Anne Hathaway To Be honored At ShoWest

Hathaway AnneAnne Hathaway will be crowned at ShoWest as female star of the year – we get the news from the professionals at Variety:

Anne Hathaway has been tapped as ShoWest’s female star of the year. Hathaway, who was last seen as Jane Austen in “Becoming Jane,” recently completed the adaptation of “Get Smart” alongside Steve Carell, slated for release in June. Hathaway will be feted along with other honorees during ShoWest’s annual convention, skedded for March 10-13 in Las Vegas.

I am not sure how they come up with these ShoWest awards, but if it gets the kids out of the house – I am all for it! Robert Downey Jr. was tapped for an award this year and now it looks like Anne will be taking a place alongside him. She is certainly a talented young lady with outstanding acting ability and a classic “porcelain doll” look. I am certain we will hear more nominees in the coming days and will be sure to keep you informed.

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5 thoughts on “Anne Hathaway To Be honored At ShoWest

  1. This award has nothing to do with simply the current or the previous year’s accomplishments. Try Googling the award, take a look at who’s won it. This should help you understand what it’s about. You might still not agree with the choices…but do you actually understand what ShoWest is? Why they hold it, who it is that holds it and who attends? Anybody? Beuller? Beuller?

  2. earlier this year i shot a movie on a camcorder and posted it on the web. written by, directed by, and starring me. where is my showest honor? because my bootleg movie was better than what anne hathaway has put out this year.

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