Warped The Happening Poster

We have obtained another poster for the upcoming shamhammer apocalypse The Happening. Thanks to moviesonline for the hookup!

Poster Happening-Blue

This poster isn’t something that I would buy, but I do like the warping of the buildings. It adds action and a feeling of the world twisting around you (which is an important feeling to convey for a film like this).

They have been loosing a slow trickle of posters and news to keep chatter up about this film. The last trailer (with foreword by the shamhammer) was well received, and I think the marketing people behind this have done a bang up job. I wasn’t interested in this project at all, but slowly they have brought me on board, and fanned the flames of my curiosity. This tale of woe and doom will be upon us Friday June the 13th.

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6 thoughts on “Warped The Happening Poster

  1. Hey I’m with you Manila! People act like the Sixth Sense is the only good film he made – which is untrue. I’m definitely on board for this film. Looks very interesting and he always raises interesting questions in his films, even in the less successful ones.

  2. I love how they reference The Sixth Sense and Signs, and yet ignore Shyamalan’s later work. (For the record, I LOVED The Village and kinda liked Lady In The Water. Am I right people? Anyone?)

  3. Looks like a nice place to raise a daughter. Lol. This film dosnt look to have a good ending…

    This film will prob have a pretty decent opening weekend due to Shamalayn and Wahlbergs fanbase…and then fall off the map the second…

  4. It looks like someone took the new Dark Knight Poster and replaced the Joker with the characters from The Happening!!!

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