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  2. dear god guys… i’m in the movie business (student, but close enough)… i know what these cameras do, i know what different shot types are… but you are thinking way too deeply in this… who cares about that stuff… stick to the stunts that they are doing, the story line, the stuff that actually makes the movie

  3. Whatever… they just showed the whole movie… how long was the first one? less than 90 minutes. I hope they will keep this mindless crap even shorter. Waste of a trip to a movie theater. retarted.

  4. I have mixed feelings about that trailer. While I enjoyed the first Crank, maybe not as much as most people but I thought it was good, this looks a little too similar. Sub out the ‘synthetic Chinese shit’ for a ridiculous looking artificial heart and ‘keep your adrenaline pumping’ to ‘keep your artificial heart charged’ and sub out Verona and Carlito for some other cookie-cutter bad dudes and you have Crank 2. Maybe it’s too much to ask for, but I was kind of hoping these guys would evolved the ideas of the first movie a little bit for the sequel. Let’s hope the action is at least better because honestly, for a movie about a guy that has to keep his adrenaline up, the first one didn’t have the non-stop action I was hoping for. All that ‘take a Redbull and put your hand in a waffle iron’ bullshit was just a cop-out. If you’re going to make a no holds barred action film with a stupid plot, at least deliver on the action part.

  5. That trailor is Awesome! think they put the f words there for a reason, and it works well! (a theme). Corey haim looks hot in it! Can’t wait to see the movie. Guess I need to rent part 1 first.

  6. i thot dude fell from a helicopter at the end of the first movie,that’ll turn anybody’s body into mush,i how did his bones not break?,anyway its the kind of movie i’ll watch only after my final exam,and i dont feel like thinking,or using my brain for anything.

  7. Can you please fix your post to where the earliest “post” is at the beginning and the end, it so annoying to have to go to the last page to see the most recent….
    I think I speak for most of us….
    Thank you in advance.

    This looks xtreem
    i luv jenna haze
    What’s with his alien heart??? Is this a SCIFI????
    You people should reffain frum fighting aboutit. It will be the tits.

  9. This looks like a cheap direct to dvd home movie Troma shit. I was worried when u said they were shooting on low cost 3k cameras. I had no idea it would look this bad. Seriously, this looks even cheaper and worse than the first one did. Statham needs to stop appearing in these sorta crap, it will eventually tarnish his name.

  10. I’m guessing that the sound design and color timing haven’t been done in time for the trailer to be released cause there is no way a commercial film studio would release a film that looked and sounded like that other than straight to DVD.

    If the actual film keeps up half the pace this trailer has then I think we might be up for a fun ride.

  11. sweet, an f900 for $1000 – please post a link jonza, i have a little christmas money left over.

    btw, the xh-a1’s outdated mpeg-2 compression of the image to 25mbps a little far off from the f900’s hdcam intraframe 184mbps, not to mention that 24f isn’t true 24p, nor the diff between 1/3 inch and a 2/3 inch sensor in terms of dynamic range and DOF….

    as for the f900 being out of date, fincher shot buttons on the viper, which is essentially an f900 optical block outputting log data to an hdcam sr deck.

    I’m not saying the film is bad – I’d have to see it first – just that you don’t know much about cameras….

  12. XH-A1 is very high quality camera, at least on par with f900. Maybe f900 was expensive, but just because it was basicly the first truly usable professional hd-cam ever made. Today you can get f900 for a 1000$, its actually worth a lot less than a XH-A1…

  13. “With shaky, you can’t tell who is doing what, what is going on or who is fighting who. It’s used to create the illusion of action and to hide the fact that they can’t do action properly.”

    This is a pretty extreme generalization. To assume that someone like Paul Greengrass shoots the way he shoots simply because he doesn’t know how to handle action is a little naive. Christopher Nolan used a lot of ‘shaky cam’ in Batman Begins, but clearly demonstrated a great sense of action in The Dark Knight.

    Although you may be right about some films, in most cases, the ‘shaky cam’ is used to create a more visceral experience for the audience.

    “This has never really been done before (using consumer cameras to film a Hollywood narrative feature film).”

    28 Days Later. I know you’ll come up with a reason why that doesn’t count, so I might as well mention some others that probably won’t fall under your set of rules: Julien Donkey Boy, November, Timecode, Blair Witch Project (mixed with 16mm), Dancer in the Dark, Full Frontal…

    Hardly the first film to do this. However, still an interesting choice. People should also realize that they’ll more than likely be seeing a blown up 35mm print of this video footage and it will look much much different.

  14. This movie looks like a fun ride.

    “so you mean like in 95% of the transformers battle scenes then?”

    What? I think you are confusing the idea of shaky cam with something else.

  15. “With shaky, you can’t tell who is doing what, what is going on or who is fighting who. It’s used to create the illusion of action”

    so you mean like in 95% of the transformers battle scenes then?

  16. Hey Alfie,

    Like I already explained… there is a differnce between hand held and Shaky. With shaky, you can’t tell who is doing what, what is going on or who is fighting who. It’s used to create the illusion of action and to hide the fact that they can’t do action properly.

    With hand held you can still see and understand everything that’s going on.

    And yes… it does look like it was shot on a handy cam. To me that’s the main reason I’m excited about this movie and have been for a while. This has never really been done before (using consumer cameras to film a Hollywood narrative feature film).

    We’ll see if the action/humor can carry the film… or if it’s really just about the camera you use.

  17. I do not understand how you can sya the “hand held” look of crank is no worse then the “shaky” cam work of bourne. At least bourne doesn’t look like It was shot on a handy cam

  18. I like Stratham but I hated Crank. Going by this trailer, this is bottom of the barrel filmmaking. This looks just vile as it’s trying to appeal to the lowest of art forms! These guys( the directors) would just be better off making porn.I say that seriously, and Im not knocking porn by saying it. Stratham will not further his career by starring in this!


  19. it definately looks much worse than crank 1, which was shot on the top professional hd cam of the time, the f900 (a $100k cam), while this was shot on $3k and $5k cameras. As has been said, the way it’s shot also makes it look like a home video…

    it appears the filmmakers chose the cheap cameras to minimize the set up time and shot with 5+ cams at almost all times in the hope that this would maximize the energy of the action and performances… i guess they’re betting that that will overcome the crappiness of the look. I’m curious how well it will do.

  20. This goes hand-in-hand with your article about judging movies. Every single bit of this looks the best movie ever made, yet I’m quite sure I can’t show this to a roomful of people without getting something thrown at me.

  21. i loved the first Crank. especially the idea of stuntmen directing, but i think i would have rather seen a new idea type of follow up film than a sequel.

  22. Woah.
    It will definitely be a fun ride, but it LOOKS terrible. Shot on HD or not, it still feels like a home movie. You can make HD look great. The first film definitely didn’t look this amateur. Here’s hoping that they haven’t done the final film grading and color correcting!

  23. Man I absolutely LOVED Crank. Just the way that they filmed it, with the handheld cams and the quick shots back and forth just blew me away. It was some good shit.

    I’m not sure that they’ll be able to replicate that excitement again, especially given the kind of stupid plot of him having a fake heart etc. How can the same shit happen to the same guy twice? (Die Hard 2 quote)

  24. @Jason Angel

    I first heard Wayne Brady used that line in a Chappelle Show sketch a while back so it wasn’t that funny or original to me. But fuck that, at least it was new to you and that’s what counts. That line aside, however, I have to say that this is the best fucking trailer of the year.

  25. You mean Bourne SUPREMACY. Not IDENTITY. Identity still had an effective use of the camera during the fight scenes. Close for intensity but with spatial continuity within the sequence. Supremacy had none of this.

  26. Hey Alfie,

    Because there is a massive difference between “hand held” and “shaky”. Hand held is fine as long as I can still completely see and follow the action and what is going on.

    Shaky Cam is when they flail the camera around to give the illusion of action and make it impossible to follow what is going on (Bourne Identity)

  27. Sound Designer Dan,
    It’s been a while since I watched Crank but for some reason I don’t remember it looking that way. This one looked like it was a low budget b movie.

  28. WTF is this? How come it looks like a home video instead of a movie? Did they use the new “red” camera on this movie or Game? Any class that Jason Statham had left after the Transporter series is complete gone after that trailer alone.

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