New Wanted Trailer

We have another trailer out today for the assassin film Wanted. Check it out!

I like the utilitarian philosophy the assassins share – it is very Vulcan, but the “curving the bullet” scene comes off as very cheesy to me. I think this trailer is ok, but it certainly doesn’t compel me to see the film. International friends – what are your thoughts?

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22 thoughts on “New Wanted Trailer

  1. The second trailer is making this movie look more and more like Shoot Em’ Up and I hated that movie. But I’ll watch anything with Angelina Jolie especially when she is looking this hot. Cant wait till it comes out.

  2. I think you’ve got to think of this movie as a superhero movie rather than an assasin movie. No-one was moaning when the Superman Returns trailer came out with the ‘bullet in the eye’ scene, and that was because he was a super-human and therefore over the top effects like that were acceptable.

    Well these guys are super-human too. They can perform feats that are impossible/physics defying. That’s why I think you should give this movie a chance.

  3. Angie is VERY thin, but in her defense, I believe this was shot around the time that her mother died. After her mom died, she started losing a lot of weight. She was probably too grief-stricken at the time to properly care for herself. I just hope that now that she’s preggers again, she starts eating again.

  4. The trailer was okay.. is it me or does Angelina Jolie look really really skinny and weak? I really didnt enjoy the scenes with her in them.. made me feel sick.

  5. Wow this is nothing like the comic at all. Why the fuck would they buy the source material if this is what they give us? Goddamnit, I was kind of excited.

  6. I don’t know. I’m not sold, but I’m not totally out, either. It looks like it has potential, but it also has potential to suck hard. Jolie is really hit or miss, and the premise looks like it will wear thin after about twenty minutes. We’ll see, I guess.

    And Angie needs a burger. She looks really thin, and her arms look like chicken bones.

  7. I think it was amazing. I think that there are movies that should be serious, and there are movies that deserve the over-the-top action. I think this is the latter, and it should be looked at as such. Yes, the bullet curving is cheesy, but the movie isn’t meant to be a realistic look into the lives of assassins. It’s supposed to be a kick-ass film about fake assassins.

  8. Oh goody. Another movie where they take a completely random dude and turn him into a super soldier (not to mention a ladies man) in less then two hours.

  9. This trailer…is horrible. The previous trailer…was horrible. The curve bullet…what is so damn special about it? That doesn’t make me interested in the film, it makes me wonder if the makers on the film think an audience is tweaked out on speed pills. It makes me go “BIg Budget film and they use a lame ass effect like that? Where is the cameo by Steven Seagal- because those piss poor cartoon like bullets show up in his crap DTV films…by the dozen.

    Oh, excuse me, a variation of that asscrap.

    Having Jolie in the film already lowered my expectations. I like her dramatic performances, but that bullshit Tomb Raider and the overrated Mr. and Mrs. Smith, her role here looks like a blend of the two.

    That supposed to impress me? Her eyes and her fish lips?
    This won’t get my ticket. It won’t get my time.

  10. I’m the opposite of you Doug. I actually thought the curving bullet looked pretty awesome. My anticipation for this movie jumped up about ten percent. That means I am at 110% now.

  11. goodbar come on thier was no way to do the graphic novel as a film. The sex alone would have made in nc 17 not to mention the violence. I am just glad we are getting some version of this mark millar classic

  12. the Devil.. & Pacemaker are righton!

    If anyone gets the chance pickup the graphic novel. Its COMPLETLEY different than this “adaptation”. I know Jolie is hot but wow..this doesnt look anything like the comic.

    I know the subject matter is waaaay to risque for the average hollywood studio but cmon!! Super-villians ruling the world and raping & pillaging whatever they want…how awesome a movie idea is that

    oh yeah and did i mention that Angelina is hot?

  13. Sigh. So I guess they only picked the parts they liked from the graphic novel and tossed out the rest in order to avoid a lawsuit.

    Unfortunately I rather liked that the fraternity was one of SUPER-VILLAINS and that it was high on nihilism. This just looks like typical hollywood save-the-world-action-sclock.

  14. cool trailer, but it doesnt compell me anymore 2 c it than i already am
    it wasnt cheesy, until the whole “goodbye” written on the bullet. i hope the movie isnt full of stuff like that :/

  15. The trailer starts out wicked with an over-the-top-and-entirely-unbelievable-but-still-fuckin-rad passenger pick up and then moves into a series of shooting a bullet around meat, around corners, and around Angelina Jolie.

    Like the trailer was punched in the head repeatedly until there was nothing left but mush.

  16. I think the should not say its based on the comic Wanted, its just another example of taken a known name and making a product thats vastly different from its scource material. This is the conclusion i’ve come to from reading the comic and reading up on the movie and viewing the trailers

  17. i guess it does look a bit cheesy… BUT I wasn’t interested in this movie at all until I saw this trailer. Now I’m interested.

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