Forgotten Hottie: Benjamin Bratt

Since I was a little girl, I have had a MASSIVE crush on this actor. He was the only reason why I would endure watching ‘Law and Order’ at such a young age. After his run on ‘Law and Order,’ I thought he would hit super stardom when he started appearing in big Hollywood films such as ‘Demolition Man,’ and ‘The River Wild.’ However, Benjamin Bratt’s biggest claim to fame (to this day) is that he was Julia Robert’s boyfriend for many years.

This unfortunately was all he was known for, and it became detrimental to his film career. It was 2001’s Pinero, that made me truly see how good of an actor Benjamin Bratt really is. His portrayal of the late poet/playwright was surprisingly well done, yet was hardly noticed by the general public.

Unfortunately, Ben almost committed career suicide when he took on the role as Halle Berry’s love interest in ‘Catwoman.’ He has appeared on mini series, failed television shows, but this year he has two high profile films coming out called ‘Trucker’ and Steven Soderbergh’s two part films,‘The Argentine’ and ‘Guerilla.’ (A director he worked with in ‘Traffic.’) Will this talented and sexy actor finally get his comeback?

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6 thoughts on “Forgotten Hottie: Benjamin Bratt

  1. Sorry Serena,but the problem with him is a complete lack of empathy.
    Dude is bore as a piece of wood with a big role in the middle.
    No good looks whatsoever can compensate this.

  2. @ T-Vo

    Just because 98 percent of the commentators are male, doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of females who frequent the site. I’m writing on this site for BOTH males and females because there IS a demand for it. Just because I’m a girl, I have to just write articles for men? Oh and can you please tell me when I actually reviewed a chick flick? Hmm….I can only recall reviewing HORROR films on this site. Kristina said it perfectly….you weren’t forced to read this article. You could have just skipped over it and dealt with the fact that there is a girl writing on this site.

  3. Umm, she posts it because females actually do come to this site. Nobody forced you to read this post. She can post whatever the fuck she wants to.

    And Serena, Bratt never did much for me, personally.

  4. why? why? why? Why do you make posts like this?
    1.)this is probably a 98% male visited site
    2.)Doug and the others rarely ever post “Forgotten female Hotties”

    Why do you feel the need to post drivel like this or reviews of chick flicks? I hate to say it, but you need a femal centric site, this is definitely not the place since this is more of a Geek-Centric site.

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