Joe Johnston Brought On To Direct Wolfman

WolfmanWell it looks like the Wolfman has found a new director in Joe Johnson, we get wind of this call up thanks to our friends at moviesonline:

One of the shining aspects of the upcoming remake of the classic 1941 The Wolf Man was director Mark Romanek as we told you when the film was first announced. He left the project over ‘creative differences’ and ‘budget concerns’ according to variety. Since then many names have been dropped as possible replacements and today from CHUD comes word the director will be Joe Johnston. Joe directed Hidalgo which was a great movie, and this will be his first Foray into the horror genre.

Benicio del Toro has long been attached as the title character, Larry Talbot. Recently added to the cast have been Anthony Hopkins as his father and Emily Blunt as the female lead. Be sure to keep it here and as soon as Romaneks replacement is announced we will let you know.

When a director leaves, it never give you a good feeling. It’s like the captain of a ship jumping overboard in the middle of a storm. The crew is left standing around confused and the mission is certainly looking grim.

It’s good that they were able to get johnson on board as soon as they did, and hopefully they will be “up to speed” shortly. I am certainly curious to see how this film fares; my natural assumption is that if the Director bailed – it was probably a shit movie, with no hope, and he deemed it worse for his career than the act of bailing. This could of course be a brash and unwarranted assumption on my part; but the proof will be in the pudding, and we will see said pudding soon enough.

I enjoy movies about lycanthropes, and certainly hope that this project tickles me fancy. The film was penned by Andrew Kevin Walker, he wrote Seven, which was kick-ass and I certainly am interested in seeing his take on Werewolves. Even with the director switch up, The Wolf Man remains scheduled for a 2009 release date!

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