Jackie Chan Admits to not liking the ‘Rush Hour’ Series

jackie-chan.jpgI always find it interesting when an actor admits to not liking projects they’ve been involved with. A lot of them do not like to admit it, and you know there are tons of movies actors work on purely for the paycheck. (Look at Terrence Howard in ‘Glitter.’ You can’t tell me he went onboard because of the script.) Although, it’s very rare that you hear about an actor’s hate for a film when the movie has grossed millions of dollars world wide.

Recently, Jackie Chan has admitted that he has not been a fan of the ‘Rush Hour’ movies at ALL.

Yahoo News gives us this quote and more details:

“When we finished filming, I felt very disappointed because it was a movie I didn’t appreciate and I did not like the action scenes involved. I felt the style of action was too Americanized and I didn’t understand the American humor,” Chan said in a blog entry on his Web site seen Sunday.
The actor said he made the sequel because he was offered an “irresistible” amount of money to do it and made the recently released third installment to satisfy fans of the series.

Wow, talk about honesty! I haven’t been a huge fan of the ‘Rush Hour’ movies either, but never did I think Jackie Chan down right hated them. (Maybe that’s why Chris Tucker asked for the outlandish amount of movie for the last sequel. He probably found out about the “irresistible” amount of money Jackie Chan got for the second film.) This just proves that money is sometimes more important than integrity in Hollywood. Suffice to say, I don’t think we’ll ever see another ‘Rush Hour’ film.

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