3 thoughts on “Evil Dead: The Musical Spoof Posters

  1. I saw it at the Diesel Playhouse, in March. I totally recommend seeing it while it’s still here. Wear dark clothing, if you’re going to sit within the first 3 rows.

  2. My wife and I saw this one in NYC back in October 2006 and had a blast. The audience was loaded with loud fanboys, and the special effects were still a bit rough yet, but the script and songs were hilarious, and overall, it had the feel of the movies. I would highly recommend.

    And these posters rock! Wish they’d do more.

  3. I’ve been seeing these posters around downtown Toronto for the last couple of weeks and would love to get my hands on a complete set. I wonder if they’re for sale anywhere?

    As for the musical itself, it’s hilarious and everyone should go see it while they still can.

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