Uncut Live – Recorded Feb 6th 2008

Hey there folks. We’re going to try a little experiment and we need your input. Normally we don’t “rebroadcast” the live show (that we do every Wednesday night at 9pm EST, 6pm PST), but some of you have been asking for it. So here is just the first 30 minutes of the live show that we did last night.

Check it out, and then please let me know if it’s something you’d be interested in us putting up everything or not. Should we just do the first 30 minutes? Should we include just the audio feed? Should we include it in our podcast feed? Should we just stick to what we’re doing and not put up the Wednesday shows at all for rebroadcast? Your input shapes what we do here. Thanks!

(By the way, if you’re looking forward to GI Joe… you may not want to watch this… Doug really goes off on it)

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24 thoughts on “Uncut Live – Recorded Feb 6th 2008

  1. Noone needs any video for podcasts. Period. Please don’t listen to that shit and increase the bandwidth so you can feel even more important.
    Just put up the audio. Not the first 30 minutes. The whole thing, just as usual. I never watched the live show, but would glady listen to it. And again, noone needs video for two guys sitting there.

  2. Hi, I would love to see the whole show at the site after it has aired live. I never seem to catch it when i airs. I would love the whole video and audio! Thx.

  3. I’m busy and when I can catch the live show I do but to often I don’t get to and I’m sure there are plenty others in the same boat that enjoy the podcast but miss out so I’m all for you guys putting the whole thing up not just the measly 30 minutes.

  4. I love the casts but I work and miss the live shows. I would love to have this show put up in full so I can watch it when I get home. Also, if I have questions for the show can I email them prior to the show and if so where?

  5. I say keep this up. I can do the live shows most of the time, but if I miss one, it’d be nice to be able to just come here and see it. Plus, the international friends seem to want it, so give it to ’em!

  6. Oh alfie, you and your ignorance! Al Pacino still churns out good Al Pacino stuff. De Niro never gave a truly brilliant performance – sure he acted alot in his roles, but never did he achieve truth in them.

    A fucking red-bearded Douglas Nagy in video is always a huge plus for any website, and this is no different. The more red-bearded Douglas Nagy that is on the main page of the webiste, the better it becomes! Charge.

  7. when were pacino and de niro last relevant???

    seriously….who gives a fuck about either of them anymore….this will be a piece of junk like all the films they make now….

    and don’t worry about 50 cent ruining the film…when pacino decides he is going to ruin a movie nothing on earth can get in the way of his hammy over acting ass.
    he is so over rated its incredible. hes’s great in a so bad its good way but otuside of marvelling at his SHOUTING instead of acting he has nothing to offer.

    and de niro gave up caring a long time ago obviously…..

  8. Great podcast. I watched in rerun because 9 EST is three in the morning in Sweden. I think you guys are great. Great news and Doug’s fabulous rants are taken down to earth by John’s sense of keeping it to the subject.

    I’m not that much into superhero movies but it’s fun to watch your excitement over who should play that and that part of a super villain I’ve never heard of. GI Joe wasn’t that big in Sweden. I think I am like five years too young (31) because older friends had some GI JOE action figures.

    Anyway, where can I watch the entire show?


  9. Even if I can’t find the time to listen to the show live I used to download it from NowLive. I’d love it if it were included in the podcast feed. Makes it more linear.

    I love the fact we have video now, but would rather get it via RSS and downloadable for the PSP or iPod.

  10. I appreciate the re-broadcast since I cant listen to the live show because of scheduling. It would be awesome if it was included in the podcast feed because in some ways it is just another ep of the movie blog, and I don’t wanna miss any of it.

  11. Yes definetely post these, It’s like 4am here in Europe when the show airs, a lot of the international friends are missing out although I’ve been listening to the mp3 in the nowlive site…but video would be nice

  12. It should be done. Not only would it help in the ways previously stated, but it will attract more to the Wednesday night live edition! I’m sure there are a lot of people like me out there who think it would be a good idea, but never get around to actually watching the live show.

    Now having experienced it firsthand I’ll be sure to mark my calendar!

  13. yes please make both the full video & audio show available for download:)

    let the other guys im never home to participate in the live show


  14. The way I see it John, its like marketing.

    The people want you to post it

    It increases your ability to attract a larger audience.

    Adds to The Movie Blog brand

    It increases the quality of TMB brand

    Its another feather in the cap of TMB

    It adds to the services that TMB offers to their targeted demographic.

    Change is inevitable. Those who resist it and don’t change, die.

    Enough reasons John?

  15. i completely agree w/ sfsilver

    please rebroadcast… I can never catch the live show cause of my schedule, but i have no problem d/l the monday show after the fact and enjoying it… in fact i had never missed a show “until” you started live ::so sad::

  16. Thank you!!! I know i would like to see the whole show, but the first 30 minutes is good too.

    Last night’ show was great i caught the end. But i missed the G.I joe rant so i’m glad to see it.

  17. I would think that everyone would benefit from the show being available in a variety of ways. I rarely have the time to participate/listen to live shows and am usually only able to listen via i-tunes posting. If you believe that what you talk about has value (which I believe it does!) then let listeners and audience come to you in whichever way is convenient for them.

    I know this means more work for you, but you’ve got financial backing and any chance to increase your listener/reader base and drive more traffic to the site is good for all involved.

    Keep up the great work!

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