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There was a stretch of about 4 women I dated where Sex and the City was like a religion to each of them. I think about 90% of the women I know in my life own the complete Sex and the City DVD collection too. It was only a matter of time before the infighting stars of the now defunct TV show got together to make million… ummmm… I mean make a movie. And thanks again to Kristina, we present to you the very first Sex and the City trailer for the upcoming movie.

It’s a pretty generic teaser trailer that’s just announcing to the world the movie is on its way. Personally I’ve never understood the appeal of the show even to women, but there is no denying that its cultural influence was HUGE. I swear, i think if in one episode Carrie turned to the camera and commanded women everywhere to kill their lovers in their sleep… many of us penis enabled people would never have woken up to another sunrise.

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41 thoughts on “Sex And The City Trailer

  1. I have been wanting to make a comment on this topic since I saw the movie premiere a year ago. The scene in the movie where they arrive in Mexico and Carrie goes into the bathroom and takes off her sunglasses and looks in the mirror needs a big round of applause. Thank you to the directors, producers, and to Sarah Jessica herself for showing that harsh reality of what heartbreak really looks like. There she stood, not a drop of make up and the pain was all over her face. As I sat watching this scene, the “twenty-something” girls seated next to me in the theater began laughing and making comments on how horrible she looked. Well let me tell you something girls, that was reality. I don’t wish that kind of pain on anyone, but there will come a when most of you will feel that, and until you do, I don’t think you will truly understand. Most of us have been there at least a time or two and in my opinion this was one of the most moving scenes I have ever seen in any movie.

  2. Wow! Just saw the movie last weekend. I loved it! How can you not like anything that brings them back? We missed you guys! I hope you do another one again soon! And as far as Dominick, and Larry…You guys are hilarious! Loved reading your back anf forth banter! Great job!

  3. Forget all the analysis!!! It’s just fun and funny and silly.
    Especially the second half. These characters are real, even if it’s a bit of fantasy land. But, most movies are. Does Will Smith really have the power to stop a train? This is good movie.

  4. HAHA. Oh dominick… you’re such a tool

    You’re serving and don’t have time for TV and Movies… but you have LOADS of time to surf movie websites and write multiple posts on a chat board about a Sex and the City movie.

    HAHA! Please write more! You’re making me howl!

  5. Im serving and dont have time for TV or movies. Im sorry Larry, did I hurt your pansy feelings about your favorite show? Your right, this is top of the line film. Let me know when it’s up for an oscar.

  6. So Domenick,

    What you’re saying is that you ONLY watch movies and TV shows about war and the starving people in the world right? Because if you watch anything else then you’re a giant hypocrite.

  7. Is this the movie where we have a war going on and people are starving in Darfur but horse-face Carrie is worried about her new penthouse while having a cosmo? Do you still get it now? It’s not the show, it’s the sheep watching!

  8. The movie should go like this: A terrorist attack happens in New York and Carrie loses all of her shoes and handbags. Then she relizes that thiers more to life then shoes and handbags and herself. Then she grows up. The End

  9. I cant wait to see Old Fat Whores In The City! I’m a stupid american girl who loves to look up to old bag ladies wandering the city. It’s all about new shoes and new bags, (under thier eyes). WOW! Such entertainment for a simple-minded society.

  10. Despite being a man I am a huge fan of the Sex and the City TV series for almost all the seasons, and one of the main reasons behind that is the laudable wit, humor and the lovely balance of ‘sex and nyc-life’ shown in a very detailed and organized way all throughout the episodes..but the movie was a HUGE WASTE of TIME, to put it simply. I was really disappointed and by the first ten minutes I was wondering if this is the same talented Michael Patrick King who had directed the TV series! What happened Mike? The screenplay was torn and ugly, the music was strictly okay, the performances by the side characters was so mediocre, and that by the four women was only ‘enjoyable’ with Sarah Jessica Parker trying the most to bring some energy into the screen – and on top of all if they were trying to show any glamour to glamourise nyc then I must say that they have failed miserably in this clownish venture!

    The most attractive thing about Sex and the city, the TV series, was its incredible pace! I loved it. But what happened in the movie? Each and every scene moves like a snail. Why is it so slow? There is no character development at all…Miranda and Charlotte have been presented so artificially. The Steve-Miranda story, which has no credibility in this 2 hour rush and hush, was half-baked and forced…while Charlotte didnt have any story at all except for foolishly screaming at every line to show her joy, and in the last 15 minutes suddenly she becomes pregnant- just to add some ‘meat’ to the story, but alas by that time everyone was alread yawning. Sarah looks a bit old, and I had trouble seeing the usual Carrie Bradshaw in her. Kim, the only show-saver, gave her usual confident performance as Samantha. But alas the termination of her story with Smith seemed so out-of-place.

    The saddest thing about the movie is that none of the men get any freaking chance to act – Steve, my personal favorite from the series, is there for like 10 minutes, and most of the time he is crying and looking artifically sad. Jason Lewis – is there for less than 5 minutes, and there is no sweet-and-naughty chemistry between him and Samantha. So boring! And oh gosh…Evan Handler is there for less than 15 seconds and with just ONE…belive me ONE…just one single line as his dialogue. The child artists, the cute girl and the angle-looking boy, have been wasted. Magda is hardly there in one scene, but the worst thing is… Stanford and Anthony are shown to be boy friends! How on earth did this happen and why? Where is Marcus? Where are all the cute nyc guys? What about the night clubs, the restaurants, the handsome waiters, the chatter-box women, the snob party women…where the heck are they? Gosh Michael Patrick King…theres absolutely no sex in your city, period!

    All that is there in the movie is shedding tears by four aged women for two long hours…and advertising about the top brands of various products. I was so disappointed. Do things really turn cold with age? Let me end this review with just one single scene reference – Carrie and Big are lying on their bed and reading poems written by famous poets – with the ugliest glasses possible – Carrie puts on those glasses and reads Big a poem by Mozzart…Give me a break – is this what we expect from the characters we loved – the characters who prospered because they weren’t scared to talk about sex in the sexiest way – and thats what made the city the real city! In the film, theres no sex, and theres no city either. That was so sad. May be they will make a sequel where we will see the old characters again.

  11. I was soooo disappointed with the movie – and you need to understand where I was coming from…I can probably recite word for word numerous episodes in their entirety – I have watched and rewatched all of the seasons multiple times, so to say I was psyched about seeing the film is an understatement….but what was with the michrophones throughout the majority of the movie???

    I have seen junior high film productions that were more professional than this movie! I was appalled and totally distracted by the boom mikes bobbing along the top of each scene.

    The movie itself struggled to capture both the humor and humility of the TV series, everyone tried just a little too hard – the script writers, the directors and, dare I say it, even the actors, although I thought Kim Catrall was as good as ever, and Kristen Davis put in a suprisingly good comedic performance.

    Please, please get the camera work fixed before this is released on DVD, because I might be more inclined to enjoy the essence of the movie without the “bobbing” mikes! I am after all SATC’s #1 fan!

    Had planned on going two or three times over this opening weekend to see “my” movie – now what am I going to do with myself??

  12. Sex and the City has been rising the charts and sparking everyone’s interest in the past 48 hours and continues to do so. Within all this commotion there is a great spoof trailer which I found on the web. Whether your a die hard fan or not this is a great clip to make sure your funny bone still works…..

  13. SEX and the CITY was AMAZING!!! I saw it last night and was amazed by how authentic it was to the series….everything was perfect, the fashion, the love and the music…which I cant wait to upload to my ipod!!!

  14. For all the sex and the city fan,I heard a lot about the premiere in London and they all talking about this new guy ( Dante) ,i went online to do some research and you have to see by yourself to beleive it ,HE HIS SO HOT AND SEXY go check at gilles marini ,I can’t wait to see all movie….

  15. Great… Just when the in-flux of obnoxious girls who think New York is ALL ABOUT buying $16 cosmos, and hailing cabs in 6″heels was starting to ebb…

  16. This trailer is awful, but it is a teaser trailer and does capture the essence of the show. I was a regilious watcher when it was on and enjoyed it all the way through. However, I could care less about this movie. I have no plans to see it in the theater, but will be happy to wait til DVD, rent it and watch with a few girlfriends.

    You know what would be fun? When the movie comes out have both Serena and John review it…or better yet, have Doug do it…we’d be gauranteed some good laughs.

  17. I think right now for most of us, if we have to choose between this and Speed Racer next May, we’re choosing this:)

    Think about this though; with a Sex and the City movie, and an Indiana Jones IV both coming out in May 08, we have the choice between the ultimate girls own movie and the ultimate boys own movie (well short of 300 part II). It’s nice to see both sexes catered for so well. It is film equality and it is nice.

  18. I’m with Ricci – damn that was funny!! Yeah, I’ll be first in line NOT to see it.
    My wife was a big fan of the show. I’ve always remind her of the Lassie scene in Porky’s – see the movie to see what I mean. She hated that I teased her about it. This might be the last hurrah for these girls – maybe individually or as a group. At the end of this movie one of them dies.
    -Sarah Jessica Parker…she looks like a foot – said by Peter Griffin

  19. Even if I didn’t hate this show with almost every fiber of my being… this teaser trailer would still be awful.

    Is that really the best the studio could come up with? It’s almost like they know they have a built in audience for the film so they’re not even gonna’ bother trying…

  20. Well… that’s it… Game over!

    The very end of Western Civilization as we know is just around the corner. The apocalypse is drawing nigh. I can already hear the horses.

    Please excuse me while I go vomit…

  21. I think what people are missing here, if I may speak on behalf of the penis-enabled-I-don’t-give-a-shit-what-you-think, ignore the overarching premise of the show of four women looking for love, and you have a story about friendship that was written EXTREMELY well (by women and gay men from what I understand) and the show was also a host to some VERY memorable characters, both regular and semi(Heh, I said semi). I know this as my wife is one of those women who own the complete series and she LOVES it, so yes, I have seen a few episodes and can speak from that perspective, rather then the ‘”Sex In The City”? That’s a chick show, I don’t watch chick shows, let’s go blow some shit up’ perspective that a lot of men pretend to adopt.

    I think there may be boobs in this movie as an apology to all the men who will bring their wives.

  22. Like I said in the email to John, this is going to be the Lord of the Rings for cougars. The day this comes out will be the day that bastard babies worldwide go hungry as their good-for-nothing whore mothers slap on their stilettos they can barely walk in, put on five pounds of makeup, round up their whore friends, and flock to the theater. Guys, you are GUARANTEED to get laid if you treat your ladies to this. This movie will end up being a bigger panty-dropper than The Notebook, and that’s saying something.

  23. don’t see the point of a movie for this show. Why was is necessary? Are they really gonna make a decent amount of money from it? I guess these actresses are desperate for work…they are never in anything and they don’t even like eachother from what I hear.

  24. haha. no homo, but that show actually was kinda funny and I was just a lil teen when it was out, so the fact one was almost guaranteed nudity was definitely appealing.

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