Marvel Romancing Statham For Sub Mariner Role

Submariner300DpiIt looks like Marvel is looking to lock up the super-hero of the sea and has been knocking on the door of Mr. Jason Statham to see if he is interested. We were made aware of this news thanks to our friends at the moviehole:

Jason Statham, an ex-pro swimmer, is keen to re familiarize himself with the wet stuff it seems. The big guy is someone Marvel apparently likes for comic-book character ‘The Sub-Mariner’…. he’s just not convinced he’s the right man for the job.

”I don’t know if I’d look right running around in a tight speedo with wings on my ankles”, laughs Statham in an interview with IESB, “I’m trying to think of what would be a good comic book character for me to play. You know, there’s talk of them redoing The Crow. That was a good movie with Brandon Lee, although that was years ago. So if that one comes my way, bang!”

I agree with Statham that he doesn’t look the part for Namor, but with makeup and a jet black wig he may be able to pull it off. It is hilarious that he commented on the costume of Namor, whoever takes this role on will be mostly nude the entire film. Namor is free in the sea with his scaled underpants, bracers and a trident! I think having an underwater adventure film would be hard to pull off, it wil be interesting to see if this film ever happens.

What is crazy about the above quote is the interest Statham has in a crow remake. The crow was enjoyable enough, but I do not think a remake is necessary. The Crow was pretty goth last time out, maybe this time they will make the crow emo so he can better relate to the youngsters of this generation. I think Namor > Crow any day of the week and hope Statham decides to choose fish over birds.

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30 thoughts on “Marvel Romancing Statham For Sub Mariner Role

  1. Wow, there’s alot of buzz on this character huh.

    Most Importantly…Namor is Marvel’s first and mightiest mutant, imperius rex!! He made his first appearance in Fantastic Four #4, if i am not mistaken. At least from the Silver Age….and back in like 1939 for the Golden Age…he even precedes Marvel Comics themselves, hell he even appeared in Marvel Comics #1 when they first originated! He’s been an Avenger, a Defender, an Invader…..hell HE is responsible for discovering and thawing out Captian America in the Artic!

    SO yes, he could be introduced in Fantastic 4 #3, He could appear in an Avengers movie, which the stage has already been set at the end of Hulk 2. As as mentioned above, he could be in there somewhere in the upcoming Cap movie. I think they should do all 3 and then give him is own movie.

    Costumes? Has anyone watched a comic movie lately? Some follow costumes from the comics some don’t. He DOESN’T have to be in a lil Van Damme bikini…he could wear “boy shorts” Or better yet they could create some kind of scale system somewhat like Mystique. There are ways to go about it and not be “gay.” Its funny but Americans are the only ones who dont wear speedos, use the metric system or drive in KM/hr, oh yeah and we dont allow nudity on our beaches. Anyways…tangent.

    As far as effects go….if one looks back in history a good portion of Namor’s time is spent on the surface world anyways. And if you take a cue from Frank Miller…anything is possible in film now. He has set the new bar for which all others should meet. A gritty ultraviolent Crow could be done in this fashion, especially if they don’t hold back any punches.

    Casting??? Unfortunately some of comics coolest, darkest and most occult characters have made the WORST movies…i.e. Spawn, Ghost Rider, Punisher (Doplh Lungrens was the best n thats not saying much). Namor personally is one of my favorite characters, however i have always been obsessed with the ocean…and am not only a recreational diver but also a commercial “deep sea” diver…this movie MUST be made right or NOT at all. I like Jason Statham but he tends to play ONE character in every movie, and with HAIR? Have you seen him in Revolver, Guy Ritchie’s 4th movie? I’m not feeling it with him. The Rock? YES, much more so, and whom is very comfortable running around in a swimsuit and knee high boots, and so very NOT gay…jabronee! I hope Marvel takes the casting of this role seriously, and they seem to be doing much better now that THEY have their own studio and have more control of what goes on with their properties. WHO would have ever thought RObert Downey Jr would have done such a great job at Iron Man? Wheras Liv Tyler was WEAK as Betty in Hulk 2…Jennifer Connely IS beautiful and smart AND vulnerable. A little more attention should be paid to Wizard Magazines casting calls….alot of people where in strong agreement of Harvey Keitel or Glenn Danzig as Wolverine…actually Statham wouldve been a BETTER Wolverine than Jackman. Ed Harris could have been a younger Prof X, even Magneto….We have also seen what happens when fanboy actors get cast as their favorite characters….ie Jen Garner, Ben Affleck and Nick Cage.

    Storylines??? Most of the time Namor has invaded the surface world has been in regards to affronts made to his underwater kingdom…i.e. pollution such as the Exxon spill….and with today’s global warming frenzy, now would be a good time to help raise more awareness, REAL awreness of pollution, overfishing etc Did you know that every year an ocean floor area the size of texas is destroyed of the south american west coast? Due to drag net fishing. I think that might piss off the Prince of Atlantis just a tad…..whatever happened to icons like that? We had Gi Joe in the 80’s cold war. Captain America during WW2….hell McGruff the Crime dog used to tell ya to take a bite outta crime.

    Maybe if you had Namor breathing down yer neck threatening to crack yer skull, you might REALLY respect the planet? LOL I dunno.

    Nuff said

  2. If you have seen Arnold Schwarznegger in the action movie Commando where he was in the beach coastline to rescue his girl (ie Alyssa Milano) in the island, he looked good on speedo plus with his muscular built and crew haircut. All he needs are pair of ankle wings and a trident fork.

    He would have been perfect to play as Namor The Submariner.

    What would be his famous quote “I am Prince Namor of Atlantis”?

    The Rock will be another perfect actor to play Namor, too.

    CGI special effects will be needed to put actors in a simulated ocean water.

  3. Jamie said: “lol HAHAHAAH htis is the worst marvel characters ever made…lmao omg this is soooo funny

    no but i think hes great for it i guess lol ill totally watch it but its just that character is so homo lmao”

    So is that your super power? Spotting gay people? It’s been my experience that only gay people usually have “gaydar”. The rest of us don’t really need it. However, since you brought it up… we’re all homos. Homosapiens. Namor is Homomermanus. Go ahead laugh it up, we all see the word anus in there too, but maturity allows us to ignore it and comprehend the actual information contained in the sentence rather than just picking out funny words.

    So, Namor being into Sue Richards, that whole thing just flies right over your head right? Too focused on the speedo to catch that? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Don’t worry your secret is safe with us. ;) Oh, and you might wanna check out some Northstar comics. I think he’s right up your alley if you catch my drift *wink*

  4. The water doesn’t seem like the toughest obstacle to overcome. Especially for Jason Statham. I would think it’s the Shakespearean acting that would be required of Statham were he to accept the role of Namor that would be the hardest thing to overcome. I haven’t really ever seen him utter much more than a mumble. Namor is a bold, eloquent speaker, as a ruler of the deep he needs to command authority. Can Statham manage this eloquence and command such authority? We’ll see… I hope!

  5. Marvel DOES seem to miscast based on the comic characters’ illustrations and temperament.

    For example, X-Men was totally off. It should have been- Iman is Storm, Jackman as Cyclops, and Harvey Keitel as wolverine as the man cast. Relative heights and general appearance betwen the characters did matter- Cyclops was the eader and tallest- wolverine is scrappy and shorter (and much more weathered) Marsden was totally too weak as the leader of Xmen pre wolverine.

    statham isn’t such a good choice- maybe Tyson Beckford

    After all non-traditional casting made Jessica Alba sue Richards, right? He’s cut, looks the part and has a brooding persona already.

  6. (Type your comment here. Make sure you’ve read the commenting rules before doing so)I believe that the Submariner should make his first appearance in Fantastic Four Three. He should wear his green-scaled trunks as in the comic. Someone exotic with a fantastic build should plat the role. One suggestion is The Rock.

  7. Prince NAMOR is most definitely Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson…he’s already got the look and the Stare…Just needs da pointy ears and Jet Black Hair!!!
    …he needs to get slightly bigger though but definitely get defined with lots more cuts…after all Namor swims 24/7….
    ….can’t wait for this movie to be made… it’s about time for a unique Deep Sea Adventure… nothing that has been ever done before with any Marvel character… let’s face it Waterworld sucked big time!!!
    ….for some reason I always pictured Namor sitting in his throne just like King Conan ….all alone just plain bored to death and just about ready to pick a fight with anybody…..

  8. … Jude Law or Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Namor. I have been a Marvel Fan since childhood, and I am now 50 years old. Experience outweighs opinion every time. Beef up Jude a little, and he has the look, as well as the height. Dwayne…. well, you get the pticture. he has the versatility that he has proven himself to be the New action hero. This would be an exciting role for him.
    Also, Jaimon Honsou would be formidable as T’challa. He has the height, body, as well as the African accent and background.

    Power Man… either Michael Clarke Duncan ( hehas the beef and the height) and the smaller version, Ving Rhames.

  9. It is a fact that Statham is a short balding dude. He would need to grow, wear a hair piece, and gain 80 pounds of muscle to look the role as the comic requires. That is just the facts. There are so many roles he can play.

    The Jackman comparsion is dumb because other than being taller, he fits the bill. Right down to the eyes.

    Tobey fits Parker as well. If you don’t like him, that’s a different story.

    Namor has an over the top persona, swagger, and a pretention. For the Rock, who fits the look of Namor, all he would have to do is play the persona he played in wrestling. And be the guy he was in his college football days. It’s in him to play Namor.

    Despite what movie snobs might think, the Rock, given the right vehicle, can fill seats. Don’t bring up Doom or the football daddy movie. This year alone many stars who can break box office records have also had bombs and success.

  10. @ kryptinite

    opinion. i think sub mariner dude pawns
    but i think stathan can be sub mariner

    fact. if tobey mcwire can be spiderman- starthan can be moon knight (no wait- that wont be that bad!! if he grows his hair!! haha hey!)

  11. @Hero Stew :

    1. My mind isn’t ^that^ open. Jack Black as Batman (or Green Lantern, for that matter) is unreasonable of course. But, using your arguement, there is no reason why Hugh Jackman should have played (or still be playing) Wolverine. Isn’t the character shorter in the comics than the actor who plays him? Note: I am NOT saying anything bad about the casting of that character or the actor.

    2. I said the “look” of Statham (who appears to jave shot down the role anyway) would fit closer to the look of Sub-Mariner of the Golden Age. As for the character’s stories in Golden Age, that was backstory I had to catch up on. I never said anything about better stories or fleshing out of the character in Silver Age and beyond.

    3. Fact???!! No. That’s opinion. Nothing more, nothing less. While my wish preferences for Namor isn’t Statham (“I could see him in the role” isn’t exactly the same as “I want him in the role”) I wouldn’t mind one bit if Johnson was cast as Namor. Again, Statham turned it down…but it was Marvel Productions who gave him the call. Both talents (Statham and Johnson-or Vin Diesel for that matter) are hit and miss.

    4. Let’s say for the sake of arguement that Statham was cast. Does that mean the character will lack depth or be any less that if Rock had it? I can’t make that claim anymore than you can.

  12. @Darren

    You must have read Sub Mariner in brail.

    It has nothing to do with an open mind. Jack Black couldn’t play Batman. Statham can’t play Namor.

    Unless he is willing to wear a black hair piece. Grow 4 inches. Put on 80 pounds of muscle. And wear special make up to get the distinct brows that the Rock can already do. I like Statham a lot. But Namor he is not. Not opinion. Fact.

    Getting to the essence of the character? The character is closer to The Rock than Statham. Again, thats just fact.

    Stop reading the golden age comics where the character lacked the depth that Stan Lee later gave him in the Silver Age Marvel run.

  13. @Hero Stew

    I have read Namor, thank you. I also tend to keep an open mind when it comes to actors being cast in movies based on comics. If Statham were cast, I would think that the look would be closer to the Golden Age Namor, as opposed to say, the 90’s.

    Whoever is cast, the part must have the essence of the character.


    Who said the entire film is underwater? Who said the entire water sequences are CGI?


    Johnson is hit or miss. He has a film like Doom, it’s a miss…but then he shows up in Gridtion Gang…and he’s good.

  14. I’m sorry, but I just don’t think the film industry of today can successfully pull off a movie that takes palce completely under water. It would be amazing to see, but I JUST don’t think we’re there yet. When it comes to producing good CGI fire and water and all that…we just aren’t there. The fire effects on Ghost Rider were pretty good, but it was also VERY expensive to create those effects. Now a movie that is ALL under water, where the characters talk and move around under water the WHOLE movie. naaaaaaah. not there.

  15. im interested in the flicks marvel makes but i dont have big expectations of any of them.
    i think that the majority of them will land in the fantastic four / ghost rider bin.

  16. For any one to say Statham would be good for Namor has niether read a Sub Mariner comic nor looked at the graphic with this post.

    To be blunt. A short white balding guy shouldn’t play Namor. Not opinion. Fact.

    The Rock fits Namor in attitude and look. Right down to the crazy brows.

    Please. No more Crow movies.

  17. First off, I know Doug got the news from Moviehole, but the interview was from IESB.

    The Crow:

    In theory…I would not mind a remake. Let me be totally 100% clear on this. I would not mind a remake but, ONLY if the film is closer to the James O’Barr graphic novel. In other words, Eric and Shelly are attacked by thugs when thier car breaks down. Either that, or a whole new Crow film (#5, for those keeping track) with, of course, a brand new Crow. Note: Statham should play the heavy either way should someone (Ed Pressman?) grant his wish.

    I could see Statham in the role. Since he’s also played bad guys, heroes, and characters who are somewhat ‘anti-hero’…I can see why he’s been approached. I also think whoever actor playing the character might also have some makeup…after all, his mother had light blue skin.


    Iron Fist- not a bad thought; but…I would much rather see him in a DC property.
    Jean-Paul Valley or Deadshot, or, better yet…Hawkman.

  18. @ Klendathu

    wow dude- great idea- stathan as iron fist, thats like the perfect match i mean i can picture him already with the dragon tatoo in his chest- no hes perfect for iron fist- and if they did that they can just use anyone for this submarine boy- like dwayne the rock johnson lik hero stew sayd

  19. lol HAHAHAAH htis is the worst marvel characters ever made…lmao omg this is soooo funny

    no but i think hes great for it i guess lol ill totally watch it but its just that character is so homo lmao

    ok ook well anyways yah i guess its a great idea

    i mean i like the character but its just 4 some reason he makes me laugh

  20. First, they need to leave The Crow alone. The only Crow movie that was good was the Brandon Lee one, the Kirsten Dunst one wasn’t bad but still not as dark as Brandon’s.

    Don’t get me wrong when I say this because I do love comic book movies but why the hell would you make a movie on the Sub Mariner? Especially when there are other comics more worthy of a movie. There’s a few Universes of characters to choose from and they seem to keep remaking ones that shouldn’t be remade.

  21. I think he can look like Namor, no problem but he’s no prince of the deep. Namor is supposed to be a regal guy and Statham (much as i like him) can only do his own ‘ard British accent. But i think he knows that, bless him.

  22. So instead of joining a family of movies that has attracted the likes of Ed Norton and Robert Downey Jr he wants to follow in the footsteps of Mark Dacascos in another Crow movie. Wisdom

  23. Actually more recent versions of the the character have him in pants and an open vest, so the actor playing the role wouldn’t necessarily be relegated to speedo.

    though who wants to swim while they’re fully dressed? ;-)

  24. This would be a huge mistake if they cast Statham as Namor. I love Jason Statham and think he is great in just about everything he does but I dont know who is smoking what to come up with a casting call like this.

    First off, Im not totally sure that the Submariner would make a good Marvel movie and secondly, they would need to cast someone very exotic looking and very capable in the role of Namor, the Submariner.

    I would avoid this if I were Marvel.

    They cant even lock down the really really easy ones like Ghost Rider and the Fantastic Four.

    I cringe when I hear about something like this….

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