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Shaolin-Soccer-2When most people in this neck of the woods hear the name Stephen Chow, they usually think of his hit film “Kung-Fu Hustle”. However, I would submit that Kung-Fu Hustle pales in comparison to his slightly earlier masterpiece… SHAOLIN SOCCER!

Shaolin Soccer was a brilliant film and throughly entertaining an just about every single level. Some great visual effects, solid to the nones action, and most notably it was funny as hell. Brilliant work by Chow, and it’s a shame more people haven’t seen it. You really have to try to get your hands on it.

Word is now coming out that Chow is working on a direct sequel… but this time it involves Lacrosse? The good folks over at Movies Online give us the following:

According to Ryuganji, Shibasaki plays Rin, who returns to Japan after undergoing nine years of training in order to take over her grandfather’s Shaolin kung-fu dojo in China and ends up helping out a sport science university’s lacrosse team. Of course some of Chow’s regulars will be on board as well including Lam Tze Chung and Kai Man Tin.

Sign me up! Now if I can only convince Stephen Chow to come on up to Canada and make a “Shaolin Hockey” my life would be complete.

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11 thoughts on “Shaolin Soccer Sequel

  1. Kung Fu Hustle is wayyyyyy better than Shaolin Soccer. I didn’t really laugh that much in Shaolin Soccer but I was in stiches after watching Kung Fu Hustle.

    Some of the scenes in KFH were the funniest I’ve ever seen. It was one of the few movies where I literally couldn’t stop laughing for several minutes. The scene with the guy dangling the girl with a knife to her throat in front of a poster with Fred Astaire holding Ginger in the same posture was also freaking brilliant. I’ve seen Shaolin Soccer after seeing KFH and I was quite disappointed. The funny scenes weren’t as funny and the overall movie was inferior to KFH. I can’t understand why people like Shaolin better. I’ve seen some of Chow’s older movies and still think KFH is his best to date. One of the things I used to hate in his other movies were the gross scenes that he tried to pass as humour (and some people probably found them funny); I’m glad he got rid of them in KFH.

  2. Unfortunately this is a sequel in the sense that it is Sholin _ _ _ _ _ (fill in the blanks) and Chow is only producing this time, not writing or directly, so I wouldnt hold my breathe that this will be up to the same calibur.

    Alot of Asian films do this, with the success of Kung-Fu Hustle there have been Kung-Fu _ _ _ _ _ _ to infinity.

    Still looking forward to it though, Lacrosse should allow for a great deal of violence.


  3. Shoalin Soccer is wayyyyyy better than Kung Fu Hustle. I didn’t really laugh that much in Kung Fu Hustle but I was in stiches after watching Shoalin Soccer. I also enjoy God of Cookery.

    His next film is a sci-fi comedy, A Hope.

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