Jennifer’s Body

DiabloDiablo Cody has another script ready to be forged to film; and it sounds cooler than Juno. We get the following news about Jennifer’s Body thanks to the fabled caves of Yahoo:

Adam Brody and J.K. Simmons have joined the cast of the dark comedy/horror feature “Jennifer’s Body,” Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman’s follow-up collaboration to “Juno.”

Cody’s script centers on Jennifer (Megan Fox), a cheerleader possessed by a demon who starts feeding off the boys in a Minnesota farming town. Her bookish best friend (Amanda Seyfried) must take drastic measures to protect their town. Brody will play Nikolai, a hot lead singer of an up-and-coming rock band with a penchant for evil. Simmons plays Mr. Wroblewski, a high school science teacher.

This film sounds rad as fuck! A demon possessed cannibal cheerleader attacks small town Minnesota! Sign me up for tickets now!

I am so glad Diablo Cody won an oscar, and follows it up with a film like this. Diablo, we here at The Movie Blog salute your awesomeness and look forward to all stories that will be birthed from your delightful noodle. Some ideas just plain get me excited; and this is certainly one of them. I am pumped to follow this film’s progress, and am already anxious to see it. Cheerleaders and the devil are like PB&J in my books.

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13 thoughts on “Jennifer’s Body


      For one thing it’s stupid not to know how to spell “ugly.” Second, insulting someone because they think a girl that everyone on Earth think is hot is stupid. Your whole comment is more stupid than the movie itself. Stupid.

  1. this sounds like a good movie i cant wait till i watch it with my familey and magen fox is so pretty and she is such a good acter i love her movies like confessions of a teenage drama queen she was good in that thats why i think this movie will be so good

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