More New Batman Images

It is difficult to bring up the topic of the new Batman movie without still having the death of Heath Ledger fresh on our minds, but as cliche as it sounds “the show must go on”, and I’m sure Heath wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. This is “The Movie Blog” and The Dark Knight is still coming, and with that in mind…

Our friends over at ComingSoon have gotten their hands on a couple of new Batman images that give a solid view on 2 points of contention:

1) The Bat-Outfit. At first I actually really liked the new design of the Batman costume while a lot of other people hated it. I have to admit the more I see of the new outfit, the more I’m starting to dislike it. Keep in mind, the design of the outfit will have NOTHING to do with how good the movie itself is… so even if it is a bad design (which is still up for debate) that doesn’t mean the movie won’t be great.

2) A smaller Christian Bale. Folks, I watched Batman Begins again last night… and it only reinforced my disappointment with how much smaller Christian Bale is this time around. In the picture below, Bale has to be at least 20-25 pounds down from the amazing condition he was in for the first Batman flick. Once again, that says nothing about how good the movie itself will be… it’s just a minor point of sadness for me. I want to see a Batman that looks like he’s about to rip your head off…. instead of one that looks like he’s about to do my taxes for me.



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