Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Will Have 25 IMAX Minutes

Harrypotter-2We will have lots of big screen IMAX wizardry in the next Harry Potter installment! We get wind of this news from our friends at comingsoon:

Last month, during the IMAX Corporation’s 2008 Q2 Earnings Report conference call, Rich Gelfond, the Co-Chairman and Co-CEO of the IMAX Corporation told shareholders, “we believe this film will include approximately 25 minutes in IMAX 3-D split between the opening sequence of the film and the finale.”

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will open in IMAX and conventional theaters on July 17, 2009.

I am pumped to see this action in 3-D IMAX. I am hoping the finale will feature a battle that makes good use of the medium and create a memorable movie going experience. I will watch 3-D films all day long; the more, the better as far as I am concerned.

For those of you that have read the book – is the finale worthy of this IMAX treatment?

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10 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Will Have 25 IMAX Minutes

  1. There are some sections at the end of HP6 that should look pretty good in 3D. One in particular should have the audience dodging in their seats.

    So I’m assuming that they don’t just do the whole movie in 3D because of cost. But 25 minutes is apparently enough to get people to pay the premium ticket price. Smart.

    I’m getting tired of the “we’ll show you a few minutes of what the whole movie could have looked like” nonsense. But I guess most people go to IMAX for the IMAX experience and the 3D is just a bonus. And a slow movement to 3D is better than nothing.

    What full length 3D movies can we look forward to?

  2. Hells yes. Half Blood Prince is my favorite of the books and the ending is nothing short of EPIC. It will kick ass. My only reserve is for the 3D elements. I hope they don’t go all 3D gimmicky and do lame 3D tricks like shooting stuff right at the camera. I am a fan of 3D, don’t get me wrong, but until I can watch the film at home and not see a part and say “OH, that CLEARLY was a 3D trick ie. shoving a spear toward the camera”, I won’t know what to think. I await the day they use 3D properly but the film still holds up for those who are standard viewing without noticing the “3D tricks”.

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