Hellboy 2 Cover

I’m a big fan of the first Hellboy movie and I’m also a big fan of Empire Magaize… so I was pretty giddy to see this latest cover:


Guillermo del Toro is rapidly becoming one of my absolute favorite directors. He’s got that Steven Spielberg quality to him that allows him to excell in just about any genre he puts his hands to. From Blade 2, to Hellboy, to Pan’s Labyrinth… and now he’s confirmed to do The Hobbit films… the dude is making one hell of a resume for himslef!

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14 thoughts on “Hellboy 2 Cover

    Del toro is becoming one of those ¨in that dude we trust¨kind of directors!!
    HB2 is high on my 2008 list!
    So bring the Hobbit as soon as possible too!

  2. This is a great cover. Kick ass pic of Pearlman, “40 Movies…” and Natalie vs. Scarlett (I choose Nat)



    I thought ‘Mimic’ was terrific. It was the film that introduced me to Del Toro; it made me go see ‘Cronos’ (which, of course, *is* a late night classic, hah) …but about ‘Mimic’…as much as I liked the film, I wonder how much better it could have been *if* Del Toro was not messed over by the studio, and misled about the projected budget.

    What is interesting is that, ironically, Spielberg’s biggest failure -1941- was also a film mangled up by the studio at the time.

  3. Well I meant to say Spielberg has had his share of turkeys. Maybe I;m being picky but the Blade 2 was really an example of “Hey let’s make some money!”. You have Wesley Snipes killing Vampires like it’s soooo easy and the love interest that suddenly decides to die at the end. Blade 2 will be forgotten soon enough and will be relegated to ‘late night movie status’. I also can’t believe I forgot about The Mimic.

  4. Big fan of del Toro, and Hellboy, but I don’t think I’ve bought an Empire in a long time. All those ridiculous lists they come up with, that 40 Movies that will get you sex for example, it’s like a women’s mag. There’s something very ‘lowest common denominator’ about those kind of lists.

    Frankwolftown, honestly man, del Toro has only had one turkey in his career, and that was Mimic, but it wasn’t even his turkey, it was the studio interference, it was their turkey. Blade 2 was a decent film, definitely not up there with his best work, but far from a turkey.

    I think when he’s got quality films like The Devil’s Backbone, Cronos, Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy, it’s not fair to say he’s came out with his fair share of turkeys, because he ain’t. ;)

  5. Whoa there John! I don’t think you wanna add Blade 2 to that list. You could say it had a Spielberg quality to it but more like “1941” or “The terminal”. Let’s not forget he came out with his share of turkeys. ;-)

  6. I just picked it up today. There’s a great article in it about what really happened on ‘The League of Extrodinary Gentlemen’ between Steve Norrington and Sean Connery.

    But apparently, ‘Casino Royale’ is one of 40 movies that will get you sex. Tis not true say I:p

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