Star Wars Clone Wars gets North American Theatrical Release

There has been a lot of talk about the new Star Wars animated series Clone Wars and news recently came out that England would be getting the first three Episodes as a Feature film shown in theaters but no word about a US release. Much grumbling was had from Star Wars fans on this side of the pond.

But wait, there is a New Hope (see what I did there? Huh? Yeah, nevermind)

Larry at The TVShow reports

Star Wars: The Clone Wars will open in North American theaters Friday, August 15. International release dates will be announced soon.

So there you have it fanboys. The first three episodes of Star Wars Clone Wars will be a feature film before the season kicks off this fall.

Likely the series will pick up where the movie lets off, and a DVD will be available before its fall release on TV. Will you be going to see the movie or waiting for the release?

Larry also points out that it will not be distributed by Fox, which makes this the first Star Wars film that would not be preceded by the Searchlight Orchestra Fanfare. Another tidbit was that John Williams composed the Star Wars theme to be in the same key as the fanfare, as to not clash with the distributor’s credit segment.

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7 thoughts on “Star Wars Clone Wars gets North American Theatrical Release

  1. I think the guy that writes Filmdrunk says it best:


    Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a full length feature based on the animated Clone Wars series from the Cartoon Network, is coming to theaters on August 15th. You can watch the teaser here. Or you can point your Star Wars action figures at each other and go “Pew pew!” and it’s pretty much the same thing.

    ** “I felt there were a lot more ‘Star Wars’ stories left
    ** to tell,” said “Star Wars” creator George Lucas, who
    ** will executive produce the project. [Reuters]

    Translation: “Star Wars fanboys have been writing fan fiction garbage nonstop since the 70s – all I have to do is slap my name on it and they airdrop bales of money on my estate from blimps. Now I own an empire, an EMPIRE I tell you! AHAHAHAHAHA!”

    ** I know we’ll be in theaters on August 15th watching
    ** this movie… The theater is such a great platform and
    ** atmosphere to launch this series in, and I can’t wait
    ** to see all the crowds and people, young and old, who
    ** will be there enjoying it together. [FirstShowing]

    Christ, what are you, five? Are you trying to write a Benetton ad? George Lucas needs to ride the racecar bed off into the sunset like yesterday.

  2. Ya know what fuck DBZ!!! That show sucks and the movie will suck too. I cant understand why so many hate the newer Star Wars films. I like to read stories made by some of these ppl that say these newer movies were terrible. Ill read them and im sure they will be much more terrible then what Lucas made.

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