Harvey Weinstein Wants More Rambo

1028RamboWell it looks like Harvey Weinstein has not yet had his fill of John Rambo. We get word today that he is interested in putting out another shoot em up with the legendary bowman. This story comes to us from the mouth of Weinstein, thanks to our friends at firstshowing:

Harvey Weinstein, of The Weinstein Company, mentioned to Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood that he wants to see yet another sequel, and “even has a plot in mind ‘bringing the character back to the United States’.” Although the franchise presumably just finished up with the fourth Rambo film, apparently Harvey still has more in mind. Harvey, who turns 56 in March, told Nikki Finke that “I like the idea of an older guy kicking ass. Maybe it’s because I’m older, too.” Who doesn’t like the idea of a 61-year-old Sylvester Stallone kicking more ass?

The last Rambo really wrapped up the character and ended as a last hurrah. I however would certainly be game for another Rambo film. People could set the family farm ablaze and Rambo sets off to kill them. Maybe Rambo goes to a remote village in South Dakota, gets a piss-poor omelet at a breakfast joint and becomes so enraged that he sets the whole town aflame. Any set up would be better than the one in the last film, just get balls deep into the crazy bow hunting, knife wielding and gun toting ASAP and I am all for it.

The last Rambo was an all out assault. I was blown away by the amount and quality of the violence. A few moments actually made me queasy and I thought the phrase “war sucks” more than a few times. Rambo made me appreciate Switzerland a whole lot more.

Although I would be game to see another Rambo massacre-festival I am not certain it would be the right thing to do based on how they “wrapped” the series with the previous film. International friends – would you like to see another Rambo film with Harvey and me, or should they just leave well enough alone?

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7 thoughts on “Harvey Weinstein Wants More Rambo

  1. It is interesting to note that in this new Rambo film Stallone slaughters enemies in the hundreds,

    while in the original “First Blood” he kills two people….by accident

  2. nonon i loved this rambo movie
    my opinion guys.
    i had fun watching it and sincerely if they can get another one like that out in the theatres- go on right ahead!! if they think its gonna make money then FUCK YEEEAH!!

  3. I’m up for a new one, but it should be “small” like First Blood rather than a bloodfest like Rambo. I loved the last movie, but the way it ended it just wouldn’t feel right to place John in another situation like Burma.

    Just like Rocky Balboa felt “small” like Rocky 1 (instead of the large theatrics of Rocky III-IV), Rambo should go back to its theatrical roots.

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