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I’m speechless. Movie Blog reader Kristina sent me the heads up to the Speed Racer trailer as it was shown on Entertainment tonight. Speed Racer isn’t really a flick I’ve been looking forward to at all… the concept of it for a movie just seems kinda weak… but you never know.

Earlier today Doug posted about some of the new images from the film… and they looked bad. But even then you temper your negative impulses because maybe it’ll look better in video and in context. Well… after viewing the Speed Racer trailer from ET… I can tell you it looks even worse. This film looks like it will be a total disaster. Check it out.

Or you can download the HD version of the trailer here

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67 thoughts on “Speed Racer Trailer

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  2. I have been watched speed racer for one year ago. I remember how crazy I was before release of this movie and I was wondered when I had seen because this movie better then my expectation. It was totally action thriller, exciting and also great animation with awesome graphic presentation. It challenged other Hollywood movies as it says that “our time is starts now”.

  3. I just sat here and read all your comments, some I agree with, others I do not. I personally was a HUGE speed racer fan growing up and am a huge fan of the movie. Bottomline, I thought the movie was fun and tried to be hip with today’s expectations.

  4. I think the movie could had been a whole lot better. To please the old-school fans, here’s a list I would include (or change):

    (1) Keep the story with the Mach 5 (instead of the Mach 4 and Mach 6).
    (2) One of the buttons on the Mach 5 was not a tire shield- it was its lighting system.
    (3) The car never went under water, use the homing robot, nor cut trees.
    (4) The jacks on the car was a premium feature other cars should not have had.
    (5) The story sucked…. should have use the storyline from “The Most Dangerous Race”.
    (6) The GRX was mentioned but never raced as the “most fastest car on earth”.
    (7) Snake Oiler should had been an expert racer and a member of the Car Acrobatic Team.
    (8) Sparky did not have an accent. And the Mother was hotter. Spridle was so, so but lacked the froggy voice.
    (9) The intro and song of Speed Racer was missing :-(

    And just other stuff I would had changed:
    (1) Movie way too long.
    (2) Didn’t feel that “Go Speed Go” feeling during the races.
    (3) Made a simple story complex by flashing back too many times.
    (4) Did not look realistic (like Fast and the Furious), looked more like Cars.
    (5) Some of the special effects were over the top. Not even the cartoons pushed it the way this movie did.

    What I did enjoy:
    (1) When Speed was a boy imagining to be a race car driver.
    (2) The mountain race scenes.

    I would had changed this movie into 4 shows, (like Twilight Zone: The Movie). Each show would be a modified script from the cartoon series.

    There… I ranted… I feel better now

  5. I loved it!! I saw the film last night. It was way beyond my expectations! Most people who pan this flick need to relax. It is what it is! Enjoy the ride!

  6. I can’t wait for it, I’m fan of the tv show and even the nintendo game since I was kid lol It was an amazing show, really, ppl there actually exploded in their cars while racing, really dangerous races, kung fu moves, fantastic machines and a good story…just the action of it was far ahead the time back then comparing w/ other shows. As a fan I’m glad that they kept it like the tv show, the outfits, action (it seems), all the looks and other lil details of it. Nowadays comic books/games movies r so into Hollywood style, actors who don’t look exactly like the chars and all just playing the role cuz they r popular, clothes and all different too just to “look cool” but this move is so faithful, actual fans working on it and it itself is more than a reason for me to spend my “10 bucks” on it…I just didn’t like the all colorful futuristic tracks and some scenes :/ to me it would b a lot more interesting and exciting to make it like the tv show places in the wild, mountains and all…lol I agree w/ that guy who said it looks like rollerball unfortunately…even tho as my bf said maybe they were concerning about street racing, ppl trying stupid things on the road like some fast and furious fans around…despite it I’m really excited about the movie and I hope they film it like in the wild next time :) just it :)

  7. Our family just saw a Sneak Preview of Speed Racer. That’s 2 animation fans in their 40’s (who have never heard of nor seen the Speed Racer cartoon) and two 8 year olds. Keep in mind we are people who usually hate movies that everyone loves (Titanic, Happy Feet), and love what they hate (Horton Hears a Who). We did hear people saying they are glad they didn’t pay for it. From the second row it was like being in the driver’s seat. 8.5 outa 10.

  8. If I read all those comments of all the jerks who have never seen the original cartoon. Go watch the cartoon first then post a comment. And to the rest. What do you expect? You geeks are complaining while downloading everything for free. No wonder that they targeting kids who will drag their parents into this movie. Thanks to brainless mtv idiots like you that this industry will only produce films for kids and retards. Keep on downloading frackers and shut up.

  9. I’m not sure why everybody is complaining about cliched dialogue.

    Need I remind you that it centers on a boy whose name is Speed…Racer. C’mon.

    In terms of the visuals, having seen the original cartoon, I’m pretty sure that if it was being done in any other way, it would be totally wrong. Part of Speed Racer has always been wickedly fast and stupidly dangerous cars doing impossible things. With really fast motion blurs.

    This movie looks like a blast to me. I guess I’m not sure what everyone else was expecting. This isn’t going to be Days of Thunder or even Talladega Nights. It’s going to be Speed Racer, starring Speed Racer, a racer who goes at amazing speeds.

    Go Speed Racer Go.

  10. What the heck is so wrong with this trailer? I remember Speed Racer being a kiddie cartoon so I don’t know what everybody else was expecting. Anyway I’ll be in line. It looks like good mindless fun.

  11. Okay, i can understand why you might not like it, hence the bright colors and solid backgrounds. But i love cars, and i will see this movie just for the fucking car racing cuz it looks awesome.

    Which explains why i was disappointed with the Pixar movie “Cars”, no racing at all.

  12. When i heard that the directors wanted to make a film for children, i had no idea how far they’d go but i think this trailer confirms it….this is a kids film, and i can’t believe i was excited about it. It just looks really cliche to me, but we’ll see.

    I will say now though; does anyone remember those made for TV Incredile Hulk movies starring Bill Bixby? One had Thor in it and one had Daredevil but he was just a guy in a crappy black leahter outfit. From the look of things, he’s in this movie but he’s calling himself Racer X. How come everyone else looks like their cartoon counterparts but they went down the ‘so original’ black leather route for him?

  13. well, let me puting this way… SPEED RACER is going to ROCK!! it’s going to be sick and insane!! pure eye candy, 100% guilty pleasure in the end… and you’ll change your minds once you see the final product… have Faith peeps! come on! the Wachow bros did it once (Matrix), they WILL do it again! I bet ya!


  14. question: does CGI have to look “real” to be liked by a movie audience??

    i am not a fan of the TV show, and have no interest watching this movie, but it seemed cool..like a flashy incredibly fake world, where racing in sand dunes w/ normal cars is possible. where people like “racer-x” can exist. i don’t see the hate everybody’s commenting about this.

  15. Of course it’s a kids movie,thats where the money is.
    If you were expecting anithing more, well , you were wrong!
    I just can’t believe that Wachowskis are doing it…

  16. Ok, I’m not sure how a show like Speed Racer would be translated to the big screen, but, I am sure chim chim has gotta go. I hated that damn monkey when I was five

  17. While it is possible the effects are not entirely done, if I was cutting the trailer I’d want to show bits of the scenes that were done and not something that looks half ass. This trailer is not impressive. In fact, it’s so underwhelming it would not shock me in the least if this flick got yanked out of the lineup, either postponed for re-rediting and/or more time with CGI and other knicknacks….or if this is it…moving it up to a January/Febuary box office graveyard.

    As far as being a throwback to the animated style of the 70’s? They do the FX tests, look at the work objectively, and then they have to confess “It was a good idea, our heart is in the right place, but the road to hell is always paved with food intentions. This stuff is a crapfestival waiting to happen. Let’s have some dignity and do this right”

    But y’know, I knew this was in trouble before I saw this trailer and yesterday’s rainbow sherbet stills…ET was doing this piece on Christina Ricci and her “steamy sex scenes in Speed Racer”. I’m thinking, Steamy? Ricci? In a PG film? I didn’t watch the report, I had no interest. But now it makes perfect sense. There’s nothing else to say about the film, so there’s a suggestive bit Ricci does (and, like, we know most dudes are turned on by her peitie frame and Campbell Soup Kid face) maybe show some cleavage…

    …because there is nothing much to talk about.

  18. I really liked the trailer. I don’t know if the movie will be good (I mean, come on, its Speed Racer, what are you expecting?) but at least the nailed the look right.

  19. That trailer was full of clichéd, over the top, CHEESE.

    And that’s exactly why I thought it looked great. Speed Racer was originally over the top animated slightly rubbish TV, that was part of the joke, and always will be.

    I’m not saying I’d go see it first week or anything, but it looks kinda fun and pokes holes in itself for a laugh.

  20. The film looks like disney’s Cars :S

    Everything is too colorful and the SFX looks so fake, too much green screen, they better have a good script and plot, if not it´s gonna suck.

  21. Thetrailerlookedreallycoolandfaithfultotheshowalltheyneed
    todoishaveeveryonetalkreallyfastjustliketheshow!! I wish they would have used the theme song for it. Weird, but I can’t wait to check it out.

  22. I like the music, I like the colors, and I like the style of the effects (gives that “larger than life” gaming feel like The Matrix Trilogy; yes, I know the response of the sequels). Having said that, regarding the acting and dialogue (which, ocne again, I will base on first impressions I got from the trailer)…

    THIS IS FUCKIN’ JLA! ARMAGEDDON HAS COME EARLY~! The only difference is that this will of course get the kids, while JLA will get the ‘Batman & Robin’ treatment.

  23. There is nothing particularly horrible about this trailer. While I wasn’t “wowed” by it, I didn’t hate it either. It’s the cartoon on the big screen, basically. The acting and lines are fine for what it is, it suits the material. The “camp” look and feel makes sense in my opinion. It’s stylish, more than cheesy.

  24. Yeah, I was gonna say – the visual style of the film doesn’t look bad to me – I’m just somewhat confused between the green screen effects/shots and the TOTAL CGI shots – they all look completely different which is weird.

    Also I agree with the people who said the acting and dialouge was awful – it sucked.

  25. ok. if u saw read the posts for the pics u saw how much i hated the pics. i saw the trailer on another and expected crap. but i must embarrassingly say, fuckin ye!!

    i agree it looks cheesy, but seeing it in motion made me smile. havin the original theme at the beginning made me smile. i gotta say i was smilin throughout the trailer. wow. i dont know if its the fact i loved the tv show, but seeing the mach 5 jump in slow motion or speed down those horribly futuristic tracks, but i was happy.

    the acting is horrible and the random kung-fu scenes look bad as well. and wtf is with the white-haired kung fu anime guy. but overall i thought is was a decent movie. not to say it will be a good movie, but with a lil weed and it be fantastic!

  26. Looks fantastic. The look is amazingly gorgeous. Easily one of the best looking in the past few years. Topping even the much talked about 300. The dialogue and acting fits the show perfectly. Now this looks like a prime example of how you take the source material, bring what made it charming and interesting, into a new generation. It’s looking fantastic. Hopefully this doesnt turn out as bad as Transformers.

  27. I like the style, and I’m not even from the sixties. It reminds me of 300 with its visual over the top style. Not the exact way that 300 did, but the over the toppness of it.

  28. Wow! I am speechless too! I agree with so many of you here on so many points and disagree with just as many LOL!

    OK I was a huge fan of the original and can understand why they went for an anime style more faithful adaption then doing the current Hollywood thing and making a modern “update”.

    I can get past the “look” of the CGI world, cars, ect.

    HOWEVER…the “look” of the film, no matter how faithful and eye-catching it is does NOT make up for the cliched dialogue and crappy acting in this film.

    I don’t know if it was because of the green screen or what but at least in the trailer most of the actors seemed to be phoning in their lines.

    The acting in Speed Racer seems to have that Star Wars Prequel quality where actors stood in front of a green screen and had no one to get them into the scene.

    Why do they all seem to be staring off into space when they deliver their epic, corny lines? maybe because they had nowhere to look when they were filming their dialogue!

  29. It frustrates me to no end watching this trailer. I already hated Entertainment Tonight for its absolute garbage, teeny-bopper movie coverage, now I hate them more. I was actually excited to see the trailer, but they were talking over half of it. I hate that the studio would even turn to such a venue to premiere it’s trailer. For a movie aimed at fanboys and geeks alike why would they turn to such an antiquated, absolute mass-appeal entertainment show. They should have just put it on the movie’s website and premiered it that way, it would have been alot less of a sell-out move in my opinion.

    That being said, I’m not totally turned off by what the trailer showed, still gonna wait and see.

    End rant.

  30. “I am a fan of the cartoon, the visual is anything but sad, dreadful. They must be targeting 10 years old kids.”

    The plan always was to have be rated G.

  31. I agree.

    I think these kinds of films are “fan films” – just like video games turned into movies. If you aren’t some kind of fan of the original thing (the game, or this 70’s era anime show) — I’m not — it means nothing and just looks like more gratuitous, but lame, FX nonsense.

    I would never have planned on seeing this in a theater, and this surely didn’t change me mind.

    Fresno, CA

  32. People should remember that alot of the CGI has probably not been completed yet. The final product will most definitely look better, that being said the trailer is not as bad as it is made out to be. Matthew Fox is in this movie and for me that is enough of a reason to spend 10 bucks at the theater. The guy keeps getting more gorgeous each passing day. Considering the movie is coming out in the summer that would provide me with my Matthew Fox fix between seasons of LOST. This movie will rule!

  33. They’re going the same route as a couple of the more successful live action adaptations of old 60’s anime, that appeared in Japanese theatres in recent years. “Casshern” and “Cutie Honey”, to be exact. They were really over-the-top “cartoony”, full of insane 3D animation and actually worked really well. That’s not to state that I believe this movie will be good. I’m just stating that I’ve seen stuff like this work before. The costume design’s outstandingly faithful to the cartoon.

  34. And every single line and character shown in that trailer was dripping in cliche sauce.

    The disapproving father: “You can’t drive a car and change the world!”

    The rebellious guy with a dream: “I gotta do somethin’ and this is what I gotta do cuz I gotta do somethin'”

    The caring mother: “You’re the best!”

    The evil moustache-twirling villain: “SIGN THE CONTRACT OR I KEEL YOU!”

    The token chick who is only there for tits as well as supporting her man 100%

    The kid sidekick who will probably be kidnapped in the film’s finale by the vilai to blackmail Speed into throwing THE BIG RACE or some bullshit like that

    The cute animal that will somehow help save the day

    Well, I just saved you all ten bucks by giving you this breakdown of the plot. Thank me later.

  35. I was so pumped and now I feel a little let down. However I will with hold judgement until I see a high quality (complete) version. They way it was meant to be seen.
    But it’s not looking good.

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