Movie Blog Uncut – December 6th 2007

Hey there guys.  Here is a rare Thursday installment of The Movie Blog Uncut.  Sorry about there being no podcast on Monday… I had a major equipment problem (Massive computer crashes) that made it sort of impossible to get the show we recorded up (shame… it was a good one), so here we are with a Thursday installment to make up for it.

On today’s show, Doug and I discuss:

1) Darth Maul (Ray Park) as Snake Eyes)

2) Prince Caspian Trailer

3) Danny Glover says no to more Lethal Weapon movies

4) No Keira Knightly for Pirates 4

5) Thoughts on Orlando Bloom’s career

6) New Borat Lawsuit

7) Harold and Kumar 2 trailer

8) Natinoal Board of Review Awards

9) WGA and Producers making progress

10) Where in the world is Osama Bin Laden?

11) Hulk and Iron Man together?  (AKA, how Marvel is doing things right, and WB is doing things wrong with comic book characters.

All this and a few things more.

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20 thoughts on “Movie Blog Uncut – December 6th 2007

  1. What’s up with no podcast’s for the last little bit? I need my fix, c’mon John and Doug, you are getting paid now! Earn your paycheck! :P

  2. Used to love the podcast guys, but I’m having a lot of trouble downloading now – I get incomplete downloads every time (and I’ve tried a *lot*).

    Can’t get this one, and I think the one before – ever since the post-comingsoon deal (can’t remember the company name).

    Previously no problems, and no problems downloading from anywhere else. You changed your hosting service or something?

    Here’s hoping I can catch the podcast again some day!

  3. I auditioned for the G.I Joe film in NY last week. They were casting Ripcord. Who based on the little bit of the sides. Is like the best bud to duke in the film, they descrbed him as handsome, cocky, and a sense of humor. Not sure what the end result is, but he tries to start a romance with scarlett, in the sides as well :)

  4. Man, you can look outside at the bad weather and just decide to go to LA? I wish my family were as blessed as you……but you deserve it.

    Are you going to be checking out ‘The Golden Compass’? I hear it’s rubbish.

  5. John, any chance of a podcast specific RSS feed? I’d really like to be able to subscribe to the podcast on my new Nokia phone :)

  6. john you said it with the piates of the caribbean triggley. I loved the first on i relly did it was one of the colets adventures in a move in a log time than the 2ed well it was ok i didnet think it was as bad and evbody was saying it was but it not a god move the 3ed I HATE THAT MOVIE. i am going to bya 3 and spider-man 3 because i have the first 2 but i will oney buy them used that all

  7. I love it when you guys talk about the writers strike. More writers Strike talk! I didn’t know that about Heroes though it explains why the season was so short. This whole season has been really off.

  8. While Ed Norton isn’t credited, Salma Hayek claimed he did the majority of the writing on the final Frida script, and there are rumours of the same thing happening with American History X

  9. John,

    The movie your talking about “The Amateurs” was actually released in Australia over 6 months ago but it was renamed “The Moguls” … There’s only 1 copy of it at my Blockbuster and it’s always out.

    Can you review it once you’ve seen it.

  10. Whew! I was getting worried.

    Here’s a suggestion in regards to podcasts – maybe putting up a calendar or schedule on the home page as to when the next one will be up would alleviate the need to litter blog entries with – when is the next podcast going to be up? – questions.

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