Tobey Maguire Is Spiderman – Rumors Dismissed

Spiderman LogoEarlier this week rumors were flying about that Tobey Maguire was going to be replaced by Patrick Fugit in Spiderman 4. We learn today that this news was false and that Toby is still in the running and will remain their first choice for Spiderman. We get the clarification from our friends at IESB:

According to our sources, that include reps from CAA, Endeavour, ICM, Marvel Studios and Sony, no actor including Fugit has been approached or even considered for the Peter Parker/Spider-Man role or any other character for that matter.

To take it a step further, head of Media Relations for Sony/Columbia Pictures Steve Elzer told the IESB today that the Fugit story is 100% false and added, “No one is being considered for the role but Tobey. Period.”

So there you have it folks, Toby will continue as Spiderman – so long as he wants the job. I am glad this rumor turned out to be false. I really like Maguire as Peter Parker and would like him to stay on till the series has run its course. Just to reiterate – Toby is their first choice, but also has not come forward and accepted the role. We very well could have news soon proclaiming another to fill his shoes. We will keep you posted.

Now we can go back to thinking about what villains we want to see in Spiderman 4. I would like Mysterio or the Lizard myself, with a possible guest appearance by the Vulture.

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16 thoughts on “Tobey Maguire Is Spiderman – Rumors Dismissed

  1. i love the spiderman movies!! i just really hope they bring harry osborn(james franco) back…he was a great character and him and peter just made up….d0 you think they will bring him back?

  2. Hello I’m Adnan Ronie. I’m a great spidy-lover & Spiderman is my favorite movie. Spiderman 1, 2, & 3 were really one of the greatest movies. I like it because it is Action, Romantic, Thriller, Comedy and Sci-Fi. I’d very much like to see Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker in next Spider-Man movie as he is perfect for this and proved so in first 3 films. I don’t want replacement of Tobey Maguire and also Kirsten Dunst for Mary Jane Watson. Has everybody forgotten James Franco as Harry Osborn? I thanked him very much for acting in Spiderman movies. He was really perfect in supporting role as he did. He may not come in next Spiderman movies because it showed that he (Harry Osborn) died in Spiderman 3 movies. We will miss him. I think it will be good if Venom come back again in Spiderman 5 or 6, not in Spiderman 4. I’m saying that for a gap after Spiderman 3. As because Venom has came in Spiderman 3, he should come back in 5th or 6th installment rather than 4th film, so that everyone can say that “Venom is back!”. Another thing, in Spiderman 3 Venom has been showed in a very short time that is when Eddie Brock is converted into Venom and the duration of Venom is too short. So I wanted to see only Venom as only one villain and want to see him for full time duration in next Spiderman. I hope it will be great. I expecting to come more Spiderman movies come next times and it will be best film and place in top position in Hollywood. I want Tobey, Kirsten, Raimi, and others to come back to make it a worth movies. So, Please bring Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, director Sam Raimi and all characters who acted in previous Spiderman movies. I’m waiting for next Spiderman movies…

  3. Bullfuck asshole shit-eating cum sucking bastards! I will never see another Spidey film. I HATE Maguire as an actor, and the only thing they could remotely do to make me want to see a fourth film is to introduce Lizard, bring back Venom(not carnage), and either kill off or re-cast MJ.

  4. All I have to say is Thank You Lord!!! I think Tobey fits really well and unless they want to wait 10 years to do a new movie like Batman this seems to be the most logical choice. I hate when continuity is throw off (which only counts for main characters that don’t suck…AHEM…Kirsten) Maybe we can even get another taste of “emo-Tobey”…LOL.

  5. Kinda glad that Toby is still first choice but if he declined to reprise the role i wouldn’t blame him for that. All i will ask that if he does take it… don’t cry so much in this one please!

    As for a villian… i still wish they could remake 3 (only you know… good) and minus venom coz thats the whole venom thing ruined now. So carnage would be a substitute i guess for that but i have my doubts whether that would work.

    I say give Dylan Baker the full time role as Connors and have Lizard or Bruce Campbell as Mysterio. Unless they are going to tie in with Fury and Shield then i say keep it to one main villain otherwise it will get messy again.

  6. I don’t care if they keep Tobey or not. What I care about is having a good script that actually feels like a Spiderman story and that can produce a menacing villain. I’m all for The Lizard. I feel like if they did the Carnage story it would be too risky because they might bring back (gasp!) Topher Grace as Eddie Brock, and that would be a disaster.

  7. I don’t think Toby will do any more SPIDERMAN. He seemed already tired of the franchise during the making of SPIDERMAN 3, which he probably only did because his contract demanded it.
    I remember one interview for part three, where he was asked if he liked the Spiderman-movies so far. His very unenthusiastic sounding answer was: “Yeah…..kind of.” His heart wasn’t in it anymore, if it ever was.

  8. They should definitely make the film about the Carnage saga. I loved those comics and the teaming up of venom with spidey.

    (Or does brock clearly die in the third?, I dont remember)

  9. What the hell story are they going to do? Is there really going to be a script that beats Spiderman 2?

    Mysterio is too camp and I don’t think he’ll make a good conversion to film. Lizard is a possibility but they should just focus on him…and make the film dark as hell. And if they do the Vulture…it will be a miracle.

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