Movie Blog Uncut – Feb 11th 2008

Hey there folks. Sorry for the fact that there was no podcast on Friday. There were no technical problems, the day just simply got too busy and we couldn’t get around to doing the podcast. Today, you’ll notice there is no video… that IS because of a technical problem… I forgot to charge the camera’s batteries (D’oH!!). But fear not, the audio is still here and in full force, so sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing sounds as Doug and I discuss:

1) The Indiana Jones trailer coming on Thrusday

2) Destro recast

3) The passing of Roy Scheider

4) Fool’s Gold

5) The Band’s Visit

6) The Hottie and the Nottie

7) In Bruges

8) Conan remake with Rob Zombie directing?

9) Possible Mortal Kombat remake

All this and a few things more.


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23 thoughts on “Movie Blog Uncut – Feb 11th 2008

  1. @alfie

    “A modern day Peckinpah”
    Bite off your tongue! Blasphemy!

    Hey, it took me awhile to warm up to ‘Devil’s Rejects’, but that was only because I suffer from insomnia and was bored out of my damn mind while flipping through cable channels. Damn film’s on every other month I swear to God.

    But Alfie, I think there is a bona fide solution to this all. Rob Zombie should leave Conan alone. Sherri Moon Zombie might pass for the Sandhal Bergman role, but in all honesty…

    Rob Zombie would be f’kn crazy awesome directing Mortal Kombat!!!!!!! Just think of all those…fatalities! Scorpon ripping a dude’s heart out. Sonya Blade showing tit and kicking some dude in the nads before breaking his neck, and Shang Shung saying “Finish Him, Motherfucker!”

  2. i think zombie is a good director with one truly great film under his belt “the devils rejects” which is just fucking awesome.

    with his halloween i prefer the first half funnily enough…when the film becomes a condensed 45 minute remake of the entire original film it loses me as at that point we have seen it all before and while I am normally against explaining villains and giving them sympathetic back stories after 8 or 9 films in a series it was refreshing to see someone come in and have a completely different take even when it fails the way it does.

    house of 1000 corpses is just pure insanity….a crazy film which i also enjoy but devils rejects is a truly great great film.

    a modern day peckinpah…….love it and am I very excited about him having a go at conan.

    i would much rather see someone with a unique vision have a crack rather then some a list hack who will just make it some kind of lazy lord of the rings rip off……

  3. The double dragon movie with Mark Dacascos Fuckin Rocks my socks off it’s so good… I tried buying it but you can’t find it anywhere… discontinued or something which is a shame… it’s one of those movies that you’ld expect to find in the $5 bin at walmart… but should actually be in a golden chest delivered from the heavens!

  4. John,

    As usual, I enjoyed Mondays show, as usual. But, do you think there is any possible way to have Darren on Skype for one show? I really enjoy the chemistry between the three of you. I understand that it’s more difficult to have the regular round-table on while you’re in LA.

    Also, I don’t know if you’ve seen this, but Leo Laporte has a really informative page on his Podcasting equipment rig and how he does it. I think you’re a TWiT listener, and you’ve probably noticed how ridiculously good it sounds even though his whole panel is on Skype.

    And Phil, you’re right, the Double Dragon movie was NOT awesome. : )

  5. Since there is a resurgence in older action heroes, Die Hard, Rocky Balboa, Rambo and even Taken from the looks of things, they should try to get Arnold for the part again. Make a story about an older Conan who has to kick ass because some asshole tries to fuck with him and his many honeys.
    Arnold only needs to stiffen up his man boobs and grow a scraggy beard and he’s all set. Make it fucking brutal, Rambo style where Conan is an actual fucking ass tearing barbarian who doesn’t give a fuck.

  6. I am one of those who likes Rob Zombie as a director, I think he is still learning, but his movies have become better each time, however… A Rob Zombie Conan does not interest me in the slightest. It’s just not the right fit. His movies have all been very small in scale and I can’t really see him directing an epic.

    I think Nagy should direct the next Conan.

  7. Christopher Eccleston did not leave Doctor Who inexplicably. He only agreed to do one year. There was some media attention at the time that made it sound otherwise, I believe, but it was pre-planned.

  8. I agree with john on mortal kombat, I thought it was fun movie but i could take a remake. no skin off my nose i would like to see if what they do with it, if its bad its bad it doesnt affect my mood, I ve many movie that are awful that are not remakes so what the hell

  9. That must be the most embarrassing thing that you have ever said John – “Can I have one ticket for the Hottie and the Nottie?”

    If Rob Zombie remakes Conan then the Doug Nagy rant would probably be the funniest thing ever. Mortal Kombat is a rubbish game and no more movies should be made of it.

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