Welcome To The New Movie Blog

JohnHey there folks. Well, as you can see we’ve done some major upgrades around here at The Movie Blog.

The upgrades aren’t just limited to the design either. We’ve got a whole new back end, a whole new server system and some brand new functionality (guess what… the comments work again) and some other cool little things that you’ll notice as time goes on.

We’ve still got a couple of little bugs to work out and fix, but we’ll do that on the fly. I hope you enjoy the new site.

Special kudos to Rob Heath for the design and to the immortal Pia for the backend work (why did that sound dirty?).

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51 thoughts on “Welcome To The New Movie Blog

  1. Damn! Now i have to dress up whenever i sit at my computer in order to feel like i belong…

    New design… John is more active again… Is the Nagy far behind????

  2. Looking cool!

    I too am having issues with the flash player at the top resizing and shifting around between each different news article. I would lose the whole thing all together. Not sure why it needs to be there since all of its features are just below in the body.

    I also agree about the white font on dark background. Kills the eyes!

    great job.

  3. Hey John, like the new design. I think it’s an upgrade over your last version for sure.

    I think from a usability standpoint though, you gotta change the colors of the fonts. White text on dark backgrounds is killer, and the eyestrain reading this site will be higher than before, especially the yellow on the grey.

    You should check out http://juicystudio.com/services/luminositycontrastratio.php#specify for luminosity contrast ratios. It lets you know if your contrast is acceptable or not, and the higher the better I find when it comes to a blog…

  4. John – It looks good! Here are a few comments/suggestions:

    1. Logo: It would be great if the logo linked to the homepage.

    2. Text: The white text on grey will be difficult for many users to. Reverse type generally causes too much visual tension, which creates eye fatigue. Black text on white background is much easier for users to read.

    3. Reply to Comments: If you’re using WordPress 2.7, it would be great if you could add the new feature that lets you reply to individual comments (within each person’s comment). It’s easy to implement in your theme.

    Overall, it’s a pretty solid design though.

  5. Great layout.

    One thing however that I’m not really sure if anybody else is experiencing this, but the flash animation at the top that displays the headlines keeps on resizing itself depending on what it is displaying and that has for effect to be moving around constantly what is below it, making it really annoying as while you’re reading, the text and everything else will just move down a bit, then eventually move back up a bit, rinse and repeat.

    Except for that, great job.

  6. slick looking. Taking a website class right now myself. The other site was good enough…easy to navigate and everything. This adds the icing on the cake tho. Much purtier!

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