1 i hope they do…cause if it rated R, it would be against my religon to watch it,…or be in it…i wanna be foxface or rue or Katniss.

    They definetly should NOT GET DAKOTA FANNING, SELENA GOMEZ, VANNESSA HUDGENS, OR DEMMI LAVATO … to play ANYTHING IN THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think it will be a good movie though.

  138. I agree with Kristy. If it is animated im not gonna enjoy it. I will definately see it but im sure it wont be good. I also think that we need some new actors/actresses but keep some famous ones too.

  139. ANIMATED!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO ONE WOULD TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!! i shore wouldnt! i am dying for the 3rd instalment to come out and think a movie (NOT ANIMATED) is the best thing ever!!!!!!!!

  140. OMG THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING!im 11 years old and already love this book to deather i can not wiat to see it on the big screen im waiting for book 3 to come out, lol

  141. I definitely think these books should be made into movies coz they are extremely visual. I think that they are just AMAZING there are not words enough to describe the Hunger Games Trilogy!

  142. I honestly think that it would be too hard for flim makers to make this becasue of all the blood and special effects. And as soon as the movie comes out i’m taking a day off of school and going to see the first show. :D<3

  143. I finished the book not even two hours ago and I ran out to get the second one I extremely hope there is a movie and if there is I’ll be there at midnight to see it I just started catching fore and I’m not
    sure if I will like it more because everyone says they like catching fire more and I find the hunger games hard to top

  144. This book was fantastic and I’m 32 years old. Don’t let the “young adult” label fool you, this is a book for anyone. If they make this movie right, it should be an award winner. Can’t wait!!!!

    1. I have to agree, Tom. I am also 32 years old and loved these books. They are a great read for readers of all ages. I understand the need to categorize books in to specific genres for those that ONLY read a specific genre, but this book could be categorized as so much more than “young adult.”

      1. Oh please. Im 10, and i wasnt scared at all. i did cry a little, but anyway, whall whating, try the sisters grimm series. its ausome.

  145. Bayttle-Royal-esk, only better.

    But, seeing as Katniss is a rather calculating character, and the majority of her actions in the book are an act, (sorry if this spoils it for you), It’ll be a bit of a challange to screenwrite for so that people who haven’t read the book, get it.

    Although I heard somewhere that Collins herself will be adapting it to screen, so it should kickass.

    Mind you, It’ll probably kickass anyway, because it’s a cool idea.

    Can’t WAIT for it.


  146. OMG!!!!!!! the movie is coming out in 2011!! ugh, soooo long!!! and i can see where the whole it mite be animated thing is coming from. its so much easier and cheaper to animate the hunger games, but it will compleatly ruin EVERYTHING.

  147. Ohmygosh i just read the book and i cant wait till the third one.
    If they turned this into a movie i would sooo go see it!!!

  148. i hope they dont change it alot and i also dont want it to be age appropiate if it is then wheres the whole action they should make it rated r dont yall think im right

  149. hey yer i think that it would be a great movie, i have read the book too and i dont think that i have ever been more glued to a book in my life.. im reading the second one now and i think it is also amazing and i agree it is better then twilight and happry potter.. it has more adventure and it a much more interesting read.. it also has all the romance that everyone likes but it shows it in a different way to all other teenage books… seriously if u havent read it i would totally recomend it its amazing :)… i cant wait till it comes out onto the big screen and yer i herd that it was gonna be animated to which is somthing that i dont want… i really dont like animated movies and i think that it would destroy the book if it where to be animated and i think no way that katniss should be played be selena gomez

    1. I read the book too. i could not put it down eather it felt like you are katniss that is tring to servive the woods with out geting hurt.


  151. I just finally read catching fire and loved it. And a agree with some of the people about how the book reads like a movie. When I was reading I could see how everything was layed out. But I’m also torn, because I don’t want them to down play anything they can’t take out any of the fighting scenes. The book is targeting a young adult audience so a of 13 rating would be appropriate. An. Please stop saying selena homes would be good for katnisd , she won’t be.

  152. Hah, Stephenie Meyer = NOT WORTHY.
    Twilight had the POTENTIAL to be good…but she had to go and destroy it in the next three books, huh?
    So I don’t see why she’s so influential.
    The Hunger Games (and Catching Fire) is awesome, aside from the few grammatical errors. Very intense, unexpected, and never cuts away near the climax of the story. I LOVE IT.

    1. seriously, when you read twilight then the other 3 books, they seem compleatly diffrent. like youre reading the sequels to some other book. she went too far with the whole love plot.

    2. catching fire makes me show a whole new side my parents say they watch me when im reading and my ace changes everytime the mood in the book changes i was crying when i thought prim was in the jungle and didnt know until a taer hit thee page

      1. I know, right. I realy thought that prim was in the jungle. I also cried when Rue died. I liked Rue. She was one of my fav charictors.

  153. this book was great and so was catching fire they should make a movie as long as they dont rpae the series like the eragon or harry potter movies

    1. they did not rpae the harry potter series. too much. i could have done with some of the scenes they left out but nonetheless they were good.

  154. i think the movie would be completly amazing since this book is the best book i have ever read and i have read A Lot of books. i think that the movie would be hard to create because of the in dpeth thinkging we get from katniss in the book, and you cant possibly put all her emotion onto the screen since in the movie you cant be inside a characters head the whole time. which is one of the only flaws i see in making this movie. I think this is a terrific idea and whether they can pull it off sucsessfully or not you can count on it that iwill be counting off the days until it is realased to theaters (:

  155. I don’t think people that haven’t read the book can reasonably comment about anything about it or the movie.
    Though at first it may seem Lord of the Flies and Fight Club, but the book in much more evolved than that.
    Though everything that happens is revolved around the battle-royale situation, the events and characters and emotions themselves make a story all by themselves.
    Ido think it will be hard to pull off alot of the undercurrents of emotions, reasoning, and decisions, but I really hope they do get it.
    If pulled off, it would be AMAZING.

  156. I think the movie should be rated R. I mean, the action and fighting during the Hunger Games, give it the appeal. It also shows how CHILDREN can be so brutal all for the enjoyment of the “Capitol.” I’ve read the first 2 books and they’re absolutely amazing.

    Hopefully The Hunger Games movies don’t ruin the book (the way Twilight did). However, how are they going to convey Katniss’s thoughts and planning while she’s in the Games, since it’s such a huge part of the book…Only time will tell.

    1. Apparently you didnt read Twilight. The movie doesn’t “ruin” the book. The movie has no impact on the content of the book at all.

      This will also NOT be rated R, as it is a book aimed at teens.

      1. And it wont be rated R but it cant possibly be pg 13 either considering the amount of violence in it. Even though it is aimed at teens, in the book kids murder other kids is grotesque and awful horrible ways. And i do think the rating would be a little higher on the scale but not so high as to be rated R. Still we have to worry when and if this is realsed if they will lower the amount of viloence to appeal to the younger audience hence ruinging the plot or upping the rating to accmodate the book better into the movie?

  157. This movie better be rated “R” if it is to be as good as the book. If this movie is converted into a childrens movie then i swear to never watch it due to a loss of about half of all content in the story. That would be terrible. CAN’T WAIT!!!

    1. There is no way that a book aimed at teens is going to be rated R no matter what content you fabricate for the novel.

      The book is published by Schoolastic and is available for my grade 7 son to order on his most recent order form.

      This doesnt need to be R

  158. omg this book was amazing and i think i could b foxface! i really do think i could handle her act! And i’m a teen and everything! if your a movie critic, contact me! i have natural red hair and i’m about 5’3”. Thanks! Also these books are amazing i can’t wait to buy the second, is there going to b a third??? i really really hope so, also i dont think the younger audiences would react badly to people our age being killed and tourchered on TV, i mean in our time, isnt that the definition of hollywood? Also i think we could really relate, thank you!

    1. i think Paula Brancati should play Katniss. like seriously Selena can play a good wizard but seriously i think not. Selena just has that thing about her i don’t think she would make a good starving huntress.

    1. Considering its aimed at young teens I guarantee you it will be PG13.

      They don’t have to cut out parts to make it PG13, just be more creative in what they imply instead of directly show.

  159. gosh thats such a great book im glad their gonna make a movie about just please dont mess it up dont ruin it thats all im saying cause that my favorite book n i cant wait till catching fire comes out n the third and final book too…but i cant wait till the movies thanks lionsgate n its such a great book

  160. it’s more of a love story if anything,
    plus, i love the game. (even though its horrible)
    I can’t wait for the movie, and the next book (:
    it’s such a good adventure!

  161. Does anyone read books anymore? For all of you who are completely off topic, go back and read the book. It is nothing like Battle Royale except that both books deal with adolescents. Seriously people…. READ!!!!

  162. i just finished reading the book and it is awesome!!!!!! i can’t wait for the second book to come out in september!!!!!! I’m so excited!!! I finished the first one in two days because I couldn’t put it down. At all!!!!!! It was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

  163. I love this book! It is the best book I’ve ever read and those of you who think its just a copy of battle royal are totally wrong! I can’t wait for Catching fire! I’m dieing for it! As for the book I’m kinda worried that it will just dissapoint me because the book will prolly be better! And yes I love Peeta!

  164. Omg I love this book and those of you who are saying that it is like battle royal you’re totally wrong! this book is the best book ever and I reallllllllly want the sequal to come out! i can’t wait… as for the movie i’m kinda scared it will mess up the book! and yes i love peeta

  165. okay, so i loved this book loads!
    i did have doubts when i first heard of it though cos i read and watched battle royale and thought the hunger games sounded like a corny rip-off to be honest,
    I was very wrong!
    im slightly worried that it will be a crap film though and ruin the book for me comletly. – like twilight…..

  166. I loved this book, and I think it would make an awesome movie if they did it right. The only reason I’m against it being a movie is because I like to imagine the characters for myself, not the actors in the movie. It always makes me so mad when people see the movie but they havn’t read the book, and they had no clue it WAS a book..most of the time the book is better.

    1. SAME and i hate it more when they are like “Dude the hunger games is awesome you have to see it” and then you say “I already have” and they say “Your just trying to be cool”

      1. omg, i hate when people go see a movie and they havent read the book and they think they know every thing about it. and when a book is ripped to shreds in a movie. i could not beleive what happened to harry potter 6. i came out mubbling on how they took everything out. i know a movie will never be as good as the book but they can be at least close

  167. Okay, I’m definately a fan of the Hunger Games. ITs so different, yet simular. It reads like a movie, so why not make it a movie?
    I must disagree that this books is sumilar to Lord Of The Flies. I can see where you might get that, but it really isnt. There are simular themes, and maybe even motifs, but it is and amazing book, and its unique!

  168. I really can’t imagine this being a movie at all.I’m near the end,but this is going to be the kind of movie that totally screws up the book,which has happened multiple times in the past.

  169. I’ve read the book 3 times and i love it. In my opinion, I think they SHOULD make this into a movie and i don’t give a crap if its M or MA or R. If they can make twilight into a movie and that, they can makes this into a movie. guys its really good. You may say you dont want this to be a movie because it will be like Battle of What ever it is but it wont be the same. If they think its the smae they’ll change it a little like twilight and HP anywho Im trying to say “dont count your eggs befor ethey hatch!”

    Sorry if this offends anyone :)Just saying my opinion and you all have yours

    1. i agree. though i didnt much like twilight the movie the books were awesome. i hope that if they do make this one a movie it will be good and they find someone who can act better than kristen stewart.

      1. Lol. i agree – wouldn’t it just kill the book if the movie had Kristen Stewart? i love twilight and i watched the movies but Kristen was the wrong choice. my point being – omg dont get kristen for katniss.

      2. Definitely. Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress, and the whole Twilight movie was absolutely TERRIBLE. If Hunger Games comes out like that, they simply destroyed another beautiful plot line.

  170. Okay so I read the book and It was SOOOOOOO AWESOME!
    I loved it and i couldnt put it down….. When I read that Peeta loved Katniss I gasped in awe. But he says hes lying but I knew he really loved her all along! Sorry if this ruins the book for you

    1. same here. its so sweet. i knew all along he wasn’t lying and i think that she loves him as much as he loves her. i think she’s loved him since he gave her the bread. im absolutely dreading what will happen in catching fire. that they will get in a fight, and she’ll say the wrong thing and peeta will leave and katniss will be all depressed. ugh. i hope suzanne doesn’t go down that road. i’ve read about enough heartbreak.

  171. This was a great book i finished a day ago. I would love a movie I just wish LionGates would give use more details and trailers about it. Its hard to believe that I’m ready to read the next book and it doesn’t come out until Sept. 9, 2009 :(

    1. I know Im just as disapointed as you. I cant wait!!! Supposed to be about the capitol thinking there tring to up stand them or something like start another won BUT I DONT CARE I JUST WANNA READ AND SEE IF PETA AND KATNISS END UP TO GATHHER OR GALE AND KATNISS ITS SOOO ……THRILLING xD

    2. Believe me when I say the second book is well worth the wait. I devoured it and am now wishing for the third.

      1. Same here! I just finished the second and I can’t wait to read the third. I can’t wait to see whether it will be Peeta or Gale! :)

      2. oh my gosh I finished Catching Fire THE DAY AFTER I BOUGHT IT! It was amazing and and it’s going to be complete torture waiting for the third!

      3. i know me to i just finished the second book about an hour ago and hey you know what song goes great with all of this? Me agaisnt the world by Simple Plan i wonder if peetas gonna live and i hope in the movie that hes gonna be hot have you ever seen the show Degrassi well if you have in like the older seasons with peter at like 16 or whatever thats who i think of when i read pettas name i hope hes still alive and i really wish the third book would come out already

      1. They shouldn’t go the Twilight route and get a new actor, but I also think they shouldn’t even attempt to get a mainstream actress, they’d try to mess it all up. Someone D-list or something. With ACTUAL talent.

      2. A good actress to play Katniss would be a girl that at least knows how to act. the people from disney make terrible movies for the people targeted by the book. someone with more experience in acting would be cast.

      3. Katniss should be played by Lee Lee Sobieski


        She can look the part, her face has character without being overly glamorous or beautiful. Katniss was just a girl and not a model. She is a bit old for the part, but it is not hard to make her look a bit younger. I imagine Katniss looks older than her years from the life she has led. In addition, Lee Lee can play a girl of great intensity as I imagine Katniss to be. She is passionate, yet knows when to remain stoic. The role she played in Joan of Arc was fabulous and showed a real talent for portraying personal drama and difficulty.

    1. no way, she’s too disney for the hunger games, if you know what i mean. Katniss is too mature to be played by selena gomez

  172. I think the book was absolutly amazing. I’m excited for the movie and book two.

    Its like a normal teen book, its a love story. just like twilight or those other movies/books.

    its cute. you should read it

    1. The book is fantastic, I believe it will make a great film. As for the second book, I have read it and it too is a phenomonal read.

    2. Hunger Games is NOT like Twilight! The love story is a sideline, and it’s not a typical love story anyway, cause they don’t actually get together. The games themselves are the main story line.

      1. THANK YOU! The love story isn’t the central point of the story, it’s just something that happens. It’s like saying Harry’s hatred for Snape is the main point of the Harry Potter books! It’s not! It’s just something that happens IN the main plot line. Sure it’s essential for the end result and the second book, but it is most cetrtainly NOT the main plot. The Hunger Games was an action book for sure.

      2. THANKYOU AGAIN!!!!
        agreed entirely, the love story is to start with just made up. it doesn’t feature properly in the plot until catching fire, when the whole peeta-gale thing gets really bad in katniss’ head.
        the main thing is about survival, katniss uses the love story as a means of survival-nothing like twilight!!!!!!!!!

  173. I really am excited for this movie! But I sincerely hope it will be Rated-R or else it would probably be very lame.

    ..gosh all everyone can say is that this sounds like a copy of Battle Royale. Can there not be two of a somewhat similar idea? Not giving The Hunger Games a chance is like not giving Watchmen a chance just because you didn’t like The Dark Knight or something. Sure, they’re both superhero movies, but they are definitely both worth seeing. Different plots, one is way more graphic, etc. I think that’s how The Hunger Games/Battle Royale are.. somewhat same idea, but incomparable.

      1. I completely agree. The book is geared toward young adults. Why make it into a movie that the target audience won’t be able to see?

        People just need to learn to separate books from their movies. You can’t expect a movie to be EXACTLY like the book or they’d all be like 13 hours long.

        I also agree that people who have not read this book need to stop judging it until they do. That is a pet peave of mine.

      2. Sure, a book can’t be exactly like a movie, but if you’re going to give a movie the same title with the same characters, THE STORY NEEDS TO BE THE SAME. If you can’t keep to the storyline that the author provided, don’t make a damn movie out of it. Apparently it’s possible because the first few Harry Potter movies were dead on.

    1. Actually I suppose PG-13 would work, I guess it’s more of a matter on how well they make the movie. It would be disappointing if they took away from the intensity of the novel by keeping it in the PG-13 limits.

    1. iagree completely! Its the best book i’ve ever read! Ihope that when they make it into a movie that they don’t miss any details. Cuz they might ruin the whole book my making the movie stupid or completely different from the book like they did with “The City of Ember”

  174. I really wish they won’t make this movie. I love Battle Royale and I heard they’re making an American movie out of that book. If they make a movie of the Hunger Games it may just sound like a copy of Battle Royale.

    1. I hope they do, but it better damn right NOT be butchered just to make it “age-appropriate”. Eragon and the sequel books were amazing, the movie Eragon just stunk. Same with “Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker”. Great book, butchered movie. If a movie for the hunger games IS made, it better be damn good. There are endless ways to replicate the book’s violence well within “PG-13” boundaries.

      1. I totally agree, and this is wayy different from battle royale for those people who are already judging it without actually reading it. And about making it a PG-13 movie, I don’t think it’ll be hard. The Lord of the Rings trilogy had tons of blood and gore and violence, and they were still PG-13.

      2. this book blew the twilight saga out of the water it is exactly wat i was looking for in a book can’t wait for the third book WOOT!!!!!

  175. Please let it be made into a movie! It’s a very awesome book. I just finished it today and I already can’t wait for the next one. :D I was thinking about three-quarters of the way through how awesome it would be as a movie. If they can make other movies with fighting P-13 then they can do this one. After all, I think Harry Potter 6 is only PG and it’s probably the freakiest one.

      1. The Hunger Games is an awesome book! Suzanne Collins is a great writer. This book shows what actually could happin in the future if u think about it… our goverment is taking us over more more each day.

        I think ‘The Hunger Games’ is going to be an awesome movie!

    1. It should absolutely NOT be made into a movie!!! Every single movie that has come from a really good heart stopping book has sucked so badly it brings me to tears. I almost didn’t go and see Harry Potter 6, but in the end I had to and was so severely dissapointed. If they make the Hunger Games a movie, I swear I will lead a full scale rebellion!!!

      1. Well you know that a movie will never be as great as a book because its in you mind. The thing that is great when they make a book into a movie you actually get to see what was really going on besides your imagination. Of course A movie will be better then a book its just common sense!

      2. lol I have a feeling that if they make a movie, they’ll change around a bunch of things that made the book what it was. Little details that actually held key importance. And really, there’s no way that they can keep to the book. There’s just so much violence in it that makes the hunger games what they are, that if you tone it down, they really won’t mean anything.
        Plus they’d want it to be less graphic so they can get the 10 and 11 year olds to go spend their money to see it with out their parents throwing a complete fit over it.
        In my opinion, a movie would ruin the Hunger Games in more ways than one.

      3. You guys know that Suzanne Collins will be adapting the book for the film herself, right? :) There’s no way she’ll go wrong! She’ll keep it together. She IS the author! :D

      4. That’s not always true. If Suzanne Collins is given enough money, I’m sure she’ll be willing to do whatever the director wants her too. That’s always what happens and then the movies turn out terribly. How else can you explain Twilight and Harry Potter 6?

      5. ugh a movie? great, i just started the book hoping it wouldnt become like harry potter and twilight. obviously i do want to see it as movie but i deff dont want fan girls who dont really no the story. i mean i love this book! its been 2 days and im nearly done!squealing fan girls just ruin everything for me. before twilight was a movie i absolutely loved it! but then (goes through painful memories of fan girls)

      6. Not necessarily every movie, The Shawshank Redemption didn’t follow Stephen King’s Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption word-for-word, and yet it was one of the best movies I’ve ever seen and the best adaption of a book. And Holes was almost as good as the book. Seeing as how the author of Holes wrote the script and Suzanne Collins is writing the script for THG, we should be in for a treat.

    2. LOL! if they make a movie i bet gale and p… what ever his name is, will be hot! I hope they git new people, like they did on twillight!

      1. there are going to be no teams on this! That just ruins it all thats part of what happened to twilight. You dont have to like Gale but you cant be on team peeta. But i do like Peeta much more then Gale, hes well A LOT nicer.hope hes super hot!

    1. Neat thing about the post is that I already spelled it out in the very first line. Guess you didn’t read it.

      “It seems that after the successes of Harry Potter and then Twilight, that the young adult bookshelf might just be the new barrel to which we have yet to see the bottom.”

  176. See, for a minute there I thought you had written “THEY Hunger” as in the old Half Life mod. I was totally all excitedory momentarily until I realised my grand slydexic error.

    Then I got sad.

  177. I’ve heard many good things about the book though it reminds me of Battle Royale when I think of kids being pitted against each other. The book is on my kid’s to-read-list once she is done with the four books we bought a couple of months ago…of course, I gotta get her to put down those Death Note comics first. LoL

      1. hey im 16 years old. i LOVED this book and am excited for it to hit the big screens it is 100 % my favoret book even more then the twilight saga

      2. This is my fav aswell. If youve read thye next book give me an email my friends don’t read much so id like to chat. Have youy heard much about the next? Plz reply thnx :)

      3. I read these books and the twilight saga and I have to say these books are my all time favorite. I love them more then twilight they are sooooo good.

      4. OMFG Freakin greatest book of all time, i normally dont read much but I honestly read this book every oppertunity possible! I just got the second book and cant wait to start reading it!!!

      5. my older brother is a senior and he had to read the book for school. he let me read it and it was AMAZING then he bought the other two. the books are amazing and i hope they all come out in theaters so i can see them!!

      6. i love this book its my favorite of all time. my whole class is reading it and our librarian said we have to have a note from our parents to read the series because of all of the violence. BEST BOOK BY SUZANE COLLINS. SUZANE PLEASE TELL PEOPLE THE RELEASE DATE OF THE HUNGER GAMES MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. dont know if thats sounds good, i loved battle royale (book and movie) would it be worth me checking out the books

      1. I love this book, but it is very Battle Royale-esque. Of course there are differences on how the things play out, but to me it does seem like Collins got the general idea of this from battle royale. That doesn’t change the fact that it’s a great book to at least try out, especially if you like Battle Royale and want a book similar to it.

      2. omg the hunger games and the second one cathing fire are the GREATEST books ever. i couldn’t put those books down! can’t wait for the movie but does anyone know when it’s coming out?

    2. LoL, I’m not the only one who thought of Battle Royale. This should be interesting, but I’ll hold my opinions until I actually see something.

      1. i agree with Tacticalluke i cant wait for it ethier but if it messes up like twillight then i well be super mad an does anyone know when the 3rd book comes out i need to get it bad

      2. hey book worm!!!the 3rd book,which is called Mockingjay,is supposed to come out August 24th or something….Hope it helps!!!!!!!

    3. this movie if it is to be as good as the book it must be R to see all of what the book explained it must be R unless it will be cut short for what it was and not to it’s full value.

      1. I actually think they can pull it off as PG-13. I mean, making it to the point where it would be rated R would cause a smaller number of people to see it. And really, if you think about it, other movies like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, ect. all have just as intense killing scenes, and they are all rated PG-13. Plus, there isn’t really anything extremely gory until the end when it describes Cato’s body. Other than that, you don’t really see many killings or disturbing images.

      2. The books are PG, so why do you think it can’t be a PG movie?

        There is no sex, no swearing, and the violence is minimal (people die but its not brutal)

        Hell, the most offensive thing to worry about in ratings would be Haymitch’s excessive drinking.

      3. sussane collins is the screen writer so i think its gunna be good as for the rating, if they leave out some blood and katniss having to strip for her team to pluck every hair off her body i think it can be pg13

      4. No, I think it’s going to be 15. Remember the bit in the first book when Cato gets torn to shreds by wolves? People turning to slime after being stung by tracker-jackers? Crucial parts, can’t be left out, but lots of gore. 15 at least.

      5. I don’t really know… Many times they have proved that the vision of the director is far different than writer’s is. This was proved in Twilight, for example. I’m afraid of what this will cause. I hope the movie will be good, but I can’t help being afraid. I’m not saying I don’t love the book, I really do, but filming good books/games/comics is always risky. Maybe I’m afraid of same kind of fandom like in Twilight, I don’t know. I hope Suzanne will make sure that her story stays the way it should be. Writers give too much freedom for the movie makers in my opinion. They should protect their stories.

        I know many of you might take this personally, but there is no need to. I just hope that they will respect this amazing book and make the movie as faithful as possible. I mean if they really make the movie then. What will happen, we don’t know. Besides, they’ll make money by making the book in to a movie so our opinions don’t weight in the case. I can only hope the best. WE can only hope for the best.

      6. I do not think this movie will have to be R. Im only 12 and these were my absolute favorite books! Though it might be different watching it, it probally wont be nearly as graphic as the books discriptions. Also even though cato gets torn to shreds by wolf mutts you dont see it, remember, you just hear it. so i think it will be rated pg-13.

    4. With cheese? O.o
      I think you are right. There is a fair amount of goat cheese in the book. And Everyone’s saying ‘this person should be Katniss…’ Well guess what! I think a very big fan should be Katniss. If they could act. I refuse to play Katniss cuz I have the wrong hair ~cries~ but I would love to play Rue or PrimRose :D THIS NEEDS TO BE A MOVIE.
      Optimus Prime wuz here.

    5. Have ANY of you read this book???? I do understand that the concept is a little hard to digest at first, because I thought the same but then I ACTUALLY READ THE BOOK BEFORE FORMING AN OPINION…novel idea, I know, and I found this book amazing!! It is completely different that I expected. It is a compelling story of love and the spirit of survival that lives in all of us and helps us to rise to the occasion when needed. This book is amazing and it is YOUR LOSS if you don’t read it!

    6. I loved these books and I can’t wait for the 3rd to be published. I do not think this should be rated R but, Maybe PG-13. Even if it was rated R I would see it anyways.

    7. It’s very much like Battle Royale (I’ve read both Hunger Games and Battle Royale) in that teens are pitted against each other, but the fighting serves different purposes for the government. One is to convey to the world that they hold power over them and the other is to “learn fight combat tactics.”

    8. This is the best book u will evr read . look out twilight . nobody is going 2 even kno wat twilight is after the movie comes out !!

    9. i think they should make the hunger games the video game after the movie is made.It would be very fun.It would be a huge hit.They could have a freeplay battle where you can make a hunger games.You could select the characters you wanted in there.It would have all the original characters such as peeta and katniss and they could also have a spot were you can create your own characters. There should also be a story mode where you get to create your character and go through a life of the hunger games such as katniss did.

    10. I’m 12 years old, and fell in love with the books! this movie better not be rated R because my friends and I are really looking forward to seeing it. I’m hoping for PG13!

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