Jackie Chan Admits to not liking the ‘Rush Hour’ Series

jackie-chan.jpgI always find it interesting when an actor admits to not liking projects they’ve been involved with. A lot of them do not like to admit it, and you know there are tons of movies actors work on purely for the paycheck. (Look at Terrence Howard in ‘Glitter.’ You can’t tell me he went onboard because of the script.) Although, it’s very rare that you hear about an actor’s hate for a film when the movie has grossed millions of dollars world wide.

Recently, Jackie Chan has admitted that he has not been a fan of the ‘Rush Hour’ movies at ALL.

Yahoo News gives us this quote and more details:

“When we finished filming, I felt very disappointed because it was a movie I didn’t appreciate and I did not like the action scenes involved. I felt the style of action was too Americanized and I didn’t understand the American humor,” Chan said in a blog entry on his Web site seen Sunday.
The actor said he made the sequel because he was offered an “irresistible” amount of money to do it and made the recently released third installment to satisfy fans of the series.

Wow, talk about honesty! I haven’t been a huge fan of the ‘Rush Hour’ movies either, but never did I think Jackie Chan down right hated them. (Maybe that’s why Chris Tucker asked for the outlandish amount of movie for the last sequel. He probably found out about the “irresistible” amount of money Jackie Chan got for the second film.) This just proves that money is sometimes more important than integrity in Hollywood. Suffice to say, I don’t think we’ll ever see another ‘Rush Hour’ film.

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21 thoughts on “Jackie Chan Admits to not liking the ‘Rush Hour’ Series

  1. Jackie is a perfectionist and is used to having much more control of his films, including starring in, writing, directing, fight choreography, and even singing the title song for the film. In Hollywood he sits around in a trailer most of the time “waiting, waiting, waiting” as he would put it. The two movies he made with Owen Wilson (Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights) are much better than the Rush Hour movies. The physical humor and the fight choreography in those two movies had a much more JCesque quality to them.

  2. I loved the Rush  Hour movies, I can watch them over and over again, very entertaining,Jackie and Chris were a great team.

  3. Has anyone noticed that they use the same jokes in every one of the Rush Hour’s……….”do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth” Dahahaha…..

  4. Have seen his Hong Kong movies and they too are shite. Same old slap/stick kung-fu sequences with Jackie pulling stupid faces. Watched them on pirated dvd’s. His movies ain’t worth real money.

  5. wyf is with all the jackie hate…..if anyone has seen just one of his hong kong movies you’ll see that the man is a genius and great at what he does….rush hour was his BIG hollywood break….who wouldn’t take it…..he couldn’t say how bad he disliked the movies while they were out could he…..after is the best time…..stop hatin on jacke…..

  6. Chan is such an asshole. He was drunk on stage once and got booed by the audience.. Total moron and hollywood are so stupid to give this monkey $25mil. I would’nt even pay 25 cents to watch his movies.

  7. Call me old fashioned, but I REALLY dislike it when actors do a film, go out and promote it with a shit-eating grin on their faces, reap the benefits($$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$) when the film is a massive hit, and then come back years later and say, “I didn’t like that movie!” I’m sorry, but that gets on my last nerves. I know that lying to the public is a part of their job description, but if you can go out there and feign happiness over a movie that you despise, how am I to believe you the next time that you’re on the Tonight Show and you say how great your latest project is? How can I know that you’re not lying through your fucking teeth again? I don’t know why the hell he decided to do this now, but I equate it to pissing into the wind. He’s basically admitted to the world that he’s a helluva liar and that we shouldn’t trust shit that leaves his mouth. Smooth move, jackass.

  8. Kopetkai, nobody is saying they wouldn’t do it. Is that really the point? Does that make it right? Of course not. I don’t think anyone is chastising the actors for accepting the money, it’s the fact that any actor is ever offered or EXPECTS that much money in the first place.

    Your “high horse” statement is irrelevant.

  9. “This just proves that money is sometimes more important than integrity in Hollywood.”

    When it comes to making a weapon that will kill millions of people, or drugs that clog our streets, integrity is involved, when someone asks you to do some jump kicks for 25 million dollars in a lame movie that people will forget in a couple years, it’s just a smart business decision. People need to get off their high horses and realize that if someone offered them this obscene amount of money to be in a crappy movie they would do it in an instant.

  10. It’s not the first time he admitted such things. More than two years from now, i had an interview with him in France, and, oh man, his words were more severe than they are now…the shooting of Rush Hour 3 was only beginning at that time, it wasn’t franchise-or-not relevant, he felt this way all along.

  11. @Jonathan

    I guess your just woke up to the world. If you don’t like it then do something about it, like not watching movies.

  12. You do know that Tucker was paid $30 million to appear in Rush Hour 3. $30 MILLION. Think about that, really, honestly, think about how much money that is, and how it would take, say, a teacher making $50,000 a year SIX HUNDRED YEARS to make that amount of money. SIX HUNDRED YEARS!!!!!

    And Chan was paid $25 million.

    Ridiculous. Absolutely disgusting, actually.

  13. well this is good news jacki because i dont like your movies either and would never waste my time or money to see them.

  14. “This just proves that money is sometimes more important than integrity in Hollywood.”

    Oh Serena, bless your innocent little heart. As if anyone needed more proof for that. Money is ALWAYS more important than integrity in Hollywood.
    Chan is a welcomed voice of honesty here, but you know what? He probably wouldn’t be so frank if there would be the opportunity for a fourth Rush Hour installment. Which apparently there isn’t after the disappointing performance of RUSH HOUR 2.
    It’s all Jackie’s own fault after all. His Hollywood career has been one big sell-out after another and every Hollywood film he made was worse than the last. Don’t tell me he found SHANG-HAI NOON so brilliant that he would make a sequel for artistic reasons.
    I saw some Behind-the-scene footage from RUSH HOUR 3 where Brett Ratner had to explain to Chan the meaning of the dialog in a scene. He literary didn’t understand the meaning of the words. Apparently his English is terrible. If that isn’t a bad sign, I don’t know what is.

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