The Fly Opera

FlyWe have some news about David Cronenberg’s upcoming opera based on The Fly! We get the following scoop from the science caves of Yahoo:

David Cronenberg’s sci-fi terror movie “The Fly” has taken on a new life in the Canadian director’s first foray into the world of opera.

“The Fly,” described as a classical re-imagining of the 1986 movie about an eccentric scientist who turns into a massive fly, will open the new season at Los Angeles Opera in September with LA Opera director Placido Domingo conducting the orchestra.

The Fly is an opera that I would see! I remember seeing the original as a child and being creeped out. The fly mask is almost laughable now, but the quality of the acting in reaction to the reveal, more than made up for it. I prefer the original but didn’t mind the work of David Cronenberg. This is a remake that I actually enjoyed; as a rule I hate them, but this is a noted exception.

I think the story of The Fly will make for an excellent opera. The story of The Fly is a tragic tale told within the realm of science fiction. For its time the idea was absolutely brilliant and still stands up as an tale if the unforeseen dangers of science. I would very much like to see this in LA and hope I am able to get tickets in September.

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